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The Black Reaper
Points 8/10
OD 5/10 Seems like with the points you woulda accumulated some more
Position 10/10 plenty of expansion and targets around
Profile 5/10 Meh
Tribe 7/10 Family tribe... still early hopefully you can bring everyone together and weed out some soon
Overall 7/10



Points 5/10, low for the world, but you started late. #2 in your k, assuming no bigger players move towards the rim... a good opportunity to become a contender
OD 5/10 For your size, decent... assuming the ODA is not stunting your growth
Position 7/10 on the rim and appear to have experience which gives you a good opportunity for growth
Profile 7/10 I like simple
Tribe 7/10 #1 on your k, and your duke... doing well, but can you hold it if other big players migrate towards the rim? Looks like you've got some prior friends involved, so if you are all solid... even if the tribe can not succeed you will likely bring along some new players and be able to transition them to a top tribe in the months to come
Reputation 2/10 I've looked at your other worlds and can only assume you've played under another account, cuz what is there is not helpful. But you've been around since 2011 on the forums with this name... I remember another vendetta from another world, but unlikely you're the same.

Best of luck out there!


Excellent a player from a tribe I have dealt with


Points 9/10 top 12, can't say much more about that
OD 10/10 excellent ratio of ODA to ODD and decent points to OD as well
Position 6/10 lots of tribemates, not much room for growth
Profile 6/10 Simple but not amazing
Tribe 8/10 Although a family tribe, good players, powerful and have enjoyed dealing with thus far
Overall 8/10


- The Me -

Dear God, reviewing my Duke (Is there a face palm emoticon? Scratch that, is it allowed?)

Points: 6/10 Top 300, 2nd in K.
OD: 4/10 ODA is all you have, will be interesting to see what happens when you have opposition.
Position: 2/10 In a box
Profile: 1/10 Commmmme on. Where is Will's tribute? But you do have a profile.
Tribe: 7/10 Rising fast but there is a large tribe on the horizon.

Overall 4/10


P.S. Please don't kick me :D



Points: 5/10 3rd in continent, close with tribe.
OD 2/10 Doesn't seem to be too involved with other players.
Position 6/10 Fairly spread out, but close together with tribe.
Profile 8/10 Good read :p
Tribe 6/10 Seems to be doing alright in k62, no real threats as of yet.

Overall 5/10




Points: 10/10 Ranked 3rd overall
OD: 10/10 Ranked 1st attacker and 3rd defender 2nd overall Shows your a skilled and balanced player.
Position: 9/10 surrounded by your tribe, with a good boarder on the war front.
Profile: 7/10 Get rid of the skull i like your gold awards the the daily awards.
Tribe: 10/10 I personally believe bAd to be the strongest tribe in the top 5.

Overall Score 9.2 out of 10

I got to say the flaming skull in your profile is what brought the rating down. From an other wise impressive score.



0/0 for everyone above me in this entire post. Except LennoxW

-1/-1 for being a merge whore.


Since the above post didn't mention anyone...


- The Me -

Points: 7.5/10 Quite good
OD: 7/10 Above your rank, but still for where you are, frontline with XIII, turns it distinctly meh.
Position: 9/10 surrounded by your tribe, with a good boarder on the war front.
Profile: 3/10 Plain and simple, but quite like the sig
Tribe: 8/10 Not sure, they need a test, and they shouldn't let XIII push them about so much, last time I checked.


Overall Score 9.2 out of 10



Points 5/10
OD 3/10 Really musta been some easy nobling to get that far with 120k in OD
Position 7/10 Looks like your basher tribe is taking up a lot of the room around you
Profile 5/10 Too long...
Tribe 8/10
Overall 6/10 IGN VendettasV
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Points 6/10 - Great for your area (rim), bad because of late start date.
OD - 9/10 - You can't ask for OD that's more than 2-3x your points, but when it's 6x more, then you've got an OD fiend. Worries me that you're burning through more troops on rim turtles than you should, will probably hinder your growth since you have only 33k.
Position 8/10 - XIII is very preoccupied to say the least and KILLER fluctuates in membership (instability). You should have unchecked growth for a long time. Big meat shield between you and the core.
Profile - 6/10 bland, and states what your position is. Sometimes secrecy is better. Short and sweet though.
Tribe - 8/10 - Small membership, high growth, a bit of dead-weight, dominant on the rim. Not much else you can ask for.

Overall: 37/50 = 7.4/10

Balian in Ibelin


Balian in Ibelin

Points 7/10 - low points but joined late,good growth rate
OD - 4/10 - nothing particularly noteworthy either good or bad really
Position 3/10 - doesn't appear to be a lot around other than tribemates and dsy4,also while i'd normally like your spread for a church world it doesn't look too good(I only took a cursory look and would need to take a closer one to really be sure but at first blush it looks like you probably have a lot of churches)
Profile 4/10 - meh
Tribe - 3/10 - again,cursory look but just looks like a standard rim tribe to me which isn't really a good thing

do not disturb
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Do not disturb

Points 8/10 - Top 20, can't complain about that. You slacked a bit though along the way. Good to see your acc is back on track now.
OD 9/10 - ODA rank 8, ODD rank 6. Gained alot of ODD lately without losing too many vils. Also active in the war with ACE. Keep up the good work.
Position 7/10 - Loads of nobling space, front with the enemy. However, the fact that your cluster is split in two, makes you lose some points here.
Profile Clean/10 - Not much to say here
Tribe 9/10 - Alot is expected from you guys. That's all i'm going to say.



Can't give a rating because TWStats isn't working for me :(

IGN Warandchaos



Points: 6/10 - Sure you're rank one but you didn't work for the majority of your villages so meh.
ODA: 8/10 - 3rd for ODA. As an ODA whore myself, it's quite hard to get a high rating out of me regarding this.
Position: 7/10 - Fairly clustered and own your main area. Eventually everyone has to jump. Looks like you're trying to.
Profile: 1/10 - Empty is boring.
Tribe: 5/10 - Personally not a fan but meh I'm a hard ass.

Cryptic Codex in game.


King Coffee Troll

Cryptic Codex

Points: 9/10 - Not rank 1 so not the best :d
ODA: 8/10 - Looks like a good contender for Rank 1.
Position: 7/10 - Solid Cluster for growth and expansion no doubt will continue on his growth pattern
Profile: 5/10 - So much crap :d
Tribe: 10/10 - Great Tribe, One i was in at the beginning of the world (crypt raiders), Always run well, Always a step ahead.

dulcelolita IG|


Coffee Troll

Don Funk

Points...: 3/10 - I like that you have mainly grabed playervills .. "only" 16.67% Barbies.. That is actually good when compared to alot of the other NuBheads around W70. However, you cannot blame this skirmish with TT for your lack of conquest, that you can only blame yourself and your semi inactivity .. and wtf is that barbie doing as your 9.th "conquest" ??.. Shame on you !
ODA.....: 5/10 - I recond you have atchieved an average score.. Well done.
Position: 7/10 - I think you screwed up your own position. You could have done so much better if you had only put in the time and effort on the account.
Profile..: 8/10 - I know.. Im Santa for giving such a grade :) Now please, come and sit on Santa's knee :icon_twisted:
Tribe...: 3/10 - Get rid of that GIF.. Piss my off just to look at it, atleast the stats improve my mood.

Don Funk


Points: 8/10. After a quick glance doesn't look like very many internals so being top 10 is very nice. Well done.
ODA: 6/10. Top 15 with 1.8mil. I suppose my rating here is harsh. Says more about the world than you.
Position: 10/10. Always been a fan of your positioning. Mountain of room to grow.
Profile: 7/10. Wasn't a fan of most of it but that Family Guy link. Priceless. :')
Tribe: 8/10. Always liked bAd personally.

Cryptic Codex is my IGN.