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Still Going Strong
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I hate how dead this forum is, here is a little something, that will hopefully make it a little more active.

Points: ?/5
OD: ?/5
Position(Area): ?/5
Profile: ?/5
Reputation: ?/5
Tribe: ?/5

Tital: ?/30 points:

Rate: Idontfight


Points: 5/5 - just outside the top 10 and growing fairly well, so top marks. Didn't check when the world started or when you started but you're doing well.
OD: 4/5 - lovely ODA score, higher than your position in the rankings which is always good. ODD is kinda low
Position(Area): 4/5 a big cluster in the middle of infect, in a position to move into the ronin central northern front which is backed up by decent clusters to the east which can be used to support, all in all i like it, only issue i would have is the lack of frontline at the moment.
Profile: 1/5 i like the picture but other than that not much there
Reputation: 3.8/5 clearly an experienced and decent player who has been in some very good tribes but i feel sometimes your mouth lets you down :)
Tribe: 3/5 Any tribe who gets to end game has done something right :)

T0tal: 20.8/30 points: (IF i have mathed properly lol)

Rate: T-H-C



Points:4/5 Could be better, although top 50
OD:4.5/5 Love the ODD, rank 6 in the world. Get some ODA though :p
Position:5/5 Frontline acct for the most part
Profile: 3/5 Found it funny, but... CoA sux :X
Reputation: 4/5 Heard a bit about Ciranore acct, mostly good things
Tribe:5/5 Number two tribe, gotta be doing something right to get there

IGN: bloodworth123321

vato loco

I grow bored of these other topics, lets try get this one rolling again :D


Points: 1.639 points..... 5/5
ODD: 4Mil ODD, truely remarkable 5/5
ODA: 248k, another master stroke 5/5
Position(Area): On the rim in k17 - great area to grow into and grow towards the core 5/5
Profile: I quote off your profile
"work and have fun, trying again
get use to starting over
not having fun yet
took another lickin"
.... Must be a riddle.... I love riddles :) 5/5

Reputation: I didnt know u prior to looking you up, but good god you've made a great impression on me now... 0/5
Tribe: VSG! - 5 members, 55k...great average points per player, ALOT of potential - keep up the good work 5/5

Total: 30/35 points: Great job man

Internal King



Internal King - Vato Loco

19.363.239 4/5
OD: 735.607.828 4/5
Position(Area): Mostly frontline 4/5
Profile: Maintenance In Progress 0/5
Reputation: Didn't know you existed until recently 0/5
Tribe: Rank 1 tribe, but loosing war 4/5

Tital: 16/30 points Average player
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Razor Chain

Points: 6.527.278 3/5
OD: 57 565 225 3/5
Position(Area): Mostly safe 4.5/5
Profile: 5/5 (this doesn't affect the quality of the player)
Reputation: 3.5/5
Tribe: Rank 2 tribe. 4.5/5

Tital: 23.5/30 points. not the best player out there, but certainly a key player to any tribe. war stats are quite good. keep it up.


Im quite curios about who is going to rate us; will be very interesting



**Edit: Since the post by Deciphering Infection was deleted, this reply makes less sense. To summarize, the esteemed DI, who shared a tribe with Bonaparte for around a year, and was in the tribe when Bona left to join the Qiwen account (and should have seen the many villages they had on the map announcing Bona was in the Qiwen account) snapped at Bona, telling him to wait his turn to be rated since it was Qiwen's turn. To which the following was my reply.**

No points for deductive skills.

In case you don't recognize him, that is Bona - a tribemate of yours for a long time (not that you are a "part" of a tribe so much as just so happen to be "in" a tribe). It became public knowledge to your tribe that Bona joined the Qiwenwong account quite a while ago. Especially since his villages were named announcing that he was in the Qiwenwong account and there was a huge rage over him walking away from Infect and joining Qiwenwong after comments Omar made about him while he was in and out of the hospital.

He nudged the thread to get it active again, which I don't believe is against the rules. As such, this thread is still waiting for someone to comment on the account.
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IGN: The Repo Man

Most Points: 1,010,590 before the merge to MLNW


Most Points: 6,620,539 before another merge to Do Not Disturb

and finally..

IGN: Do Not Disturb

Points: 25,829,494

-Nobody knows how many villages are gifted in that account. Mostly enjoying Barbs when it jumpship to Ronin as part of DSy4 deal. The main reason why Infect backstab DSy4, who worked backdoor to set-up Miles downfall. Then absorb the remaining decent account in Ronin. She started the war Infect versus Decipher then get players in the safe side from the tribe she set up to doom. Impressive? I don't think so.

OD: 635,921,814

-Account is in top 5 in OD before it went to Ronin. Impressive? I don't think so. Props to old players(Luke/Ricky) of that account and not the present owner(Jennifer and friends).


-Frontline account who focus on nobling Barbs for most parts of the war.




-Highly regarded by most of non-enemy tribe. Ask any active Infect players, they will make you realize how deceitful REPo man's reputation is.


-Props for making it to end-game war. Cuddled by Infect throughout the world then bite their master in 2015. The poison in Ronin's sword isn't that poisonous, still Infectious Disease will prevail in the end.

Overall: 23.6/30

-Not bad but not that good enough. If they win the world, I will never look at any tribal wars server forever. That's how I'm certain they will never win this world.

Rate Next:

qiwenwong with Bona. They are curious and very interested to get ratings. Rate them when you read this.
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My goodness, you obviously didn't notice that the next player in line was, in fact, the Qiwenwong account. For someone who wanted others to follow the rules, you seem more interested in pulling hair than doing so yourself.

I'd be offended - after all, I've been dealt a harsh blow by the esteemed rank one account in this world.

Except that you have spent most of this world taking internals. So much so, that at one point your own tribe quietly wanted to do a "What should we do about Dutch"? poll. Only the answer was "Nothing: we need the points" so they had to pet you and whisper sweet nothings to try to get you to do more than, well, taking all of the wicked internals and dead accounts you've worked so hard to earn.

As the rank one account, you rank 19th in ODA: good job. You managed to break the top 20. That's certainly an impressive feat for an account that has over thousands of villages. But just so you know: the DND account, with "Jennifer and the seven coplayers" has acquired more ODA in this war than you have in this entire world. So...have a cookie? (For stat comparison, the Dutch account has 137,889,257 ODA TOTAL, whereas DND has 150.279.912 ONLY for the war. Dutch, for the whole war, has contributed an impressive 38m ODA. Exactly what a tribe wants from their rank one account).

For ODD, you have shown off your ability to get involved in battles with your astonishingly high rank 43. Unfortunately, just in case you are curious, my account has gotten Defender of the Day and, in a *single 24 hour period* gotten nearly *half* of your TOTAL ODD for this entire world.

Seriously, have a cookie. You have shown yourself to be a master in battle.

-Props for making it to end-game war. Cuddled by Infect throughout the world then bite their master in 2015. The poison in Ronin's sword isn't that poisonous, still Infectious Disease will prevail in the end.

My master? My dear, sweet man, I have had no master through this world. Your precious Omar tried to keep me on a leash. That Infect considered themselves my master is perhaps the most telling reason for the position you currently find yourselves in.

You were played, yes. DSy4 knows they were played. How far I went was ultimately up to how charming the other side was. Which is why we played nicely until Infect became paranoid and tried to nip. When they decided tricks were on the table, I gladly obliged. This is a war game, and while some of us consider a war game to mean "Eat every possible internal in sight and grow as safely as possible to be able to hold the rank one spot without anything truly earned" other people see war as more than lobbing troops and hoping for the best. War is as political as it is physical. It is about allies and enemies, intel and luck. Find a general who won't use every possible resource at his disposal in order to bring his troops to victory with as few losses as possible and you have found a general who will lose every time.

I still have tricks waiting. Push me. See how many more I can use. Not that I need to. If you paid more attention to your tribe you would see how remarkably misplaced your confidence in Infect's victory is.

You wanted us to be dogs at your feet who you could dispose of when the time was right. Treat us as dogs and we will be as wolves.

My guys have bite. And they have no master.

But please, tell me how you have gotten as far as you have through being a good citizen and good tribemate. Tell me that Infect got to the end game because of their tenacity in battle, and not because the wolf at their back refused to bite them.

I could have. I could have sided with any other tribe and dug into your spine. Your dukes were charming and so I did not.

Infect did not make it to the end of this world because they are chivalrous, noble gentlemen who spit fire and steamrolled the world. You swept through tribes weakened by other tribes, knowing that your back - where I was standing - was safe.

You're welcome. Ronin is here because of the moves we made to get to end game.

Infect is here because I didn't plant a dagger in their back during the many times I was asked to.

This world belongs to Ronin. It always has. They poured their hearts out to get where they are whilst Infect ganged up on the weak and patted themselves on the back for rolling through them.

Your revolving door players haven't stopped us, and since we have been taking over 100 villages per day in our ever-growing lead against you, I don't expect you to turn the tide. Your dukes won't be able to get the activity needed to turn the tide (although with that being said, my condolences go out to Niki for what they have been going through recently - my grandfather passed a few months ago and it is never easy).

Regardless, Infect has snarked and snipped and snarled and threatened, mocked and jeered and gloated through this whole world. They wanted an easy win with an underdog tribe that they were confident they would get. This world would be over in a few months because Ronin was absolute rubbish: everyone would have a nice spring break with a new world win under their belt.

Welcome to the real world.

This, by the way, will have to count as my rating so I'm not going off topic. I don't care for these things since I tend to keep my thoughts on players private unless they do something silly to deserve a nip.

As such, Qiwenwong is still up as the next to rate. Given that we're cutting through Infect like warm butter and Qizhi is _still_ catching up with DND, I assume that rating to be impressive.


Points: 4.5/5 Top of the scoreboard, only nitpick is you aren't rank 1, yet :)
OD: 5/5 Rank 3, solid rank and number of ODA and ODD
Position(Area): 5/5, lots of people to fight
Profile: 3/5 Star wars fan myself, but Vader is cooler :D
Reputation: 5/5, all players on the account are great
Tribe: 5/5

Total: 27.5/30 points


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Still Going Strong
Reaction score
Points: 3.7/5 Top 15, could do better but still good
OD: 4.5/5 Nice ODD score especially
Position(Area): 4.5/5 Big front with a nice backline
Profile: 5/5 Simon is well known as Dutch's basher
Reputation: 3/5 Well known in this world, not really known outwith it
Tribe: 5/5 Ofcourse.

Rate: Joelllove


Points: 4/5 Just short of the top 10 quit slacking and maybe I'll give you a 5 lol.
OD: #4 as attacker #11 as Defender Not shabby 4/5
Position: Nicely Consolidated single Front with toll I like it. 5/5
Rep: 5/5 Some nasty talent combined with the players on this account.
Tribe: 5/5 but I am still rooting for Michael Wittman to win the world. Come back Mikey!

Rate: T-H-C


For once, I'll answer a msg from THC ;)

Points:3/5 : 27/50, not really good, but on though spot and he should steal some of mine soon.
OD:5/5, for sure one of the key Ronin account
Position:5/5 center of the world, the hardest position. Same remark as previous point apply
Profile: 3/5 average, but who care of profile?
Reputation: 3/5 I have only head bad things, may be it's a good thing though :) And he spammed with a few igm ;)
Tribe:5/5 Winning tribe should get a 5 ;)

Not really fought againt THC, but he holds the center of the world from the begining, no need to say more ;)


Still Going Strong
Reaction score
Rate: Xxaven

Points:5/5 For sure a great player. Been hit hard recently and still growing. #1.
OD:5/5 Very impressive ODA, could do with more ODD, still very impressive though
Position:4/5 Next to some good players, spread out but has a good frontline. Doing well with expansion
Profile:3/5 Nothing really there
Reputation: 4/5 Well known on this world, apart from that not well known. A scary account :D
Tribe:3/5 Tribe that backstabbed me, losing the world (how it looks anyway). Points for reaching the end

Rate me - Joelllove


Still Going Strong
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ill rate Ali himself

Points:0/5 - Doesnt have an account :D
OD:0/5 - No account to with OD :p
Position:0/5 - pffft lol not on the world
Profile: 0/5 - non existant.
Reputation: -5/5 - hahahahaha this makes me laugh lol your rep is low.... you get catted on all worlds ;)

rate next:



Still Going Strong
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Points:3/5 - #12 is a nice rank.
OD:3/5 - ODT is higher than world rank. Increase your ODA rank. :p
Position:4/5 - Looks fun.
Profile: 2/5 - You get a two only because of the daily achievements. Needs more personal text.
Reputation: 3/5: No real reason for this rating.

Account: Latchky