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Discussion in 'World 67' started by THFCFOREVER, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Fordy

    Fordy Guest


    Points: 9.3/10 - Nice start! On the second page.
    Area: 5/10 - Thought you would of had more barbs/inactives for your points.
    Tribe: 8/10 - I'm a secret admirer of the tribe.
    OD: 5/10 - Average
    Sig: N/A
    Forum presence: 2/10 - 14 posts

    IGN: Fordy (expecting rubbish marks as I am still in BP)
  2. little idiot

    little idiot Contributing Poster

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Fordy: Rubbish

    I'm playing under an alias just give more rubbish marks to fordy
  3. Fordy

    Points: 6/10 in bp cant say much
    Area: 7/10 looks nice
    Tribe: N/A Tribeless
    OD: 2/10 quite a lot for being in bp
    Sig: 8/10 for sonic, -2 for not being sonic empire though.
    Forum Presence: 7/10 seen around

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  4. Moonfall

    Moonfall Guest

    Points: Not #1, 0/10 (really 10/10)
    Area: 6/10 Not even that great surprised you are doing so well, good noble targets though
    Tribe: 10/10 Looks scary
    OD: 5/10 Haven't been clearing much i guess
    Sig: 3/10?
    Forum Presence: 8/10 Seen a bunch of times already
  5. bisu-

    bisu- Guest


    points :8/10
    area: 10/10
    tribe: 9/10 pro tribe
    od: 2/10
    sig: n/a aka 0/10

    PNEFOREVER2 Non-stop Poster

    Nov 17, 2008
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    Bisu- your forum name doesn't seem to be your ign, therefore I cannot rate you as you have left no id for me to look for/rate.

    Edit: sig: 1/10
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    points :9/10
    area: 9/10
    tribe:10/10 Super AWESOME pro tribe
    od: 10/10 - the lower the better at this point IMHO
    sig: 7/10​
  8. Bobdol0

    Bobdol0 Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2009
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    Thfcforever Points- 9/10 (top 100) Tribe- 8/10 (Good average points seems like good players) Area 6/10 (Not bad but not that good could be good farming once you clear some of the others around you) OD 7/10 (With lack of barbs around you thought it would be higher:)) Bobdol0
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  9. bob ross

    bob ross Guest

    points: 8/10 - rank 161, rather good :)
    area: 2/10 - realy bad startingplace
    tribe: 5/10 - probobly a premade but "my little pony"?
    OD: 8-9/10 - realy good with that startingplace
    sig: ?/10 - there are none, same with me :)
  10. pentilum

    pentilum New Member

    Jan 27, 2013
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    Points 4/10
    Area 7/10 - very condensed to say the least.
    Tribe: 0/10 or in other words el' doodoo.
    OD: 10/10 can't front about that.
    sig: N/A so you get a 10/10 from me :)

    Do me do me! And I better get a 10/10 for points, my point whorish pride depends on it!
  11. Child in time

    Child in time Contributing Poster

    Feb 17, 2008
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    I'll do you the favor pentilum

    points: 9/10 - doing just fine in the top 20
    area: 8/10 - great starting area, lots of barbs and bonus vills. Still some villages on the periphery that'd be suitable first targets.
    Tribe: 7/10 - don't know them, but they seem to be alright.
    sig: really?
    OD: not too much. You didn't need clear a lot it seems, is good. (8/10)
  12. joeferrer

    joeferrer Guest

    Points: 9/10
    Area: 7/10 many players with 500p. gonna cause you to lose troops farming wise for a while.
    Tribe:10/10 in my opinion best tribe atm
    Sig: no comment
    Oda: 10/10 Odd:0/10 better for you.
  13. pink terror

    pink terror Non-stop Poster

    Sep 17, 2011
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    Points 5/10
    Area 2/10 (you are in trouble... two players overgrew you and you are a strong candidate for internalising)
    Tribe 7-8/10 it seems untested.
    Sig..(i'm a noob and don't know what this is so....) have a 10/10
    Od: 7/10 Pretty high ODA But no ODD probably because people are scared of your two friends next to you...
    Farming: 3/10 <1000 attacks... so either no microfarming or very shitty microfarming

    Overall: 35/60 you get a passing grade? but barely. ^_^
  14. AAEC

    AAEC Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2011
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    Area:5/10 u seem to have some competition in your area and also a few tribemates.
    OD:6/10 nice and low and u seem to have been clearing some farms.
    Tribe: 7/10 seems ok but a little clustered for my liking.
    F.P: 4/10 i have seen u around but u dont post that often.

  15. Batterthanu92

    Points: 7.5/10 - not even top 10
    Area: 100/10 - wonder why aren't you in top 5 with that area..
    OD: 3/10 - Why bother losing so many troops with that kind of area?
    Tribe: 6/10 - Haven't heard of the tribe, sorry :/
    Sig: 8/10 - good sig, a bit small for a magic man do ;)
    F.P: 3/10 haven't seen you around

    IGN: ChipFU, started in the rim
  16. pink terror

    pink terror Non-stop Poster

    Sep 17, 2011
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    Points: 7/10 dominating our area 1-2 players around.
    Area: 9/10 you should have no trouble farming all those tribeless members.
    OD: i'd say 8/10 it's small maybe even too small. i'd expect more from you.
    Tribe: 9/10 Not bad. not bad at all.
    Farming: 8/10 i see at least 1k hope to see you plunder 1mil in 10 days tops. (don't let me down)
    F.P: That pic seems awfully familiar... 5/10

    46/60 I'm expecting good things from you. ^_^
  17. themaccabees

    themaccabees Guest

    pink terror

    Points: 8/10 Decent not bad
    Area 7/10 Quite a dangerous area :|
    OD: 4/10 Poor.....
    Tribe: 7/10 seems pretty decent but too early to judge
    Farming: 6/10 lots of competition

    IGN: nirvana plus radiohead
  18. nirvana plus radiohead

    Points: 6/10 quite low
    Area: 7/10 alright area
    OD: 7/10 lil high imo
    sig: 7/10 decent I guess
    Forum Presence: 5/10 not really seen you

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  19. Evilclownhateyou

    Evilclownhateyou Contributing Poster

    Dec 15, 2011
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    Points 9.25/10 You are top 5
    Area 8/10 Near a few big people and me sad.
    OD 9/10 great oda real low which is good
    Forum Presence 9/10 Seem to be popular
    Complaining to me about 9.25 not being a proper number gets you a .1111/10

    [5:59:04 PM] Nick/Scorp: wha?
    [5:59:40 PM] Nick/Scorp: 9.25..
    [6:01:06 PM] Evilclownhateyou: yeah you got a 9.25
    [6:01:12 PM] Evilclownhateyou: your not big enough
    [6:01:13 PM] Evilclownhateyou: for 10
    [6:01:16 PM] Nick/Scorp: thats not a proper numbe
    [6:01:21 PM] Nick/Scorp: *number
    [6:01:22 PM] Evilclownhateyou: it is
    [6:01:28 PM] Evilclownhateyou: 9.25
    [6:01:35 PM] Nick/Scorp: nu uh
    [6:01:35 PM] Evilclownhateyou: I could have given you 9.2

    Farmer Clown
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  20. thorfalar

    thorfalar Non-stop Poster

    Sep 26, 2008
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    Farmer Clown

    Points: 8/10. Had a couple days of slow growth near the beginning. Been growing well the last 6 days or so though.
    Area: 7/10. You're easily the dominant player in the area. You have a handful or players who are growing at a semi-reasonable pace. Must be hurting the farming a bit.
    Tribe: 9/10. I like you guys. Think you will do very well.
    OD: 9/10. Too much OD this early in the game signals problems imo. Hurts growth.
    Forum Presence: N/A I have no idea as my forum presence is 0/10.

    IGN: imkevin2515