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Reaction score
Points: 2/5 Meh could be big for the rim..
OD: 2/5 Not bad
Position(Area): 1/5 Just barbs...
Profile: 2/5
Reputation: 0/5 No idea
Tribe: 4/5 I'm biased.
Farming: 5/5 Not sure this applies still?
Other: 3/5

Total: 19/40



Player: Destrator

Points: 5/5, top 5 account.. no argument there
OD: 5/5, rank 6 OD with large amount of war kills
Position: 2/5, wouldn't say anyone on this world has a good position anymore as it's so small (nice front with AWOL though)
Profile: 3/5, fair bit of misc..bit boring.. and you're no rap god.
Reputation: 4.5/5 don't know your past accounts but your signature + evidence from w79 is impressive.
Tribe: 5/5 (100% biased)
Farming: 5/5 4x looter & 4x plunderer

Total: 29.5/35

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Player: LDD

Points: i will give 4/5 ranked 39, maybe you could have done more. But i am sure you will do in coming days.

OD: 3/5 very low total OD, but thats because your ODD it doesnt count at all because you have been away from front lines, but me as a tribe member i know that your troops have fought in my villages helping me and other players in need so you have a good team work ratio :p. As for the ODA you have slained some enemies armies but still i think you can hit more.

Profile: :( only a profile pic it is 2/5, nice video i hope thats not you :p (smirk)

Position: The way you have positioned your villas is good, i mean you have a good distance between each village, not to clustered not to spread so you got farming space enough to do. But what you miss is that you need relocation to grow faster, relocate in front line 4/5.

Reputation: Not bad, 3/5 you got like 650 views at your profile :)

Tribe: 5/5 do i have to say why ?

Farming: 2/5 ( no achievements)

Total: 23/35

the afflicted ;)


The Afflicted

Points: 5/5 Rank 4

OD: 5/5 Rank 1 ODA, Rank 2 ODD
Position(Area): 4/5 Good spread
Profile: 4/5 Tmi, but Im in it :)
Reputation: 4/5 Well known player, been around in many worlds
Tribe: 4/5 Bunch of noobs LOL
Farming: 5/5 Lots of farming achievements, one of the few acnts that still farms.

Total: 31/35

IGN: ConquistaDeJuarez.



Points: 4/5 - would be 5 if he gifted 361|509
OD: 3/5 - Top account but not even top 15 OD total?
Position(Area): 5/5 - Massive Cluster
Profile: 2/5 - Pretty weird and lame quotes
Reputation: 5/5 - Known everywhere, love him or hate him
Tribe: 4/5 - Uruz is.. ok, could be better
Farming: 5/5 - Farms hard, respect given where due

Total: 28/35

IGN: XxVikingxX


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Reaction score

Points: 3/5 - Was going for 2.5...but I rounded up
OD: 2/5
Position(Area): 3/5 - Massive Cluster
Profile: 1/5
Reputation: 1/5 - No idea
Tribe: 3/5 - Butt...
Farming: 2/5 - Meh

Total: 15/35




Points: 1/5 - Not even top 3?

OD: 5/5
Position(Area): 5/5 - Keep nobling nub!
Profile: 4/5 - Nice quote
Reputation: 4/5 - Heard of them from past worlds
Tribe: 4/5 - NOOOBS!
Farming: 4/5

Total: 27/35



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Reaction score

Points: 1/5 - Not even top 0?

OD: 3/5 Yeah....
Position(Area): 5/5 -Nice spread
Profile: 3/5 - Sparse
Reputation: 2/5 - No idea
Tribe: 4/5 - NOOOBS!
Farming: 6/5

Total: 24/35





Points: 0/5 - Only 2.8 mil? cute ;)

OD: 0/5 - Rank 6 OD, rank 2 oda? hahahaha
Position(Area): 0/5 - noobish spread
Profile: 0/5 - Copying my CoA?
Reputation: 0/5 - Nub 1, Nub 2?
Tribe: 0/5 - Hug to win? :eek:
Farming: 0/5 4x looter? :)

Total: 0/35

You're such a pro :)


Id rate CDJ, but he's gone barb. Sooo.. rate mscheesy someone?