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Points - 7/10 Rank 82, Not bad but not great
OD - 8/10 oda and odd pretty much the same
Position - 10/10 Great area, so many possibilities
Profile - 5/10 Ryan your not the boss, I am
Reputation - 7/10
Tribe - 10/10 Good spread, seems be gaining control of the NW slowly but surely.


Ign: Mania.


like the one writing I guess? [nub] as like his declaration with the one above.

can't even guess where you experience any major war in any world?

Lol people are so judgemental.

PM me and I'll share my previous accounts. Unless you prefer me to make you look like a mug on this forum?

Anyhow, nub^ 2/60


Pro status: 10/10
Forum presence: 10/10
Cool Factor: 10/10
Ability to be worshiped: 10/10
Sexiness: 10/10
Overall awesomeness: 10/10

Total Score: 60/60

Another perfect score for Delling!


Points - 4/10 your on the rim & the biggest in your 15x15
OD - 2/10 nothing really
Position - 6/10 keep at it and your be fine
Profile - 5/10 please dont tell me your one of those players
Reputation - 5/10 alot has changed since w24
Tribe - 5/10 dont know a thing about your tribe. but nub tribe's have there moments

The black reaper:axemen:

king gustav II Adolf

Points - 8/10 Decent points, highest in your immediate area.
OD - 6/10 Decent. Could be better, could be worse.
Position - 9/10 Lots of nice noble targets around you. Stay active and you will grow nicely.
Profile - 2/10 No pic. Very little text. Don't like the music, sorry.
Reputation - -/-
Tribe - 1/10 Tiny. You need to change tribes quickly mate.



Points - 8/10 Decent points, 2nd in your immediate area.
OD - 8/10 quite nice, a bit much on the defensive side though.
Position - 5/10 surrounded by allies so you have to noble further away
Profile - 5/10 No text, a non artistic profile picture and nothing more, i do like your profile picture tho
Reputation - -/-
Tribe - 9/10 . got control over your K, quite spread out (even though you're in the middle of it) and seems decent.




Points: 5 out of 10

ODA: 5 out of 10

Position: 7 out of 10

Profile: 10 out of 10

Reputation: 5 out of 10

Tribe: --- out of 10

Scored by: -Dark Assasin-


-Dark Assasin-
Points: 9 out of 10 not sure if you are troop whoring( my guess is that you are based on ODA)

ODA: 8 out of 10

Position: 7-10 Good cluster, but could prove trouble some if PTT and ACE descend on you unless you are already front-line stacked.

Past world exp : 7-10 Good past worlds

Tribe: 10-10 in top 5 tribes of this world and has allot of vets.

Rated By WarM0nger
(been playing since W15)



Points: 8/10
ODA: 9/10 Better than mine haha
Position 9/10 You've got alot of growth to be had up north for sure.
Past world: Not sure
Tribe 9.5/10 Decent tribe for sure.


Skilled Soldier 2019 & Master Commander 2020
Reaction score

Points: 9.5/10
ODA: 7/10 should be better
Position: 9/10
Past world: Not sure
Tribe: 9.5/10
Profile pic: 10/10 *__*




You've made it too easy to rate you...

Points: 10/10
ODA: 10/10 should be better
Position: 10/10
Past world: Not sure
Tribe: 10/10



So is this a rating forum or a ranting forum. Also if you have no experiance in rating then just say so when rating you will get better with practice.

Would like a more in-depth rating of me WarM0nger. will rate the player that rates me. so we can get this back on topic and not have dead forums.


So is this a rating forum or a ranting forum. Also if you have no experiance in rating then just say so when rating you will get better with practice.

Would like a more in-depth rating of me WarM0nger. will rate the player that rates me. so we can get this back on topic and not have dead forums.
In-depth, I can do, so reserving this spot, I figure its a good time to alter the rating system! I'll edit in a rating

Points I'll call growth.

Well you have 3 really 4 free caps, that I can see, out of 10 villages. High percentage before this you were under attack, however you were not moving too fast before that. Your first village is still quite small, you are dumping too many resources into coins and nobles. When you got catted it feels like you gave up on building, you were in a rebuild phase for a while you should have taken this time to order up your villages, and get them in proper working order. To spite what I would call average growth, I feel like you are out growing your income, which is never a good thing when you already took a nobling break. My suggestion to you learn to farm better, and keep your house in order.

Growth 6/10


Well as I said before 40% of your villages are free, your friend quit, and you had him join your tribe after a guy swiped one of them from you and you took it back right after he took it:icon_wink:

However you have had a hard road, I cannot tell if your oda is from stupid reasons or smart ones, but judging by your ODD I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt. My advice, build up your troops more, again your OPD and recent growth, compared your first village size and initial conquers sizes indicate to me that you are out growing your income.

Fighting 8/10


Sandwiched between a few tribes in the top 10, good room for expansion if you war one of them and do well, bad area if you and your tribe fold. Your area is what you make of it nothing too wrong with it.

Location 8/10


Basically you are large enough to compete so I am going to again give you an 8/10

Tribe 8/10
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^ My income justifies my spending ;) and low villas means only so little depending on how you like your villas built and play style. Thanks for the indepth review.

Growth: 6/10 not a big fan of barbs and low point villas(other then Churches). but good nobles none the less from the players that you have eaten up. Due to their low points they couldn't have put up much of a fight(speculating). Future Growth seems very good due to area and tribal dominance in the nearby area. mostly surrounded by united empire but pretty sure in time you will eat up your area once a tribal friend moves in. You guys will party hard and the old foggies will move out due ot your mad ragers :D

Fighting : 7/10 ODA mostly due to clearing for nobbling so good odds that nobody has been attacking back or you have cleared them before they could. averaging from buildings points cant tell if your a troop whore like me or not but could see decent amount of troops and a good overall build or you wouldnt be in a top tribe.

Location: 9.5/10 great for growth and expansion, put .5 less because you need a buddy out there to party hard and maximize potiential growth in that area.

Tribe 8.5/10 good players and vets only giving this score because it is to early world to really judge a 9+/10 tribe just yet without some serious war stats and clashes. good overall spread. if i wasnt stuck in this compacted core with turtles i would grow like that too.

Since i have already been rated plz rate Angry Axemen (picked randomly from care? since care? did the honors of rating me :D )



Playskill = Well, if it matches his mouth, we will likely be nobled and w70 will be closed by month's end.

(He didn't give an in-game name.)

The Grey Ghost (I'm smaller than you all are)


Doing you brad as idk where to start and your the last person to post.

Points: 3 out of 10 you should have more than 2 villages by this time

ODA: 5 out of 10 no oda means lost no troops for your village though terrible village

Position: 7 out of 10 Hmm biggest that i can see near you is you good area for farming bad area for nobling all small.

Profile: 7 out of 10 half decent profile

Reputation: 2 out of 10 never knew you before this world and i have played like since 58 actively on allot of the recent worlds and top tribes as i like start up think i would of seen you about before now :p.

Tribe: 2 out of 10 typical rim tribe not geat.

The Black Reaper


points: 8 doing pretty well just outside top 100

ODA: 7 not to bad could be a tad higher

position: 7 lots of barbs around for farming so should be able to keep growing quickly

profile: loving the profile pic

reputation: sorry dont really know anyone, not on the forums that much

tribe: 2 poor tribe, low rank even lower OD