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lol Sammy, Al is building up those barbs for Jake and I. Don't worry about him. Let him be :p

Excuse me? @THE MURPH ALL CAPS and I are in it to win it!



Hello Guys

I have been reading these terrible externals over the last few days and thought I would just add a little something , After All I have read is Almurph chatting complete BS. I love the way is he is calling people out when this world he has only nobled barbs and 2 small players that I bet Jake cleared for him and dam his farming record is amazing too.



People can say what they want about me but at least I know how to play the game , Stop calling people out almurph you are quite possibly one of the worst players on W96. Only reason you are still here is because of Jake who is a good player. You talk about everyone else but what about your failures on W90 ?

This whole situation with WET did not stem from me at all I was part of a big group of players wanting to leave and I got found out , Big Deal I am not bothered. Mia can back me up on this too.

Looking forward to reading the hate and Michael please make sure the comment you post in something worth while reading this time.

Love you all


Noob you are the last person who should call people out on the externals, what did you do on w5 join late cause a riff move to vvv to play on annihaltor, 65 join late on X2 get kicked off the account take over power93 and get rimmed in a matter of a week, w69 joined a jager account then left it for a knock account voltz or something w73 joined late on davepowa w80 took over a dest account and stabbed them in the back.

You are the worst of the worst and as dishonest as they come.

Your playing skills closely resemble that of a sea sponge and have a backbone similar to that of a jellyfish.
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Michael Corleone.

you should stop insulting those animals even those animals have bigger brains than incoming impact