Overthrowing The RoyalE's

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Overthrowing the royals.

Royal Families have been in our lives over many different generations, in many different countries and many different worlds. But maybe none bigger than the world 77 Royal family.


The world 77 Royal family is the largest empire on the world, lead by the one they call... Krieger.

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Krieger is a very demanding leader, many will say thats what makes him great. Others say he has an over inflated ego and that makes him an arrogant condescending jerk.


Living to the north of the royal family was a small group that called themselves the Non Aligned Movement (NAM for short)


NAM believed everyone should be friendly throughout the world, and there was no need for aggression. So much so that they was trying to find a peaceful way for the world to come to a close and a merge had been decided with the almighty Royal.



However the idea of the merge soon fell through when NAM found out the royal family was prepping there borders for NAM, NAM went into panic! They debated mass deleting, then to make things worse NAM had found out this whole time while Royal was promising NAM a merge, Royals feared leader Krieger had been promising his members a vote if they wanted to war or not.



Not to mention the swapping of backline/frontline villages, why would this be needed or even considered if they was willing to fulfill the intentions of the merge?


NAM felt heartbroken so decided to act fast and beat Royal to the punch.


Over the years there has been many different monarchy's fall to a greater form of government. If we at NAM have things the way we want then The Royal family of world 77 will be no different.


A wild dragon appeared.


NAM Declare on RoyalE

MAP (thanks DJ)

Messages from NAM
CasuallyGaming said:

Lil Roc said:

Chris > Krieger > Gump

Dont go bacon my heart said:
Make no mistakes kids, You will be #Rozzinated.
Rozz+Tj+Ebi> Krygar

DaddyMotorboatsGoats said:
I thought it was kruger?

Conway M8 said:


CasuallyGaming said:
*** Jamie, Kurtis, George > Krieger

Bear Paws said:
krieger = Kurtis
^ this is a major insult, as anyone who knows kurtis would understand

steve34cks said:
RIP In Peace
#royale #getrekt

Sicory said:
This Is NAM!!

Chris > Kreiger


steve34cks said:
My balls, your chin.

- Billy

FergyLAD said:

Conway M8 said:
Was bear paws fault. Take it out on him


NAM's terrible poems.
Lil Roc said:
One, two, Chris's coming for you.
Three, four, shut up whore.
Five, six, chicks with dicks.
Seven, eight, get out of our way.
Nine, ten, krieger likes men.."

Defense Commander said:
One... Two... DC coming for you...

Three... Four... NAM's Lion ROARS!

Five... Six... Don't go just yet...

Seven... Eight... all your nukes were ate...

Nine... Ten... Sent a SPEAR NUKE again!

TheLassi said:
One... Two... NAM is coming for you

Three... Four... Don't wanna merge no more

Five... Six... Kreiger's gonna get his fix

Seven... Eight... All your villages we ate

Nine... Ten... Haha FAILED again

Dont go bacon my heart said:
One... Two...Krieger mate is that you?
Three... Four...Boutta be bent on all fours!!
Five... Six....Bet you didn’t expect this ;)
Seven... Eight...Prepare to behold your fate (nod)
Nine... Ten...Or just hit delete again (smirk)

Edit: Three... Four...Boutta be sent out the door!!
(just for variation) NAMaste


Krieger's reaction to the NAM declaration (thanks Alex)
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I was only 9 years old I loved Krieger so much, I had all the Krieger merchandise and movies
I pray to Krieger every night before bed thanking him for the life I've been given.
Kreiger is love I say, Krieger is life
NAM overhears me and calls me a faggot
I knew he was just jealous of my devotion for Krieger
I called them a shitty noob tribe
NAM slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
Im crying now, and my face hurts
I lay in bed and its really cold
A warmth is moving towards me.
I feel something touch me
Its Krieger
I am so happy
He whispers in to ear "this is my village"
He grabs me with his powerful Bosnian hands and puts me on my hands and knees
I'm ready
I spread my defences for Krieger
He penetrates my villages
It hurts so much but I do it for Krieger
I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
I push against his force
I want to please Krieger
He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love
Sam from NAM walks in
Krieger looks him straight in the eye and says "Its all Royale now"
Krieger leaves through my window
Krieger is love, Krieger is life


LOL'd myself into coma @ "We need to google a way to kill kurtis"



#RoyalEnds :lol:

Chris > God > Kreiger


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YES finally this world is about to get interesting lol. Nice one Chris. Excellent vid Alex lol

Good luck NAM! I'm rooting for you guys.

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lol mate, shut it and get rekt.

How will you rek me? I don't even play Tribalwars at this moment :icon_smile:

But I do have some experience in this game and I have more insight into tribal affairs of both tribes than most... So that would make qualified enough to at least have an opinion... No? :icon_wink:


I knew this was going to be a north and south war from the start of the world. :D #imStillHere


Hey thats my account trading villas :lol:




I bet in the end someone is gonna say "we should have merged":icon_rolleyes:, pretty sure it wont be NAM


33 people on this thread. Everyone came. Mum get the camera.


With Sam mia, name switch from nam was much needed but unfortunately it was incorrect and short lived. According to recent history of anti-alliance activities of "friendly" northern neighbors, the term Non-aligned movement or even the use of quotes by a peace loving Gandhi on the profile are a mammoth mismatch and a disservice. "Thugs incorporated declares on Royale" would have been more appropriate. Lame declaration but good luck to both sides. May the best tribe win. :)


Make peace, make peace. I do not have an account, so I cannot yet be opped and reclaim #2 ODD. plz wait plz plz plz plz

You hatin tho?

#InB4 Sam rage quits from little progress beyond war starting & core RoyalE goes inactive