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Points 1/10: You restarted and i see some oda . i might think you lost your troops.
Position 1/10: At the edge
Farming: 0/0 keep farming barbs dont waste troops for nothing at yout stage
Profile 2/10: co-playd 24/7 and all staff. and you made that big mistake....
Tribe: - 3/10 the tribe is interesting for me. have a few good players but they need to grow fast.

ign VaruFashion
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Points 8/10: Pretty nice amount
Position 6/10: A few good noble targets knocking about, I think you will have issues with the tribe RUSH in the future as it seems you two will have to conflict
Farming: 10/10: You have 1000 plunders and 10k hauled, cant really ask for more at your stage
Profile 3/10: It seems kind of dumb to reveal you are Romanian, that is unless you are co-played and it will not affect anything
Tribe: 7/10: Looks solid, not much to say right now though.



Points 2/10: start late i think
Position 7/10: Rim position.
Farming 10/10: level 2 plunder and robber. seems farming pretty well.
Profile 5/5: posted your stat on w72. good for applying tribes
Tribe 0/10: No tribe

IGN: Life Is Not A Game


Life Is Not A Game
points 3/10: very low at this stage
position 8/10: a lot of barbs to farm but not many targets to noble
farming: 7/10: at your points i expect plunderer lvl 3 and robber lvl 2
profile : 1/5: nothing special,boring.
tribe: 6/10: dont know this tribe but looks okay.

rate me again guys :D
IGN : iGhost-



points 8/10: competitive
position 8/10: king of his 20x20
farming: 6/10: competitions.
profile : 1/10:
tribe: 7/10: number 1 tribe, scattered everywhere though.

rate my friend :p
IGN : Iam.Iam


Still Going Strong
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points 8/10: Pretty good nearly top 100
position 7/10: Could have made more farms from the look of it but not to close to tribe mates so room to expand
farming: 7/10: 1k+ plunders is all i know
profile : 9/10: Can you protect me? :D
tribe: 6/10: Decent rank low od

ign: Mulloway69



Points 7/10
Position: 2/10 Awaful
Farming: 3/10 No 1 mill looted, or 10k plunders.
ODA: 7/10 Compensating for bad area by clearing
tribe: 1/10 Only hearing bad stuff

IGN: Farming Corporation


Contributing Poster
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You're doing it wrong, thread title says player, not account.

As such:

25: 9.9/10: Not a scrub. Better than 99.999% of the games players.


Random Noob: Matthew Curry?

Points: 2/5 - Started strong, stagnated recently
OD: 1/5 - Too Low
Position(Area): 3/5 - Plenty of barbs, Not many noble targets
Profile: 1/5 - Too plain
Reputation: 5/5 - Talk of the town
Tribe: 5/5 - Will be top 3 for long time
Farming: -/5 - Can't see achievements
Other: -/5

Total: 14/30

Ign: ConquistaDeJuarez.

Rank 1 Is Standard


Nice job showing your achievements just now to post here, even tho your forums join date is 2014, July 19th you account is actually 6 years old. It didn't really take me that long to figure out who you really are :lol: I don't blame you for changing your username :p


Points 0/5 not even top 10 even without competition in your area
OD 0/5 too much for your area
Profile -5/5 Too plain
Rep- 0/5 nice job hiding under your alias
Tribe- 0/5 no explanation needed
Farming- Not sure 1mil doesn't really say much at this point

Ign: Farming Corporation


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Points: only rank 2? 7/10
OD: 10/10 clear them farms!
Profile: 10/10
Rep: 10/10
Tribe: 8/10
Farming: 10/10


have no idea what your in game name is so I can't rate you




Points 2/10: Late Start

Position 6/10: Rim position.
Farming 5/10: level 2 plunder and level 2 robber. seems not farming that much
Profile 2/5: Was hoping to see a pic of a tough guy with a gun :(
Tribe 5/10: ok i guess

IGN: Horse.


Points 4/10: very low for this stage
Position 5/10: not bad at all
Farming 3/10: very very very low at this stage,really,only lvl 2 robber and lvl 3 plunder?
Profile 4/5: not bad.
Tribe 6/10: have future

aleardy rated me 100 times but i will be happy for one more time ! :)

IGN : iGhost-



Points 5/10:
:icon_confused: Just stop building troops altogether and get those points up!
Positioning 8/10: Your position itself is good but seems that you have failed to scare the competition away and you have several active players with 2k villages in your 15x15. However now you have quite a few future noble targets.
Farming 5/10: hmm your farm lvl seems to be at 24, I cant imagine you doing much farming with that.
Profile 6/10: Good picture but you mentioned you have 4 co-players which kind of makes me wonder how are you so low in rank.
Tribe 8/10: I'm a BwB fan! :D I have high hopes for this tribe so please don't let me down.

IGN: Shahyd



Points 3/10: you have two villages that are in the 1,000 point range. Both villages are worse then barbs in my area.
Positioning 6/10: You have decent positioning with a couple tribemates next to you, and an overall good farming area.
Farming 2/10: I highly doubt you are doing much at all considering your two Tiny villages probably don't have many troops.
Profile 9/10: I like your profile and your profile picture. I also like the scouting statement.. a lot lol.
Tribe 1/10: TWO is already falling apart with people leaving and others being nobled. For a tribe to collapse like this so early on usually takes some bad leadership decisions... such as starting a war with a way better tribe.

IGN: Kiwdahc

Deleted User - 4669627

[3/2/2015 7:37:57 PM] Kiwdahc: WHy did all the good players get rmoved from here?

apparently no good by his own standard, since he is still in the chat


[3/2/2015 7:37:57 PM] Kiwdahc: WHy did all the good players get rmoved from here?

apparently no good by his own standard, since he is still in the chat

No it was more a joke about when you raged and had a melt down and removed all the players from the tribe that nobled your main in W79.
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