Nuts Get Small in the Frost...


I am proud today, to bring you the final decleration of World 43. Chaptered for your convience.

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Image Description: Animated FRST introduction.[/SPOIL]

Table of Contents:

1. Why are we fighting?
2. Who are we fighting again...?
3. How is this different than any other war?
4. What relevance does a chicken covered in oil have to the war?
5. Battle plans of FRST and Nuts!.
6. The mystery betting ring.
7. End Note.


1. Why are we fighting?

Through love and care, will war begin,
Those most loved, and our own kin,
Enemies are not solid in sight,
But shadows of dark who avoid the light,
To cast darkness out of our hearts and minds,
We need fire, flames, war and good times,
Our history here has put us to shame,
Our wars were brief, our courage; the same,
But it need not end as such dark deeds,
We have a final chance, to sow the seeds,
Of fun and laughter, though we fight here,
Today we will fight, tommorrow get beer,
But now we stand at this final hour,
Nowhere to run, and needing a shower,
Dug in deep, we are primed and loaded,
In beer and nukes, we are all coated,
But really, you ask, why should we all war?
Well when I tell you, you will only want more,

There's one reason now, and one reason only...

That Mr. Delborgo, was feeling so lonely :icon_cry:

2. Who are we fighting again...?

We are fighting Nuts! Because Delborgo is so lonely, we talked to him about it, but he just wants love. We offered him F~U to serve his needs, but he wasn't content, he needed the soft, sublime feeling of a FRST nuke gently caressing a Nuts! wall... Slowly... Erm, where was I...? :icon_eek:

Oh yes, FRST are fighting Nuts!.

3. How is this different than any other war?

That's a good question harbinger. Why thank you. Your welcome. Oh you do look good when declaring, I have to say. Oh go on. No really, you look fantastic in that suit. Oh you... :icon_redface:

This war is different in many ways than previous wars of FRST's. For one, we have many more troops now, and so does Nuts!. This means, as everyone knows, more fun. Bigger stacks, more nukes, more time and effort needed, and overall a longer war (we hope). We should also see activity play an even larger role than ever before in this war, and it will be a test of will for both sides after the first few weeks of sleepless nights. With frontlines stretching all across the world, this will be the biggest war FRST, Nuts!, or W43 has ever seen.

Will FRST steamroll Nuts! with some big ol' tanks, or Will Nuts! own FRST with a big backhand slap to the face? Well, in my opinion, tank > slaps. Unless they have chuck norris. In which case... Well... I would probably wonder why chuck norris is playing tribal wars really...

4. What relevance does a chicken covered in oil have to the war?​

Now I know this is what you really wanted to know. Well I will tell you. At some point during this war, I will release an oiled up chicken randomly via mail to FRST and Nuts! members. This, will be spotting the chicken. If you respond within a randomly generated number of minutes, between 5 - 20 minutes (Will use a random generator for no bias, and time-frame will be included in the mail), with "Wam Bam Chicken Man!" you have caught the chicken! Catching the chicken, gives you 10 free premium points. It may not sound like a lot, but catch 3 chickens, and you get 3 days of premium, and the right to brag that you caught an oiled up chicken! It couldn't be easier!

5. Battle plans of FRST and Nuts!.​

I have obtained the secret battle plans of both FRST and Nuts! at great personal cost. This was stolen from both Chocolate Bear's office and Slingo's war room, and combined together, so we may see exactly what's going to happen. Don't tell them it was me. :icon_redface:


Now, as you can see, FRST plans to send a man to run around behind Nuts!, and give them a good ol' fashion rear-ending, BUT, Nuts! also plans to do the same. :icon_eek: Who will be the winner...? It all depends on which man they choose to send.[/SPOIL]

6. The mystery betting ring.

Now this isn't your average betting ring. Here, we wager not premium points or resources, but something much more valuable. Our pride. Here's how it works.

If you wish to take on a challenge, you may nominate yourself. You will be listed as you have taken on this challenge, and that you are fully equipped and skilled enough to finish it. If more than one person take on a challenge, they will race to be the winner. If you win, and complete the challenge, you may take with you the knowledge that you were the one to take it, before anyone else, that you are the best in whatever area the challenge is. You will have proven, you are the best on W43 at it. If a challenge goes unclaimed, even if you completed it unaware, it will not count.

If you fail however, you be put on the wall of shame, forever a reminder that you failed.

I challenge you W43, go for glory!

(essentially a milestone section, however, you must claim that you will do them first, to make it more interesting. Put your pride on the line, for a greater glory than mere victory. Do it in style.)


(Village conquer challenges - Prize: Mystery box A)

Jump-start killer! (Be the first of the war to take an enemy village.) ( - Claimed by - Delborgo, )

That's Mine! (Be the first to recap a village lost.)

Pay Your Taxes! (Be the first to to take 10 villages.) ( - Claimed by - wozzicus, )
Pay Your Taxes! II (Be the first to take 20 enemy villages.) ( - Claimed by - wozzicus, )
Pay Your Taxes! III (Be the first to take 50 enemy villages.)
Royal Taxation! (Be the first to take 100 enemy villages.)

Will Breaker! (Take a village with 3 nobles.)

(Defensive challenges - Prize: Mystery box B)

Is That It? (Survive a 10 nuke barrage on a single village.)
Is That It? II (Survive a 20 nuke barrage on a single village.)
Is That It? III (Survive a 50 nuke barrage on a single village.)
Impenetrable! (Survive a 70 nuke barrage on a single village.)

Try Harder! (Lose no more than 30 villages to the enemy.)
Try Harder! II (Lose no more than 20 villages to the enemy.)
Try Harder! III (Lose no more than 10 villages to the enemy.)
Untouchable! (Lose no more than 5 villages to the enemy.)

Flawless Warfare! (Never lose a village to the enemy.)

Boom! Headshot! (Snipe 5 incoming trains under 500ms.)
Boom! Headshot! II (Snipe 10 incoming trains under 500ms.)
Boom! Headshot! III (snipe 20 incoming trains under 500ms.)
Boom! Headshot! IV (Snipe 50 incoming trains under 500ms.)
Master Sniper! (Snipe 5 incoming 150 ms trains.)
Master Sniper! II (Snipe 10 incoming 150 ms trains.)
Master Sniper! III (Snipe 20 incoming 150 ms trains.) ( - Claimed by - kokheng, )
Godlike! (Snipe 50 incoming 150ms trains.) ( - Claimed by - kokheng, )

Fighting Blind! (Have over 2500 incomings.)

(Offensive challenges - Prize: Mystery box C)

Heavy Hitter! (Clear out over 5D from one enemy village.) ( - Claimed by - slingzaar, )
Heavy Hitter! II (Clear out over 10D from one enemy village.)
Heavy Hitter! III (Clear out over 20D from one enemy village.)
Knock-Out King! (Clear out over 30D from one enemy village.)

Nukes, Nukes, and more Nukes! (Clear over 10 villages of at least 2D.) ( - Claimed by - slingzaar, )
Nukes, Nukes, and more Nukes! II (Clear over 20 villages of at least 2D.) ( - Claimed by - slingzaar, )
Nukes, Nukes, and more Nukes! III (Clear over 50 villages of at least 2D.)
The Nuke King! (Clear over 100 villages of at least 2D.)

Stay dead! (Finish an enemy player by nobling their very last village.)

Bring the rain! (send over 700 fakes at a single player.)
Bring the rain! II (send over 1500 fakes at a single player.)
Bring the rain! III (send over 2200 fakes at an enemy player.)
Shock N Awe! (send over 3000 fakes at a single player.)

Blitzkrieg! (Nuke your way through a front-line of D.)

Nuclear Incineration! (Catapult an enemy village of over 4000 points to under 200.)

(Miscellaneous challenges - Mystery box D)

Cluck Cluck! (Catch A Chicken.)
Burkaaack! (Catch 3 chickens.)
Rawr? (Catch 6 chickens.)

The Undead! ZOMBIES!! (Re-stack a cleared village, before the enemy nobles arrive.)

Tribe Representative. (Win a PnP argument against the enemy on the external forums, according to majority public opinion of +50%.) ( - Claimed by - harbinger297, )

Tribe Public Relations. (Win a PnP arguement against the enemy on the external forums, according to majority public opinion of +70%.)

Motivational Speaker! ( Win a PnP arguement against the enemy on the external forums, according to majority public opinion of +90%.) ( - Claimed by - slingzaar, )

If I have missed any challenges you think would be a good addition, please post or message me, and I will add them in.

It's just a bit of fun and a way to keep track of achievements. If you claim a challenge and believe you have succeeded, please mail me, I may require some proof through reports or etc.

Good luck everyone, let's see who is the best of this war.

7. End Note.​

It's been quite a journey up to this point, where we stand on the cusp of oblivion or eternity. To have our names carved in stone, or whispered in air. To be loved, and hated. To shout our names from the rooftops and streets, for all the world to hear, and say... "I know, I heard you the first time".

But we aren't there yet. It's been a long trip getting to this point for both FRST and Nuts!. We have existed, side-by-side, for a year. A year of war and peace, of love and hate, of laughter and anger. It all started with KKnD, FRST's first war. The past, is the best way to learn the future. FRST's first war was one they were expected to lose by some. KKnD had a vast array of good players, respected players from other worlds, who's accomplishments were well known, and FRST's were merely average, unknown. But FRST took on the challenge, and won. So much stronger because of it, and it was this strength we carried with us all the way through Insane and Crisis, CoD, BORED! and Nomad/Sheep/SnOwP/etc, WMD, and it is the same strength, that I believe will carry us through Nuts!. Having said that, I could think of no-one better to do this final battle with.

We at FRST respect Nuts! and their achievements. They are a long way from BORED! of old, and even if we are enemies, I still see many Nuts! players as friends.

So here's to you, Nuts!, both tribes deserve it. Spare no nukes, spare no stacks. May the best tribe win.

Much <3

Oh, I almost forgot....

*Declaration smexified by James*[/SPOIL]​
And a tribute to FRST, our growth history:
[SPOIL]Image Size Warning: 3.5mb. Will take a moment to load.[SPOIL]
[/SPOIL]Image Description: Animated FRST conquers over the past year.[/SPOIL]​
And here you may find harb's:
[SPOIL]Image Size Warning: 2.8mb. Will take a moment to load.[SPOIL]
[/SPOIL]Image Description: The sexy way to make history.[/SPOIL]​

War Starts: 1.12.2010. Countdown begins now!

I apologize for the poor quality dec, I just wanted to declare, just once, before W43 is over :p
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Successful Challenge Winners:

The "Jump-Start Killer" of World 43 is now Delborgo!

The Wall of Shame:​

wozzicus failed to collect his "taxes".

Chicken Catchers:

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I like it, I knew I shouldn't have left those war plans laying around though :icon_eek:

It's going to be fun so good luck to both sides.


Best dec ever Harb.

Someone has surely been learning about decent graphics.

You can almost here those Nuts players pleading for an extended Christmas break already


Great job Harb ;))) , Finally here !!! Freaking great PIc's bro lolololol
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Great dec' harb :icon_biggrin:

Good luck to all :icon_eek: well..some of you :icon_biggrin:

To all Nut's members, just remember I have employed all the world's most ugly women and there now in my villages, I mean some so ugly there were fed with catapults when kids. :icon_twisted:

So you don't really want my villas, you will be only asking me to take them back with interest. Now you all know how I got to my size, employ "ugly women" :icon_wink:


Harb, I just glad you came back to right up the Dec, sweet pics, good sense of humor and all. A fine Dec in every way. May the best win, I guess? :icon_rolleyes:


Very nice declaration :lol:

I can't wait to nom on some nuts :icon_razz:


As an Ex-Frost Tribemember all I can say is......GO FROST, Time to Crack some NUTZ.

Good luck to all my ex-mates, makes me wish I was still there with you. If you need any assistance short term, you can find me on W32. Take No Prisoners!!!!!


A very touching and awesome declaration ever. W43 forum is lucky to have you harb :icon_wink:


One of the best war Declaration I have seen in ages!
well done harb!

May the best side win!

:axemen:ONE WORD - KILL:axemen:


Thanks for the props guys. Feel free to claim some challenges, both FRST and Nuts!, if you think your skilled enough to pull them off :icon_wink:

Just post which challenge you want to try for, I will mark it, and if it's completed you will be listed as a winner, if not, it's the wall of shame for you. :icon_razz:

Challenge winners also get a new special mystery prize. It could be 200 points of premium,or it could be a rickroll :icon_razz: or anything at all. So if you want to find out, take a challenge :icon_wink:

I will personally claim the "Tribe Representative" challenge :)
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The conquers of FRST made me laugh if your gonna do something speak the truth :icon_surprised:

Anyways apart from that it was pretty good...Not as good as your past blogs :icon_rolleyes:



Well obviously that was a little joke, the last part. :icon_wink: but the rest of it is true, and from the map archive found here: Map Archive :)

My blogs sucked.
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