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tribe 3/10 some decent tribemates
points 6/10 average (should improve dramatically with internalizing inactive Play acct)
oda 5/10 ODD-163 time will tell if this improves
odd 6/10 ODA-23
location 5/10 k58 villages pretty exposed to close Zombie, unless stacked



you switched ODD and ODA rankings.

Next person should Rate Jerpmom.



tribe 0/10 Tribeless. (I assume that warrents a 0? *shrug)
points 7/10 average Never was too big but given the beating she has repeatedly taken, her size is impressive.
oda 4/10 ODD-174 Meh, size never allowed for much I suppose.
odd 9/10 ODA-15 BOSS
location 1/10 Terribly caught in the middle



Tribe: (2.)6/10 ranked second tribe.

Points: (33.) 6/10 A good rank but a lot of good players have left the world, early world this rank might have got higher than 6/10.
ODA: (69.) 5/10 Could be improved.
ODD: (282.) 5/10
Location: Did not look into detail



Tribe: 9/10. Ranked 1 tribe, can't be bad.
Points: 8/10. Managed to break into the top 20 after quite some time, no trying to push into the top 15. And yes, alot of players that use to be bigger have left this world as well.
ODA: 7/10. Rank 31 ODA. Doesn't match your points as well. Could be due to easier targets...
ODD: 6/10 Rank 81 ODD. The account hasn't been the focus of an OP or been tested much in this world on the defensive aspect.
Location: 8/10 Main cluster isn't very near to enemies, the North has been secured, but you do have clusters that are near those bright red dots. Constant nuking and nobling from short-range would do just fine.




Tribe:7/10 Hmm. rank one. Havn´t really had the fun to play against (m)any in this tribe, but has recruited a lot of bad(ish) players to gain ground (like every other tribe has, so wont hold that against Zombies)

Points: 9/10: again rank one, 34 vills+ to the player with second most vills. although Alyxar, should have enough coins to bet that by now (flatlining for 2½ weeks making coins, just see the jump for the last week, about 50 vills nobled)

ODA:9/10 72mill, rank 2, not many barbs, and a looooot of RIOT noblings, can´t remember when riots players went to zombies, so dont know if they are war or internal noblings.

ODD: 8/10 35mill, rank 24, could be better, but you dont really controle when/if people attack you.

Location: 10/10
nice location(s), right in the action, I envy you!


Von Hallander

Tribe: 7/10 I don't know too much about HATE but they seem like a solid tribe, rank 2 as well and growing.

Points: 8/10 Top 100 not bad

ODA: 7.5/10 Done your fair share of attaking but not that great

ODD: 8.5/10 You must have been targetted on heavily at some point, I'm guessing your tribe helped you out a lot with stacking etc.

Location 8/10 You have a little border with Zombies and many vills behind the frontline, can cause quite some damage if you wanted to!

IGN: WalknDeath



Tribe: 8/10 Well as we all know a good tribe, Much better then HATE all their good members must of left when they made RESIST

Points: 6/10 Bit small

ODA: 3/10 Not very good

ODD: 5/10 Hasn't been attacked much so defending wise we'll have to wait.

Location 6/10 Has bit of a border with Jester could be good or bad :p



tribe 10/10 zombie rule :D

points 9/10 rank 4 good points and good war stats (caps)

oda 10/10 no.1 oda best war stats keep it up pal

odd 6/10 average recent spike but doesnt get attacked as he nukes fuck outta everything

location 8/10 good front with hate and also pushing trough k64 ;) yu so shit.... dude you are getting ripped apart



tribe 10/10 zombie rank 1 tribe, cant argue that

points 8/10 rank 35, consistent growth so good and active

location 6/10 would ike to see you more frontline

oda: 8/10 4o million rank 40, showing consistently in reports

odd: pointless to rank, cant blame anyone if its not high as you dont decide who attacks you

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Tribe 8/10- not a bad tribe

points 10/10- top 20 can't argue

Location 7/10- Close to Hate, not really sure where your located

oda 10/10- top 20 again

odd 8.5/10 can't be helped



Tribe 9/10 - awesome resistance against the ranked 1 tribe, but there is always room to improve.

Points 7.5/10 - took a great deal of damage but rose up and grew back fast again including enemy caps

ODA 6/10 - Can be hugely improved (A)

ODD 8/10 - very decent for your size.


it's in my signature and the worlds I play .. Warrchiefain anyway.


Tribe 8/10 - Performing well against Zombie. and winning b 106 caps.

Points 8/10 - Eventhough the account is ranked 11 but still it if frontline and had a lot of ODD and ODA. Recently not growing well.

ODA 9/10 - Good Oda AND RANKED 5TH.

ODD 9/10 - Defending well on the Zombie Front.


it's in my signature and the worlds I play .. Warrchiefain anyway.

Wow! :icon_surprised:
A new owner, on Warrchiefain.
Didn't think the former players/coplayers would quit before the world was over.


too young for you :)

me and Tina took over warr when it was just a baby ... 100k or something, can't really remember, but I remember the date : 2012-04-21

so I consider myself an original owner :)