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I'll drag this back on topic shall I.

Im auguthy2 if someone feels like it.


Points: 4/10
Initially, I was going to give you 6/10 considering you are top 100. Unfortunately you got there by nobling 2 internals. And thus this dropped you down rather a lot. Considering these are internals too, I am suprised you haven't more than 3 villages by now. I'm glad you have atleast got to this position with pure farming not this pp nonsense :p
ODA: 3/10
Considering you are top 100, your ODA is only top 500. Pretty disappointing.
ODD: Unrated
Still, this is pretty much luck of who has been attacked yet. You haven't lost any villages. So not really relevant to rate imo. Most of the players with ODD, have come from tribe stacking also, little to do with personal troops.
Position: 3/10
Lot of you may be a little confused by this. It looks like you have several reasonable villages to noble (provided you dont have lots of Diplo). However unless I'm being a bit of a nitwit right now, it looks like you have to have 3 seperate churches for your 3 villages. Either you forgot it was a church world, or are very aggressive and want to expand from 3 areas at the same time(never seen before, but could be quite fun to try one time :icon_biggrin:).
Profile: 6/10
Animal picture, not something you see often. Text is pretty empty apart from saying 'your back'. . It looks like you have played a hell of a lot of worlds :)
Tribe: 7/10
ODA rank matched your world rank, which is reasonable. Your a rim tribe, and while you are still outside the top 20, you are the largest in your home continent(K34) and have already nobled a village off the 2nd place tribe, can't really ask for much more. Consolidate your continent, improve some of your players growths, and you could be worth something, a lot of this is down to you as leader AND largest player (albeit from internals).

Total: 23/50
Maybe a little harsh. But internals, and poor location of villages (due to multiple churches) ruins it for you.

IGN eddiecesc
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Points: 10/10

25,699 is my favorite number!! I believe you would also be a higher rank if it weren't for some internals in the top 5? Top 10 is a great position, rank 1 sucks cos of spammers :x

ODA: 10/10

Rank 1 :icon_wink:

ODD: ?/10

Rapidly dominating your patch leaving players to scared to attack, nice n low for now. I think ODD can only be properly rated mid-game for now low is good (unless bonfire)

Position: 1/10

Jealousy hasn't altered this rating in the slightest :x

Profile: 5/10


Tribe: 9/10

Colour - Rainbow If sluggy were closer I'd have given a 10, best tribe I've been in, Pre-mades ftw, All hail Ceiling Destroyer (party)

Total: 42/50

Position is good really, except a good few turtles around you and morale is surely a problem for you by now 8/10. Great account, great player, great person and integral to the tribe well done mate you've put the work in :)



Points: 7/10

Rank 87 is pretty sweet and you nobled one very nice village and I guess the rest are good for the church.

ODA: 7/10

Rank 138. Nothing amazing but you haven't been taking free villages either.

ODD: 9/10

Rank 688. Seems you went through at least a bit of difficulty which is always nice to see.

Position: 6/10

Looks like you aren't going to have a fun time expanding so good luck with that but you do have a nice spread with the villages you own.

Profile: 8/10


Tribe: 5/10

Seemly ye are solid so I'm gonna giving you a 5 due to rating your own tribe.

Total: 32/50

Sorry for probably a crappy review hope you ain't too disappointed.



Points: 7/10

Late start just as myself, so that explains your low points at excactly 3.471 points while writing. Which isn't that bad for now. Nice growth so no more to say here.

ODA: 7/10

In my eyes you don't really need to have much ODA to get a high score here, for you that "just started" it is more important in how you use your troops. As i can see you have been clearing a bit but not that much, so you probably got a bit troops in your village.

ODD: 10/10

As mentioned earlier, you don't really need to have a high ODD here aswell to get a good score from me. You got like 32 ODD, which means you haven't suffered any loss while beeing under attack yet which is perfect for you. At least should be perfect. So top score from me. Position: 7/10North eastern posision with alot of barbarian villages, and a few player villages. It's not many good nobleing targets for you in your area yet as i can see, which sucks a bit. But your achievements tells me you farm good so your posision ain't that bad at all. You may grow big and strong in your posision.

Profile: 2/10

I didn't know you rated profiles here on .net but if they do, your is pretty boring sorry :eek:

Tribe: 5/10

A small tribe located east on the map, don't know anything about it so i wont speak to loudly about it either.

Total: 38/50

You have a nice posision which makes the posibilities for your growth big. You had a late start which shows on your points, but that can't stop you on achieving big on this world. Best of luck to you.

Rate: Aurora Borealis
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Aurora Borealis
Points: 7/10

Late start, so that explains your low points at excactly .

ODA: 8/10
it's to early on the game you really shouldn't be having a high ODA.

ODD: ?/10
can't really comment on it. yet.

Tribe: 3/10
small tribe.... don't''t think they are heading the right way ,lot of diplomacy which will limit the growth of the tribe ,will start to show soon.


Points: Relatively high for your position 7/10
ODA:rank 126 is not something to joke about you have been clearing us pretty well. 8/10
ODD: rank 53 solid defending 9/10
Position: Very unchallenged expansion 10/10
profile: Interesting exchange with Zaho 8/10
Tribe: Easily one of the most coordinated tribes in the world and Colour vs Jager would be a true test of skill. 8/10

Total: 50/60

Rate: pahii

Old Hobby

Points: Decent points. 2 of the villages you nobled were barbs. 4/10
ODA:rank 849. Really horrible ODA tbh. Could be worse though 2/10
ODD: rank 320. Not very good as well. But at least it means you haven't been attacked. 5/10
Position: stuck between ~FFF~ and Colour. It'll be hard to expand 6/10
profile: Not bad 7/10
Tribe: Never heard of them till ~FFF~ started hitting them 8/10

Total: 32/60

Rate: Old Hobby


Old Hobby:
Points: Decent points. but could be better considering your start time. 5/10
ODA: Very high ODA rank almost half of points. They should be close to the same if not lower, or else it implies you've lost too many troops. 7/10
ODD: ODD is hardly ever your choice and at this stage of the game even if you do get attacked cutting trains is still better than stacking against them. I don't get having this category right now. -/10
Position: Frontline in a potential Jager war. Good luck. 8/10
profile: Don't care, but kinda cool CoA I suppose. 7/10
Tribe:Second rate semi rim tribe. Good luck. 6/10

Total: 33/50

Rate: Setorines

Gorth Kirgar


Points : 9.5/10
Pretty much all you could get in that area. And the beautiful nobling sprees just showed that you are doing it in a perfect way.
Not giving you the 10 because it's an easy area and don't know if you spent a lot of pp. If you haven't spent any, you can add half a point:)

ODA: 9/10
Almost perfect. Used all your troops on what mattered most and hardly lost any in that. Just not giving you 10 because I think you could've made some more farms that are just D turtles now....may be wrong?

ODD: 7/10
Not getting hit at all is, of course, the best D there is. Would give a 10 for that. But using a very small amount of defense to defend a vill that likely had a low wall as well, wasn't the best option in my opinion.
(could be wrong here, as maybe fellow members send huge amounts of support as well and you had enough pp to insta build the wall, in which case it was the best move) But the best move without great D there would've been to take the advantage of a low wall in case one of those nearby players would take it, and kill all their troops and recap with your offense.

Position 7/10
Awesome area to farm in. Also a few half decent players to noble. But the downside is just that you will have to noble barbs a lot soon:(

Profile 7/10 I dig the pic:) And showing some decent achievements is cool too.

Tribe 7/10 Have no real clue in this. But it looks like you do have a few active guys around and you aren't just recruiting any idiot.

Overall 45.5/60
You're doing more than well....expect you to be top 10 in a few months from now if you keep this up!
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ODD: -/-
You obviously got hit the other day, but I have no clue how you defended that(could look into all players around you, but that's a bit much;). I will have to leave this one undecided. Will amend it if you give me some details.

Terrible luck is what happened with my ODD.
Loyalty:Dropped from 33 to -1

There was another noble behind it with D troops. :|

Gorth Kirgar

Edited it......If I'm totally off in my assumptions, I will amend it:)

Rate: me(pretty boring, but you may be brutal;)


Gorth Kirgar

Points: 10/10

At rank 3 what more can really be said?

ODA: 10/10

At rank 3 again. I love the consistency.

ODD: 7/10

You need to take some hits. Though, no ODD just means you neutralized your enemies before they could retaliate.

Position: 9/10

You are within a cluster of blue on my map. So I am going to assume your position is good :)

Profile: 9/10

Who doesn't like the joker?

Tribe: 10/10

We are awesome.

Total: 50/50

Note: I can't add so my total may be off. Also this is an objective review.


you can't give someone a 10! theres always room for improvement somewhere gawd

and it's 54/60 not 50/50 :p



You have waited long enough I suppose


Points: 10/10

Rank 4 - top 10 deserve 10/10

ODA: 9.5/10

23rd in ODA, pretty good. I'm not sure what you have nuked, but its fought back a little. Using your troops though, I like it (though they seem to be farming lately ;) LOTD)

ODD: 8.5/10

Something you have bit must have bitten you back a bit. You've had to defend yourself, but not too much.

Position: 9/10

On the Eastern edge of Jager, so you have a sea of blue on one side of you, thats a positive. Unfortunately you dont get to be on the front of either of your wars. You do get to expand rimward though, so not a bad position.

Profile: 5/10

No CoA, basic profile. Deserve an average grade

Tribe: 10/10

Rank 1 in points and OD, cant give that anything other than a 10. 11 if you mix with red bull.

Total: 52/60

IGN- Xzhyll



Points: 8/10
Definitely a lot of points, you're in the spot you should be considering your starting time, that's why the 8, not 10 because as gangnamestein said, there's always room to improve, in this case *whispers* spending PP

Not so bad ODA considering you had quite a few bashers doing stuff for you, anyway it's a good amount and I know you're an aggressive player, so it'll get higher with no problem

ODD: - /-
Can't and won't rate ODD as there is no point, be it neutralising your opponents before they have a chance or whatever reason.

Position: 10/10
Best position ever, you're in the beginning of the rim with space to grow south and east, you just have to choose the best way for you. Great area for farming too ;) I also farm there ehe

Profile: - /-
I don't care for profiles so I won't comment, pretty average.

Reputation: 8/10
It's the first time I'm hearing from you but you seem to be quite a old player so. Plus, you're friends with the nicest person this world has met: HeYoo

Tribe: 9/10
Rim tribe, yes, but lot of good players in there. It's a great tribe


Considering I didn't rate twice.

I rather not be rated at this point as a merge was finished not long ago, so. I don't want a bad rating (devil)