Rate the Player Above!

Sweet Baby Lew.

ok since you guys want attention so bad i'll do a rating.


How he makes me feel.... 1/10

What almost always happens to his nooby trains... 2/10

External posting skills 0.5/10,(BONUS: reaction when no one gives attention)

Mocking real life tragedy rating : -infiniti/10



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Points - Just ahead of me so i gotta give you credits there although im gonna fight you for the place ;) 8/10
OD - Good ODA and ODD. Been nuked by you a number of times so i know where this ODA is coming from so must say good work there :D 9/10
position - Got a few villages on the frontline, but most are behind the frontline, hopefully we can fix that up soon and have some real fun 6/10
Tribe - I respect regime, have a lot of friends there and i know you guys can do more in this war. Just waiting for it to start 7/10
Reputation - I dont know you off this world, but on 80 itself other that a few strange forum posts you seem a good player and a good guy onwards and upwards :D 6.5/10


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points (rank 23, 3.424.777, 19th April 2015) 7/10 His caps appear to be good, quite afew what appear to be war caps, not many internals, decent amount of barbs but nothing bad, sometimes they need taking for position.

position Digging the cluster, not amazing but pretty good and frontline, unfortunately farming area is fairly poor.
for account building 4/10
for fun and war 9/10
ODT = 48,34 Mil rank 6 (9/10 rank 23 points rank 6 ODT, looks good)
30,52 Mil rank 2 (frontline 10/10) Don't get much better, the question is it from tribe stacking or can you defend properly, unfortunately the numbers don't tell us how you did it or if there was "skill" involved.
17,82 Mil rank 27 ( 7/10 is to be expected, basically just average for his size)

Tribe 9/10
Don't know alot about tribes on this world, so its difficult for me to say anything apart from looking at the obvious things.
position seems really nice, not the best position on the world, very clustered bad for farming, slow noble counts, but good for defending, hardly no rim tribes to there back at all, afew isolated players, control most of the core, could have problems if sin decided to change sides and help the losing tribe, could be a world changing decision if they did it instead of gangbang what appears to be a failing tribe.......

reputation, no clue who you are so hello I guess :D
can comment on ingame profile as part of this I guess, pretty basic and boring 2/10
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^You should rate him aswell:p

We seem to have forgotten how this works. Once Algerion rates immunesoul, their account will be rated. Then, whoever rated Algerion, will have their account rated and so on, and so on.

Hope that helped, you can't just be like... Hey, rate TheArtfulDodger! He's smexy and I love him! 10/10 would attack :)


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points: 5,5/10 1.488.643 points. join date: 03rd June 2015. 1,4m points is decent but not good

having a relatively slow growth compared to other players

position: 7/10

Being a player at the edge of the world . It has an advantage on farm and growth but is not using this strategic position in its favor .Its villages are very dispersed and this complicates its defense in case of attack
ODT = 7/10 Rank 62 with 14,68. (x10 than his points)

being a small player still is doing its job by getting a lot of deaths

ODD = 6/10
a player on front with sin it leads to about 8m ODD . But we'll see how it will defend itself by epictribalnoob and other members of sin in the coming months . When he lost only 8 villages in war against sin / dest and understand that is having a serious battle against sin

ODA = 7,5/10 Rank 82 with 5m ODA not bad but not the best as many of its are internal caps but I give 7.5 for taking 10 villages against sin

tribe 6/10
Regime is a great tribe with outstanding leaders but their war against sin and dest is having a role not only in defense and in attack. They made only a "op" against PNDK having as a result of a failure with hundreds of noble deaths. Many inactive resulted in a very bad war stats but these days I'm seeing an increase in their activities. It is still early to judge this tribe at war with two tribes but at the moment do a 6.

Reputation: I don't know this player personally


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Points - 10/10: obvious reasons.
OD - 10/10: obvious reasons
Position - 8/10: kinda in a weird one.
Reputation - 10/10: known and feared