Parmenion's Signature Competition!!!


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Parm has some issues in real life at the moment, I am sure that he will take care of this as quickly as he can.


Greetings W30,

The Signature Competition has been over for a few weeks now. Due to RL issues (more details to follow) Parmenion wasn't able to judge this contest and has requested that I do so.

There were some good signatures and some others that I haven't paid much attention too (none the less they are all better then what I could do). I might have skip some signatures as I did not think it reflected Parm's style. Some very good signature might have been over looked.

Here's my top 5
  1. Bobbynaked
  2. KarmaX
  3. SFC
  4. Last Body
  5. Slates

The Prizes


Premium to be divided as follows:

1st prize = 1400 PP
2nd prize = 1200 PP
3rd prize = 1000 PP
4th prize = 800 PP
5th prize = 600 PP

I request that each winner post here acknowledging their winnings then contact Parmenion in game. The premium points will be transferred to you shortly.


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Thanks a bunch! That was one of the first sigs I'd ever made so i's nice to win something for it. :D

There were a lot of really good entries that didn't win, and I'd like to point out that I thought Mick's were better than mine.


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Congrats all. Wild put alot of thought into this, and was very concerned that it would be cared out in a way that Parm would have wanted.

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3rd. I'm honored. :icon_smile:

What's going on with Parm? Is he schedule to make a return soon?
&& is everything alright with the baby?

P.S Can you please send the points to Dgoodhue?

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thats why jimmy is doing better:p lol he has you;)
Nah, he's just about the only person on W30 that hasn't fucked me over. Not in game anyways! xD
So I see fit to give him the points as he's the only one left from our original group.

I'm not playing W30, it's sadistically boring and can make you lose your mind if you play for long periods of time.
Stacking villages and getting your nukes killed ceases to become sport after a few weeks of doing it.
Distances are too great for the element of surprise and sniping is too easy, but its a thing of the past anyway when people nowadays have over 900 defensive villages.

ASAP is the term Soldier :icon_wink:
I'm willing to bet he is still rank #1 when he gets back :icon_cool:

Thanks for judging this Wildcats. Let's hope everyone can make good use of Parms' Generosity.
Game on you sluggers.


your a good friend SFC and im sorry if ive ever screwed you over. ;) jimmy is a good guy in my eyes glad he is in yours too.


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Bleh.. i'm just ridiculed with the judgement..! Not even close to what was requested no.1 .. maybe I just wasted time making 2 entries which weren't even received by parm.