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Points: 2/5 Top 100 I guess :/
OD: 1/5 I hope the families of those soldiers you killed will forgive you, also I hate ODA pre-nobles
Position(Area): 4/5 Reasonable amount of farms, and you are ahead of your area so some nice nobletargets <3
Profile: 5/5 when will vibe kick you? :x
Reputation: 4/5 I know who you are and I often like what you post. Lots of people hate you though so I'm probably an idiot
Tribe: 3/5 They are pretty good and will probably be around until Fate choose to noble them however long that may be
Farming: 3/5 Hidden awards, can't be that bad with your points but also can't be that great

Total 22/35




Points: 4/5 Top 1 but should be bigger from their tombola abuse :/
OD: 0/5 -- No ODA really but solid ODD. Why defend instead of backtime :/
Position: 0/5 -- No targets and surrounded by tribe
Profile: 1/5 -- Pretending to be a girl come on that's pretty played out by now :/
Reputation: 2/5 -- Seen you about a few times
Tribe: 0/5 -- Family 'nuf said
Farming: 3/5 -- Pretty bad for size if the numbers I hear are accurate

Total: 10/35

Not playing, so rate the guy above me again I guess.
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Famous Inferno

Points: 5/5 main is looking good
OD: 5/5 nearly none and still growing, not sure if farm stealing or just PP like a boss, but lower OD always better
Position: 4/5 a bit spread, since you started later i believe not enuff juicy targets
Profile: 2/5 weird pic, no more frozen girl :(
Reputation: 5/5 i assume
Tribe: 5/5 #greatness
Farming: 5/5 I assume


Rate: FearTheNight


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Points: 5/5
- Ahead of me in Ranking and also top 5, so nicely done.
OD: 5/5 - I mean high ODA sucks this early, but your 2nd village target was incredibly juicy and nobling from (The current) Rank 1 tribe always gains my respect so I'll make the exception.
Position: 4/5 - Your surrounded by a hell of a lot of your tribe, however still a good amount of targets to choose from and your distance from 1st and 2nd village will make farming ideal.
Profile: 4/5 - Not too long, Pretty COA, From Australia = Bonus Points (If true?)
Reputation 5/5 - Haven't heard anything bad about you, so you don't lose any points.
Tribe: 3.5/5 - To be fair I haven't given this too much thought but, it seems you are carrying them, You're pretty clustered however I'm guessing by your ODD they supported you so that's a good strategic position from your account to join them and I might be underrating you guys, It's also hard to judge cause of all that tombola stuff.
Farming: 5/5 - All achievements that are expected.


Rate: Famousinferno


Famous Inferno

Points: 5/5 Looking good nice spreading village ,offense and deffence
OD: 5/5 well point growth and ODA Balance not crazy killing
Position: 5/5 well spread , defence can support offence village , not hard sniping
Profile: 3/5 .. Wonder Woman lol
Reputation: 5/5 i assume
Tribe: 5/5 Solid tribe hope not like pacman in w58
Farming: 5/5 I assume


IGN WenzCruzadeR



Points: 4/5 Good, considering what i believe to be at least a 2 week late start you seem to be doing quite well
OD: 5/5 Perfect for you :)
Position: 4/5 I like your area, you have a late start and a pretty decent spot on the map to do some work
Profile: 1/5 It was cool; gif's are always more entertaining then boring normal pics // under the protection of "somebody" is a bit discouraging tho
Reputation: 2/5 Just cuz i know nobody :c:c:c Maybe u are the king of ur streetz
Tribe: 2/5 hmmmm i'm not really sure how to judge them, its a bit early to tell for your area and later start
Farming: 4/5 Good for yourself; got the right achievements that you should have


- 1 since you didn't know how to add to 33 instead of 30 on your previous post :c:c:c:c





Points: 8.5/10 - Rank 2. Can't complain, doing well! Although, I believe a bit of a pp using whore, which is pulling you away from that 10/10. I believe anyone top10 can be hitting that 10/10 ranking if they've played it well without too much pp. + you have 1 internal.
OD: 9/10 - Great ODA and great ODD, shows you're working good and hard for your villages!
Position: 8/10 - good villages to noble, alright farms and great spread of villages!
Profile/COA: 7/10 - haha the COA is amazing! Love it :) profile is nice and simple.
Reputation: 3/10 - I don't know you(that says something ;) haha) but youre a somewhat good player, so props to you!
Tribe: 9/10 - With as little bias as possible, Fate are amongst the healthiest of tribes within the world!
Farming: 10/10 - Farming the best on the world. Keep up the great work! :)

Overall: 54.5/70

@Reggae Shark.

Viscida Vocatus

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@raggae Shark.
Points 9/10 - Rank 4 and as far as i thought wasnt using those nasty premium points to buy themselves into to top 10, so well earned and therefore deserve 9 points
OD 8/10 - mix of both ODA and ODD meaning he has had some attack but fended pretty well, and fought to get those extra villa's
Position 9/10 - great positioning with a great distance to the rim as well to the core, although it might get pretty tight when fate starts to grow massively
Profile 7/10 - Funny CoA, great song, plain text..
Rep 8/10 - Have played with you guys before, so i know you guys to some extend, people of the forum and Skype chats know you guys pretty well so high rep :p
Tribe 8/10 - great tribe, one of the two with biggest potentials thought it might deal with some cluster issues...
Farming 9/10 - according to you FTN is the best, but from what i have heard from you, Raggae shark even surpasses me in farming... :'( nicely done haha

Overall 58/70

IGN = Visicida Vocatus


Still Going Strong
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Visicida Vocatus

Points 8/10 - Top 3, Dropped a rank today, so can't give 10/10. You abused tombola at the start, so i also can't give you 9/10 sadly!
OD 9/10 - Rank 6 Overall, but it is not your fault you don't have much ODD. ODA is good, which means overall, you get a high ranking, x2 your overall points, a good sign that you haven't been taking easy villages.
Position 8/10 - Close to the core, meaning not too much farming opportunity, bar the players around you of-course. Lots of opportunity for nobling ofcourse.
Profile - This is a stupid part of the rating system, nevertheless, decent profile, good information about the players, could be something used against you in the future.
Rep 8/10 - Talked about a fair amount on the forums, decent players on other worlds, pretty good.
Tribe 8/10 - Tribe is very high pointed, with very high ODA. Many members, could go a few ways.
Farming 9/10 - Seems you have farmed a fair amount, need to have done for #3.
Overall 9/10 - Very good account, good experience with the players, no real old school players on the account, however, you seem to have done well in the past. We will see if you follow through on this world. Good luck to you.

Rate: Fluorine



Rate: Fluorine



Points 6/10 - Good point growth, but comparing you to the other competent players in your area, you are just about average with them
Position 8/10 - Rim, so plenty of people to farm, but your problem is you're so far away from any decent targets to noble
Profile - 2/10 Baddie
Rep 7/10 - Just because
Tribe 4/10 - Mediocre overrated tribe
Farming 5/10 - Plenty of plunders, but haven't hit 1 million looted yet? Awe :(
Overall 7/10 - Good player, good area. GG

39/70 Not bad, scrub.

Grumpy Old Turtle




Grumpy Old Turtle

Points 9/10 - Top 15 and rank 1 in our tribe, bossing it.
Position 9/10 - 2nd in K, largest player in the area, tribe mates nearby but not over crowded and plenty of farms, nice spread.
Rep ?/10 - I havn't really played for over a year so im abit behind the times on who people are and what their reputation as a person and a player are.
Tribe 10/10 - Called my bias but we are just the best :D
Farming 8/10 - 1.000.000 looted cant see anything else but no doubt its good to get into the top 20 so quick.

36/40 Overall doing awesome keep it up!




Points: 7/10 - Pretty high for someone so far out towards the rim.

Position: 6/10 - Won't have too much competition in your area, but you're completely isolated from your tribe. You'll have to migrate, join a new tribe, or rely on just yourself and your PAs for a good while.

Rep: NA - Don't know much about you. Had a really good run with ZOMBIE, so you've got that going for you, which is nice.

Profile: 9/10 - I LOL'd.

Tribe: 7/10 - I actually really like HazMat's situation, and think they'll end up taking the north for the foreseeable future. My only concern is the one stated above.

Farming 10/10 - Barely over 1k points and already have both silver looting achievements.

Overall: 39/50 - Doing well, but will have to work hard to catch up to the rest of the world.

IGN: CowboyBarry
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Points: 9/10 - Good points, and not a PP abuser:)

Position: 9/10 - Have a nice area, i see a lot of potential targets for you too, so go shrek them

Rep: 6/10 - Don't know much about anyone, so shouldn't take away from you if you are a legend around these parts, but i have talked to you in game, and you conducted yourself quite well

Profile: 10/10 - I'll take the mustache ride

Tribe: 1/10 - Nubcakes

Farming 10/10 - You got the achievements :eek:

Overall: 45/60 - you're beautiful no matter what anybody tells you

IGN: FearTheNight



2/10 :)
Rep-Don't know you but i'd guess you're from Googly's crew (w70) ...however since i don't know for sure I wont rate this field
Profile - 9/10 - the spoiler thing always gets me
Tribe - 9/10 - DSY had an amazing rep all the way until the end...waging wars on multiple fronts, win or lose they always were seen as the indestructibles... the final move kinda killed 90% of my respect for you guys...personally I would have had far more respect for you guys had you mass deleted or died fighting than moved tribes after the amazing accomplishments you've had there...at one point you were by far the strongest tribe I had ever seen...Although I wasn't playing that world for a while I still paid attention to it...none the less all members are capable thus the 9/10
Farming - 10/10
Overall - 47/50

The Serbian Empire

(ps beowned I knew you from somewhere...your name sounds incredibly familiar......where do I know you from)
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@cowboy - thanks! in terms of tribe ill be fine, once the nobles start flying im not actually that far north of my tribe, also i like having plenty of space to dominate it fits my playing style, look at any of the worlds ive won and all my accounts started out on their own able to expand in all directions. theres one or two potential threats in the area but no player i know is that good that they can start a world and not encounter at least one player to give them a run for their money! so we'll see :p

@veli - me you lumo and cal used to play together back in the day years ago, nice to see your still around!