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cryptic codex

ponits 9/10 rank 3 neednt say more
position 9/10
profile 7/10 i liked your wrld 62 profile better :p
tribe 8/10
player 9/10 u were and are one of the best in wrld 62 :D




points 9/10 Top in your K by a very large margin and in the top 100 in the world.
OD 10/10 top 5 ODD, plenty of ODA, for a player who is called "IDontFight", you surely have seen your fair share
position 9/10 you have plenty of expansion opportunities and hardly any direct threats nearby.
profile 8/10 Defender of the Day flag is always a nice one to see, simple profile and I love the picture.
tribe 8/10 top tribe, but have yet to truly show off their strength.
player 8/10 Have not had much to do with you, but your dominance of the area and extreme OD scores shows you are a force to be reckoned with.

IGN: pianoman90


Points: 6/10 (314.846) As Leader of your Tribe, in-house stuff may have held you back a bit???
OD: 6/7 #57 Surprised at your ODD in a peripheral area; Leading by example in-Tribe with highest ODA
Position: 6/7 You have gateways aplenty...Tribe around you & not overly cluttered...plenty of targets available.
Profile: 5/7 Like the counted-down days in this RL-drain game; former players list..idk about that...fills a space.
Tribe: 6/10 #13 could go either way & it's early days on this world
Player: 6/10 Almost half your conquers are Barbs or Internals; as you've 4 years TW, would not really expect this


​Mate you need to rate the person above you to get rated. Undecoded is the ign of the person above you.


​Mate you need to rate the person above you to get rated. Undecoded is the ign of the person above you.

Oh okay. My bad haha.:icon_redface: Thanks for telling me I'm new to this


Points:8/10 #37 in the world
OD: 7/10 quite high, higher OD rank than points but still have Attacker of the Day
Position:7/10 not bad, lots of opportunities, protected by a strong tribe too
Profile: I don't really pay attention to these haha.
Tribe: 9/10 Strong, confident tribe that attacks worthy threats, not tribes a tenth your size(Like a certain LGN does)
Player:- Don't really know, but from stats you appear competent and successful. I've never engaged you in combat or talked to you so I can't really judge this section.


(probably one of the worst reviews, sorry)
Points: ?/10 Not sure how to rate this...
OD: 5/10 seems that you lost your village without putting up too much of a fight
Position:1/10 surrounded by Rif...
Profile: I like short profile.
Tribe: 8/10 (can't really comment on the big tribes)
Player:- Don't really know.

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Points: 7/10 - Based this off your immediate area instead of the world due to location. Looking strong for your area.
OD: 5/10 - From my experience you don't want ODA early so having 16k actually hurts you here.
Position: 8/10 - About as rim as you can get. Due to this I based your location on a start up scale and you have a LOT of barbs to farm.
Profile: 4/10 - Average fighting quote and then a set of Chinese characters I had to use google translate to read.
Tribe: 6/10 - Rim tribe. +1 for owning your continent, 5 base. Can't really work much on you guys due to no wars as far as I know.
Player: 5/10 - 5 as base. You're new to the world so time will tell.

IGN: Cryptic Codex


Points: 8/10 - Not too many internals but I see some barbies getting nobled ;)
OD: 8/10 - Very Decent attacking but it seems everyone is too scared to throw something back.
Position 7/10 - Have some room to expand but a lot of village are surrounded by your tribe.
Profile 7/10 - Of course liked the PM, Quote and enjoyed some of the music. The Cryptic bit is very cryptic indeed.
Tribe 9/10 - Have to say I can see DSy4 going far in this world, taking down ACE villages very professional.
Player 10/10 - As Repinski, I remember seeing your name everywhere on the forums from when I started. (Mine is a different forum account)

IGN: Don Funk

king gustav II Adolf

Thought that this thread was deleted, until now ;)
Guess I'll make an attempt at reviving it.

Rating: Don Funk
Points: 10/10 - Rank 1, what else to say?
OD: 9/10 - Quite good! Could be better, but nothing to complain about.
Position 7/10 - Decent expansion room. Not great, but not horrible.
Profile -/- - No opinion
Tribe 9/10 - One of the possible candidates to winning the world. The outcome of the war with DSy4 will be a major factor to whether you guys stay or disappear.
Forum presence ?/? - 15 posts, but I guess that the account is new. I'm pretty new to .net, so I can't really give you a correct rating on this point (so I'll just leave it with ?/?)

Rate: The Black Reaper


Just noticed this,

Points: Rank 20, 4M+ Points, 9/10
ODA: Lower ranking than points at 61, less than 12M, seems like internals and barbs may be a nobling factor, also ODD just over 1M, Subpar 3/10
Position: Not deep rooted within tribe, many expanding options 9/10
Profile: Bashers and other videos, dont care so 5/10
Reputation: Not very known to a Dsy4 member
Tribe: Ranked 1st, 10/10
Other: Impressive points but growth is slow, about 100k in last 3-4 weeks, not impressive, overall looks like a great player

IGN: Kahlaan

sidd 271

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points : 8/10 pretty good considering the location
ODA- Better than his rank 8/10
Position: Very Good 9/10
Profile: nothing much there 3/10
reputation: Not known much
Tribe: 9/10

IGN sidd 271



Points : 10/10 - Outstanding maintenance over an extended period - when so many have given up, well placed for world end

ODA- 10/10 - Solid, demonstrates experience whilst not wasteful
Position: 9/10 - I have to fault him a point somewhere
Profile: 10/10 - like his posts, he has thought about it and included humour
Reputation: 10/10 - well liked and spoken of highly
Tribe: 10/10 - why would you fault dys4's growth, high quality play and success?
Total-49/50 - upon reflection, I'm quite disgusted at how ridiculously good my own analysis is - but he has his sh*t together - man crush over.



Points- top 25- 9/10
ODA- Rank 240, subpar 5/10
Position 8/10
Profile not much 5/10
Repute: active in forums but not known in my area, 7/10
Tribe: 10/10 (I love Ronin :D)
Total 34/50


Still Going Strong
Reaction score
Points- top 100- 6/10
ODA- Not much ODA, ODD isnt your fault 4/10
Position 7/10
Profile Could be improved upon. 6/10
Repute: Never heard of you :( 5/10
Tribe: Basher tribe. 4/10

Rate: Idontfight