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Points: 7/10 - well nice plunder nice looted nice achievement but the points could be way higher, tbh you must have a good army :D

Location: 8/10 - epic farms around you, tbh expected you to clear more and farm more other players but still nice.

OD: 7/10 - not too much od nor too little tbh i expected with someone with your skills to have far more<3

Profile: 8/10 - classic profile.

Reputation: 8/10 - I have heard of you but never fought against you sadly-.-

Tribe: 7/10 - Some friendly players in there can be good<3

wemil the machine


Points 9/10 - must be using hacks ;)

Location 8/10 - not too central, some nice farms around you

OD 9/10 - clearly have destroyed everyone surrounding you

Profile 4/10 - your everyday quote, some grammatical errors, tut tut :).

Reputation 4/10 - haven't played in years so haven't been on externals in a while, noticed your fairly active on W75 externals

Tribe 10/10 - Loving the name of the tribe, and clearly will be a force to reckon with in the future.



I was referring to, '[FONT=Verdana, Arial]Peoples taking the biggest risks always ends up on top' . Unless that's a direct quote, (and my grammar is not 100% before all the grammar nazi's get involved) hehe,[/FONT]


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Points: Points do not matter troops do. So wont comment on this. Unless your over 10k on your village then your just point whoring.

Location: 5/10 - Depends how fast you grow since you are not on a K with to many at the top you might do fine. You are located not to far from me :). So this might change depending on your farming habits :)

OD: 10/10 - It is twice as high as your points and that is a good way to start out.

Profile: 10/10 - Your not rude on it and you are correct what is up with all the banned people on this server. I think about 12 are banned near me when I try to farm them.

Reputation: 7/10 - I do not remember you from world 6 OrD so that is yet to be seen as a negative or positive lol.

Tribe: 10/10 - Have warred Ord before on world 6 so if they find more then just a few Ord previous members they may turn out to be a power force on this server as well. I can not say Ord was my favorite tribe on that server because of past wars but this is a whole new ball game so we will see :)


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Points: 4/10 - Seem a little behind, you're pretty far out so I'm guessing it's a late start.. perhaps low points as a result of high troops which is a good thing imo.

Location: 3/10 - Didn't like your location at all, few barbs, many high points players in comparison to you... You'll probably struggle a bit before you can start dominating your surroundings.

OD: 5/10 - Not much to say, I'd guess you cleared a low pointer and put up militia vs another poor soul.

Profile: 4/10 - A decent picture, but the rest of your profile feels as cliché as it gets for me.

Reputation: -/10 - Can't rate I'm afraid, I don't know anything about you as a player.

Tribe: 7/10 - I feel like this tribe has potential, just by looking at it and its members I get the feeling it's a premade or something like that. I guess I'll be proven right or wrong in the future.

Please keep in mind I rated you without taking into consideration you might've started late.

Rate: Mystogan


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Yeah late start. With loads of bigger players surrounding me. Wont be the first time. Thanks for being honest. :)



Points: 7/10 -
Solid amount of points. Doing well compared to the other around you as well, keep it up.

Location: 8/10 - Pretty good area. Has a decent amount of barbs, and some juicy looking villages to be used as farms! Even more barbs in the LC range, so should be doing well with good amount of LC.

OD: 5/10 -
Ahhh, just way too much OD at this point. Looks like you got attacked too, hopefully you dodged your offense on that one. ODA is still way too high though, don't agree with such a high amount this early. However, if you are looting enough to keep the rax and stables queued 24/7, then it's a different story. If you aren't doing that though.. :icon_rolleyes:

Profile: 7/10 - Simple profile. Funny picture though!

Reputation: 9/10 - Most of us know you by now!

Tribe: 8/10 - I think the pre-made you are apart of has a strong chance to do something early in this world. We'll see how it plays out though. With the great spread that your tribe has, it shouldn't be too hard to expand efficiently. Good luck to you guys though!

Colorless Rainbow
Colorless Rainbow

Points- 5/10
6/10 Some small barbs around but lots of active players
OD- 7/10 Nice and low at this early stage
Profile- 4/10 nothing to really see on there apart from some low W71 stats
Reputation- 2/10 never really seen you before :/
Tribe- 5/10 half decent spread could could lead to promising growth depending on the skills within the tribe.

Malfurion Stormrage.



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Malfurion Stormrage

Points: Hmm you seem to be having a decent amount. Biggest in area that I can see issue is having competition with a guy next door in Sabotur. No clue who is dominating as this is still up for grabs. 5/10

OD: Low ODA not sure what to say about this. I don't know I normally go low but Dave likes high oda. So I go with my opinion which this is good but I think it maybe a bit to low. 8.5/10

Profile: Not much of one yet could be good or bad. -/10

Reputation: I know you from other worlds. I don't know how you defend though or anything previous experience you were a decent defender and such. I guess that warrants a 8.25/10

Tribe: To many tiny people in the tribe not sure really what the goal of this tribe is. Guessing a nub tribe. Rating it a 1.5/10. To lazy to check spread or anything so take my rating.

(two nerds one account)
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Two nerd one account

Points: 10/10 - top 20, not much I can complain about there

OD: 8/10 - you seem to enjoy clearing villages, but haven't really been challenged defensively yet

Profile: 6/10 - not a big fan of ASCII art, and you use the wrong your/you're at one point. Not bad overall

Reputation: -/10 never heard of you before, but this just seems to be a new account

Tribe: 9/10 - I've heard nothing but good things about you, but we're not exactly in the same area, so no personal experience from me

IGN: NitroBlade

Lord Ayok

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Points: 6.5/10 - Fairly average active but not hyper active. Some bigger players around you.

OD: 8/10 - A nice low ODA. Means your army is likely intact. Though not so low as to show you haven't made any farms for youself.

Profile: 7/10 - Very un-original but it gets the message across and shows your past achievements.

Reputation: N/A - I'm not qualified to make a decision on this I don't know enough people here

Tribe: 10/10 - Greatest tribe ever to grace this world.


The Norseman

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Lord Ayok

Points: 9/10 - I'm not great at scoring but you seem to be doing very well in terms of points themselves, from a quick scan of the map it looks like you're doing very well in your area comparatively speaking, players doing well near you seem to often be your tribemates and large non-tribemates don't seem like they farm too much, from who I checked out.

OD: 10/10 - Can't complain there, number 1 in ODA? I'd agree with your point above that a high OD can mean that you can have a diminished army but I'd imagine you have a lot of solid farms, probably all troop Qs going pretty constantly, not as many threats in your area as a result anyway.

Profile: 11/10 - London.

Reputation: N/A - I haven't played the game in a while, never tended to use the public forums and such, tend to get bored and quit when I do play around startup/early to mid game anyway so I don't think I'm one to rate that factor.

Tribe: 10/10 - Not in your area and haven't had contact with you guys but going off of the surface you guys seem solid - top of your continent with less villages than the runners up, high ODA rank, without anything else to go on I can't think of any complaints!

IGN: The Norseman

Shaman Matozan

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The Norseman

Points: 8/10 - Obviously a late start, clearly the biggest player in your area. Playing your cards right, you are going to be a force to reckon with on the south rim. You also farm a lot. Don't checked how many players from same tribe you got in your area. Overall, you have a good position.

OD: 7/10 - Good ODA for your size. been clearing a lot of juicy farms I bet. No ODD means nobody attacked you and thats a good thing right?

Profile: 7/10 - I like your profile picture. Looks like a good trip ;)

Reputation: N/A - I don't know anybody here.

Tribe: 5.5/10 - I don't know if your tribe are either good or bad. Sorry, not good at tribe overviews ;)

IGN: Shaman Matozan


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Shaman Matozan

Points: 8/10 Top 500 players, decent enough. You've got some decent enough looking farms littered around you, so that's swaggy

OD: 6/10 nothing to get excited about, but decent enough for this early in the world. Looks like you've cleared a few farms and killed an attack or two.

Profile: 9/10 Looks like an Elite. I can swag on that. Not sure how i feel about the declaration of ragnarok though, would definitely strike more fear in my heart if you added an ASCII sword

Rep: 0/10 Never heard of you on the forum or in game.

Tribe: 8/10 ranked 14th overall, but 5th in ODA? not bad if you ask me. I don't know much about the politics of up north, but you guys seem like a pretty strong contender

IGN: Harry0164



Points: 3.5/10 - You're growing really slow. You've started on the 6th of June and at 1k points, where a good friend of mine joined two days after(8th of June) and is at 3.8k, growth could be better.

OD: 5/10 - Small ODA and a fair bit of ODD for your size, it's obviously stunted your growth.

Location: 4/10 - Not that many barbs around you to farm with and you got a few larger players around you who will probably noble you if you grow your village to be a decent one enough for them to noble.

Profile: 2/10 - Meh, not really anything ;p


Reputation: 4/10 - You've seem to be around since 09 as your ext profile tells us, you also seem to contribute a fair bit to externals, nonetheless, I haven't heard of you, so can't judge, you don't seem to be that good judging by your stats, only decent world being w31 where you hit 600k, which isn't that impressive.

Tribe: 3/10 - No comment.

Other: Don't know why you request to be rated...I think you're better off restarting on the rim or co-playing someone. I don't wish to sound harsh in me rating you, just trying to be honest, buddy.

IGN: DreamSweeper


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points: 10/10-Rank 13th not much else to say on that. You conquered a strong second village aswell

OD: 8/10:Low odd which suggests you have a strong army however your oda suggests you have been very busy on the offensive front. Most probably came from clearing your second village

​Location: 9/10- Fairly spread out from tribe mates and lots of medium point villages to farm or conquer in your 7x7. There are some strong tribes around you which may cause problems in the future.

Profile:10/10-Made me laugh and went well with the coa. Very original

COA:10/10-went well with the profile

reputation:7/10- I have heard of you before but didn't no that much about you until this world

Tribe:10/10- Great spread with many well known players. One of the strongest tribes at the moment.


Vault Boy

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6/10 - Lowish points but a late start, so no hard feelings.

OD: 7/10 - No ODD, but a ODA higher than your rank, so looks like you're clearing up your area nicely.

​Location: 9/10 - Second largest in your 9x9. Plenty of barbs and smaller players for farming, and a good potential for a decent size village to noble when the time comes.

Profile: 4/10 - Short but true.


Reputation: 4/10 - Not going to lie, but I haven't heard of you before.

Tribe: 6/10 - Second largest in your K and a good spread of players to the north of it. Otherwise I don't know much about it.

IGN: Vault Boy


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points: 10/10-Rank 17 ok

OD: 8/10:- ok

​Location: 9/10- ok

Profile:10/10- ok

COA:10/10- ok

reputation:8/10- ok

Tribe:10/10- ok

Ok all for me..

jLovekamp Team