Rate your Duke (honesty thread)


Civil just got shredded
Civil from PSSST, you are referring to?

This is not something to brag about. I'm still not sure why TEA can't take out 11 players. You guys have been warring with them for over a month!!?? Like seriously, you need to get your members out from their shits and focus on TW. Come on bro, there's just 11 of them.. and there not even that good,,, okay maybe some of them are decent to say the least..


This morning I went to my main vill and on teh wooden table sat a box of maple cream cooki oh my god my favorite
My Duk he must of read my post here and realized how bad it was to snipe my cookiis and made amends
my heart melted realizing that although he's a ruthLess SOB, he can be kind and is always wise

My Duk is well known for he is KingRagnar. Winner of 4 worlds. FOUR.

Therefore the only evaluation one can give is a 10/10.


How can you give a duke that kick players because he need villages to noble a 10/10?
You do understand that under performing players are a drag on any tribe and that those vills will go to a player who is adept at managing them. So this is simply good management. Which I am sure you well understand. As such, what is the problem you are trying to identify?

Also, cookies :p