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Gorth Kirgar

The Black Reaper

Points: 8/10 A late start and nearly in the top 100, pretty good

ODA; 10/10 It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Position: 9/10 Obviously good farming on the rim, but also some sweet vills around to noble.

Profile: 7/10 Like the nobling playlist:) The pic is awesome, but have seen it multiple times already:(

Reputation: 5/10 Obviously you've played on other accounts

Tribe: 5/10 Family with a massive load of allies;(...I'm giving them a 5 instead of a 3 because it looks like they had a lot to do with you getting that mass ODD when you took your first vill, so at least they're helping out.

Gorth Kirgar


Gorth Kirgar

Points - 10/10 - Top 20, I'd say your points should feel pretty good to you.

ODA - 10/10 - Top 10, Better ODA ranking than points, fantastic work. Priorities.

Position - 9/10 - You are doing well enough for your ranking, but you're not on the rim, so you have to fight more than us rim n00bs.

Profile - 9/10 - Amusing details, clearly intended to strike fear. I like it. The profile pic is awesome, but I don't get the reference (likely more my fault than yours)

Reputation - 10/10 - You are top 10 in ODA, what kind of n00b would I be if I wasn't convinced of your deity?

Tribe - 10/10 - You don't have to waste valuable troops in needless wars. You aren't forced to laboriously write in PnP threads to establish the propaganda dominance. You don't have to do anything but noble and build and screw around! What's not to love about being at the top of the feather-pile! The comfort and ease of the bourgeois! As it was in "A Christmas Story:" "A+ + + + + + + + + + +"

The Grey Ghost -newb's n00b.


Points:5/10 Rank 40 in K and other players bigger than him in the area
ODA: I don't think ODA is good at that stage
Position:1/10 too many tribe members near him
Reputation:/10 Not sure
Tribe: 8.5/10 Dominating K74

Farmed (only during the early stages of the world): Not sure? but has 1mil not the 10k plunders

Who should be reviewed next (w70 ign): nMe.


Points: 10/10 Number 1 in the world, don't think I need to elaborate.
ODA: 9.5/10 Number 9 is a tough score to beat.
Position: 7/10 Has his tribe on one side and DSy4 and the rim on the other.
Profile: 6/10 Got some nice awards to show off and a coat of arms, nothing else really.
Reputation: 10/10 Is a familiar name and I'm sure the topic of many tribes forums.
Tribe: 9/10 I'm interested to see how they fair in the near future. While care? looks like a really good tribe you never really know until a major war comes.



points: 5/10 started a couple weeks late but should be doing better
ODA: 5/10 not great
position: 2/10 gonna be tricky, you got nme. on the left and DSy4 on the right
profile: 8/10 love the pic, usual 'stay out of my 7x7' pitch
reputation: 1/10 not heard of you before and your not big enough to turn any heads
tribe: 6/10 not a bad ranked tribe with OD going ok too



position :7/10
reputation:2/10,not long lasting

so 37/60


GOG the Deceiver

points: 3/10:
ODA: 2/10
position: 8/10
profile: 1/10
reputation:Gog cares not

Total: Food

Uzeb also shows as 2-3 days inactive. Gogg is sending a train your way - please grow first.



points: 7/10
ODA: 7/10
position: 9/10
profile: 10/10
reputation: 10/10 like reading your post on the externals
tribe-8.5/10 game is still young but good tribe with exp players



Points: 6/10 Early start, looks like 60% of your conquers are internals/ innactives kicked from your tribe to disguise the fact that they are.
ODA: 7/10 Very high, but it went up massively today, without a gain of village, indicating you probably lost most of (if not all) of a nuke
Position: 8/10
profile: 9/10 OP fan as well, like yo picture
reputation: 5/10 Not sure
tribe: 6/10 Probably going to have trouble with Who? soon enough

IGN: Saftig


Points: 7/10 Latish start, almost top 100
ODA: 6/10
Position: 6/10 tribe mates all around, might be hard to expand unless you internal them
Profile: 5/10
Rep: NA
Tribe: 7/10 got some junk in there but a few quality members pulling the rest up.




Points: 4/10 - 28th August 2013 start, doing well, but you do have a big player near you
ODA: 4/10 - Looking good if you've been clearing your farm land and not losing too many farm troops to do it.
Position: 4/10 - on the rim, 1 bigger player nearby, but otherwise good room for growth
Profile: 2/10... spruce it up! :)
Rep: 7/10 - I don't personally know you, but you've been around since 2008 so that counts for something.
Tribe: N/A - no tribe

Overall: Not a bad start, but a little early to give a better rating. Keep going!

Name: Frostgat





Points: 9/10 - would give you 10/10 but there's always room for perfection. Your start date is a week past mine and it's incredibly impressive how quickly you have grown. Keep up the good work :)

ODA: 9/10 Almost top 10 ODA, which sometimes could be a bad thing but due to your constant growth you are most likely making good use of your troops and losses.

Position: 8/10 You are located fairly south from the core near many unexperienced and slow growing players, this will most likely be an advantage but finding top quality villages to noble may be an issue for a while. Being located at the intersection of four different continents may work out for you in the long run.

Profile: 8/10 Slightly intimidating picture and straight to the point, my kind of profile.

Rep: 8/10 Haven't heard of you before this world but you have 800+ conquers on a previous world and it's obvious you've been a while seeing your forum start date of February 2008.

Tribe: 8/10 Not much experience with PWND myself but they seem to be handling themselves against all of their enemies and continuing to grow.

Overall: 8.7/10 Impressive growth and expect big things from you in the future.



The Destroyer of Worlds/Nudist Points 8/10 No doubt you will catch up ODA 8/10 still catching up to your points Rep 10/10 Have seen you around other worlds usually good posts Tribe 9/10 I figure you know how to pick them, top ten and five on ODA I like it Overall 10/10


"The Destroyer of Worlds/Nudist Points 8/10 No doubt you will catch up ODA 8/10 still catching up to your points Rep 10/10 Have seen you around other worlds usually good posts Tribe 9/10 I figure you know how to pick them, top ten and five on ODA I like it Overall 10/10"

Well I see no names below to rate, so I will just keep this thread rolling.

Rate: Aubreys pirate crew (catchy name / sexy coa, had to pick it)

king gustav II Adolf

Aubreys pirate crew

Points: 9.5/10 - Quite high points! Rank 21 is great, but it isn't rank 1.

ODA: 9.5/10 - Higher ODA then rank. Same comment as above: Great, but not rank 1.

Position: 6/10 - Lots of decent sized players to noble. You are on your tribes front, which can be both good and bad (depending on how you play). You are very close to dsy4, which may lead to some future troubles.

Profile: 9/10 - I like the pic and you display your achievements. The "attacker of the day" is pretty nice as well :)

Rep: -/- - New name I suppose?

Tribe: 9.5/10 - One of the contenders for the win.

Rate: Rev8



Points: 8/10 - Not bad

ODA: 7.5/10 - Large amounts of OD possibly down to tribal support.

Position: 7/10 - Room for expansion to the south but has Care? to the north and east.

Profile: 2/10 - Not much to read/see there.

Rep: -/- - Can't rate as Rev8 doesn't have any forum presence

Tribe: 9/10 I must say I have grown rather fond of PWND!, little to no forum presence which is a shame but as for ODA/ODD and growth is concerned PWND! could be up there with the better tribes of this world.

Rate -
Nabur (not me btw)


Points: 8/10 Top Twenty not bad at all
ODA: 7/10 Quite a bit of difference between points and ODA
Position: 8/10 Some good noble oppurtunities nearby
Profile: 9/10
Rep: Cant rate haven't spent enough time on these forums for years so I don't recognize the name
Tribe: 10/10 number one ODA and Points looks good

Overall 8/10

IGN: VendettasV



Points: 7/10 #6 in K58.

ODA: 7/10 Not bad for your area. Obviously clearing farms.

Position: 3/10 Too many tribemates nearby. It's already limited your choices for a first village.

Profile: 1/10 Not much to say.

Rep: 3/10 I haven't been in these forums for years either. I assume you're noticed within your area though.

Tribe: 6/10 Rim tribe #1 in the newly developing K58. Not as many dominate tribes nearby. The tribe's compact geography will present challanges

Overall: 5/10

IGN: PrimalDv8
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points: 9/10 top player for your k.
ODA: 8/10 good amount for your size
position: 8/10 you guys should have k Control and a chance to move north
profile: 5/10 Simple profile
reputation: 4/10 new player to the forums don't know much about you
tribe: 10/10 I have always been a fan of this tribe, i believe they will do well

Overall: 44/60

Rate: Knightbrad