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Somebody please rate this guy, seems this guy is quite controversial. I wonder why.

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None!PIC!26th July 2015 - 14:06:310
!PIC!Clay!01st August 2015 - 21:07:46393
Clay!Rehab02nd August 2015 - 16:05:46531
RehabNone03rd August 2015 - 23:06:25674
NoneDD04th August 2015 - 01:06:52712
DDNone05th August 2015 - 16:09:56995
NoneEV05th August 2015 - 19:10:32995
EVNone05th August 2015 - 20:11:22995
NoneTed!05th August 2015 - 21:09:36995
Ted!~KR2~06th August 2015 - 18:08:541,060
~KR2~!UND!08th August 2015 - 09:07:051,163
!UND!.Ex.10th August 2015 - 17:07:161,475
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This guy lasted about 10 mins in my tribe before I kicked him out of our Skype group and kicked him from EV.


Close enough.

I've often logged into TW for 10 mins and log out an hour and 50 seconds later


I do similar things too! Like I'll tell my boss at work I'm going for a cig break for 10mins then come back like an hour and 50 seconds later..


Shall we get back on topic?

Let say rate player ranked 50-th.... so we start somewhere again.




we can do it like


someone leave your ingame and i'll rate you. The next player rates me, so on ^^




Points: 5/10
Inside the top 200, but nothing special. The village you nobled wasn't too note-worthy(1K). There are a couple of larger targets you could have gone for, but you clearly aren't as lucky as some other people. I assume being part of leadership for Ex. is taking up some time which is slightly slowing your growth as would have hoped for more than 2 villages due to you starting on time.
ODA: 5/10
You have some ODA, so it is clear the village wasn't gifted. However you haven't cleared any other targets as of yet, and don't seem to be too aggressive in your farming. It isn't too bad to have low ODA so far, so this is still a little tough to rate tbh.
ODD: 10/10
None apart from the Quest ODD. Perfect. Again another one that is still tough to rate still I find.
Position: 7/10
Got 2 villages over 1K, and a village over 3K in your range. If you pushed NE and claimed some of that cluster you could be flying. Quite a few tribemates blocking South expansion, which isn't great.
Profile: 8/10
COA suits the name, although I do prefer your forum Avatar. Text is pretty empty which is good.
Reputation: N/A Dont know you from other worlds, and too early to hear too many rumours from across the world.
Tribe: 8/10
Rank 1, maintaining near the top of the Av/Points table, First tribe to own over 100 villages, 2nd to have 2 villages per player average. Continent could be very secure if things continue as they are. Some of your members skills are questionable to say the least though, hence why not higher rating.

Total: 43/60 Pretty solid start for you.

NB. Please stop spamming this thread. This one and top 20 tribes should be kept on topic. Mod please actually do something worthwhile. This includes people giving fake IGN's.

IGN: eddiecesc - kind of obvious :lol:
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Gorth Kirgar



Points: 10/10
Rank 10. Even though it's already a mile away from the nr1, it's pretty much the highest reachable without spending 100k pp. Might've gone for 9, but having to noble twice outside your radius makes the 10.
Rank 3 and very very close to the nr1. The ODA itself doesn't make the 10. That amount could just as well be a 1. But it seems like every kill was necessary. First ODA coming by simply clearing a few farms and an early nobling. And the latest boost by an awesome nobling spree. Judging by the ODD of the victims, very few troops were lost.
Also a well deserved attacker of the day award (I had no chance of catching up to that amount;)
ODD: Unrated
Well, could give it a 10, like you do. Even though not having to defend at all is probably the best defense, it's still more offensive skill. We'll wait for a rating till some trains get sniped and some nukes splatter.
Position: 10/10
By getting that new church, you have made the possibilities as good as they get....Everyone dreams of having that many decent vills to take or farm in such a small area. Would've given you a 7, but you made it a 10 yourself by already starting the new church radius.
Tribe: 8/10
On average Colour is without a doubt the best tribe in the world. Most players there can easily handle an entire tribe singlehandedly. But in case of trouble, the tribe is still spread out too much and have too few members to lend a hand quickly. This being said: I have no clue on whether you can count on outsiders' help.
Profile: 8/10
Simple and clean is what I like. The personal COA makes it a solid 8

46 out of 50, can't get much better than that.

Gorth Kirgar


Gorth Kirgar

Points: 10/10 Honestly, most people on the top 100 by now have had good starts and, with rank 35 and 10696 points, you get that score.
ODA 9/10 To sustain such a nice ODA and some growth, there not much more to say. Unless you were a full ODA guy playing to kill rather than growing, you would've gotten a 10 but, who wants that? You know what your doing with your troops.
ODD 9/10 Once again, same comments apply
Position 8.5/10 I am a big fan of clusters myself as well and with 4 villages already within your first church radius, you can feel pretty safe. Maybe if your playing for the win you would want to extend your farming range but, I would have done the same you did.
Tribe 7/10 I dont know much about your tribe so its mainly a feeling here.
Profile 10/10 I like the pictures and the achievements are piling up. I guess the text fits the character but, im not a big fan of it.


Im auguthy2 if someone feels like it.


Jesus probably had a top knot at one stage. Not my kind of guy