One "UHA" for Miss Ivy.......

Discussion in 'World 6' started by lucasdom, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. lucasdom

    lucasdom Guest

    Hi guys and girl......

    I dont know if i am the right person to do this but here we go.

    Itis with a lot sadnees that i read about Miss Ivy pass away. She was (is) a great player and a fighter in TW and RL.
    She did fight bravery but lost her war for the cancer............:(

    Don (cyclopsian) her husband is taking care of RL issues and i hope that all you guys (my friend or enemies) understand the situation and DO NOT TOUCH in Don´s (cyclopsian) villages.

    My friend Don.............count on me for anything that you need. Take your time in RL and come back my friend.

    With sure she will be looking for you/us wherever she is.................

    Keep walking my friend.........

    UHAAA Miss in peace.

  2. Last Family

    Last Family Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2011
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    sad to hear this

    I will leave his villages alone.

    I hope you recover Don from this great loss
  3. silvereclipes

    silvereclipes Contributing Poster

    May 17, 2008
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    Rest in Peace Miss Ivy an Don your have my prayers she was one great lady an you were very lucky in finding her sorry to hear about this makes my night sadder now.:icon_cry:

    Saint100 said to give his condolences to you Don an he was saddened to hear of your loss too.
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  4. Miller d

    Miller d Contributing Poster

    Oct 18, 2008
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    I'm sorry to hear this, I know from being in the same tribe Miss Ivy was a wonderful person and very kind.
    My condolences to her family and friends.

    I'm not very good at exspressing my emotions, though I'll always remember Miss Ivy for who she was. She was awesome, and it was a pleasure to be in the same tribe as her for so long.
  5. ashydr

    ashydr Guest

    So many people understand the effects cancer has on not just the diagnosed but the family and friends and even just acquaintances, that Miss Ivy will indeed be spared a thought from everyone who's made aware.

    I'm proud to say I was in OrD with Miss Ivy, she brought a certain liveliness to the party as I'm sure she would outside of the game. I remember she was fighting her illness all that time ago, and I can only sympathise with Don and his family, offer them my deepest condolences and wish them the best for the future. I'm gravely sorry to hear of Miss Ivy's news.
  6. Henchman

    Henchman Contributing Poster

    Apr 18, 2007
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    Strength and courage to her family.
  7. Sorry to hear this, very sad news indeed :((
    A good player, you will be greatly missed
  8. l0rd i0n

    l0rd i0n Non-stop Poster

    Feb 24, 2010
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    exactly what i would've said

    good luck she will be missed
  9. dominyk92

    dominyk92 Guest

    Wow :/. I remember Miss Ivy fondly; she had this amazing ability to brighten the mood of conversations and entire forums no matter the situation, I hope she knew how much we all appreciated her and how fondly we'll remember her.

    My sympathies go to Don and all who knew Miss Ivy, this game, and this Earth will be a little less bright, witty and clever without her shining presence. I'll keep you in my thoughts Don.

    Rest in Peace Miss Ivy.
  10. Autums rose

    Autums rose Guest

    I was proud to have been in the same tribe as her for a time my best wishes are out to her famliy and friends she was a great human being.
  11. Last Family

    Last Family Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2011
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    glad to see your active
  12. MagicalCloud

    MagicalCloud Guest

    Didn't knew her personally, but it's always sad to hear. Best wishes to her family & friends. Lots of strenght to Don. It"ll take time, I hope you can make peace with it in time.
  13. lt181

    lt181 Still Going Strong

    Aug 18, 2007
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    Best wishes cyclopsian. It's a horrible thing to have to go through, and I think people assume it won't happen to them. Unfortunately, if we live long enough, it will happen to all of us.

    But, I'm sure none of that, or this matters to Cyclopsian now. Hopefully the fact that you have support within this community will help you in some small way during this time of need.
  14. Soul Breaker

    Soul Breaker Guest

    Although my time in w6 is long gone, I remember many of those who I shared the same space, and although we weren't that close I remember a few talks with Miss Ivy whilst I was in Or.D

    My condolences to her family. I hope she passed away peacefully and that she may rest in peace.
  15. castro2man

    castro2man Contributing Poster

    Dec 1, 2007
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    i know i am late, but wow, this really hit me.

    hard to believe miss ivy is gone.

    my condolences :icon_sad:
  16. Shauntage

    Shauntage Guest

    I found out about this many weeks ago and only now had the heart to publicly acknowledge it as Ivy was a dear friend of mine, not just in the world of TW. I knew Ivy and Don better than many here as our relationship started many, many years ago and I can say Ivy will be dearly missed. She cared for and loved everyone she met. Was always the first to stick up for someone and the last to condemn them. She fought long and hard against her condition and for that, she should have the respect of everyone here.

    My prayers are with you Don and I wish you the best of luck. You had a good one and I'm sure you know that.
  17. starcrossed

    starcrossed Guest

    :( meh.. Rest in peace, sweetheart. You will indeed be missed.
  18. maxut

    maxut Active Member

    Nov 9, 2007
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    I didn`t read the forums for a long time. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Rest In Peace. :icon_sad:
  19. Kiss And Lov

    Kiss And Lov Guest

    I also did not read the forums in a long time... I'm glad to say I've been in SOUL with Miss Ivy for about four months - she was a great player and a fun person. Cancer sucks.

    R.I.P. Ivy.
  20. coob

    coob Guest

    Big brother i know you will read this you have my prayers n my heart...

    Stay strong as you have been all these years knowing the pain to come...

    But life moves forward take the good times n hold then dear...

    :'( you will allways be my friend.