Rate your Duke (honesty thread)


¬ Wonder what you would have done to deal with an unlimited resources pp guy. When I joined the world he was already 4k pts. Easy to just send a split train with 35% axe and lc buff along with pally buffs and att flag.

Wow, what'd they do to piss of tudadar?
We did nothing to him.



King Ragnar
Continuously dismisses members to noble them
classic ;)
I'm not sure if I'd call three times - and three more by his buddies, with four of them in the past two days - "continuously." I mean, if someone eats roast beef six times in their life, one would hardly say that person continuously eats roast beef. It would be a rare, nay, freak occurrence.
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This is true. However more have been dismissed since that post and he has them claimed. Now, perhaps he's just on a binge? Sometimes I binge on whiskey, just a matter on how I'm feeling that day!


Tribe: ~PRED~
Duke: Apex
Rating: 1/10

The tribe was under attack by other tribes, he receives one fake and declares war on PSST! He gets the one rating for effort


my Duk KingRagnar (what a silly name for a Duk amirite?) he give me cookie(s) when I do gud.

but just as i try to eat cooki he snipe from me he always does this everytime every cooki is just mS from being eaten and it's gone fark
He say some bs about unto god is god and untop of Caesar is caeser. lol who the f*** is caesar other than do0d who make salad dressing.
And why is he untop of other caeser hmmm


I'd be willing to revise by I WANT MY FARKIN COOKI(S)