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I know there is already a thread about this in the discussion area, but it seem's that it has gotten a bit out of hand, I therefore have decided to make an all new RATE YOUR PLAYER thread :)

For those of you that dont know, you rate the player above you in different categories; Points, OD, Location, Tribe. If you have more you wish to add yourself you can (eg Like-ability, posting)

Remember that this is totally personal opinion, I would ask however to rate players fairly, do not rate a player down due to tribes being at war, previous confrontations etc.

I am going to start with Your our Buffet ;) I will leave your ign out, but you need to be rated :icon_evil:

Points: Decent points not the best, considering I know your startup on 47 I am going to give this a 5/10

Tribe: Biased opinion as we are in the same tribe, no real kinks but I will give 8/10 (mainly cause of Xtreme Terror :p)

Location: Very difficult starting area, with BP over you should fly up in points, but as a startup area 2/10 potential to be 6-7/10

OD: 10/10 as you have none, anyone that has OD (esp ODA) has probably been spiked, or else has cleared all around them very fast :) personally I would like 0 OD right now

OVERAL: I will say 8/10 for the moment :)

Your our BUFFET

W47 start ssssuuucked.

Points: 9/10 Pretty good
Location: Daaaaammnnn... You have 4x better area then me...
Tribe: Can't be Biased.
OD: 10/10 Stupid JSF trying to clear you again? ;)
Overal: 1/10 NOOB! ;)


Points: 8/10
Loc: 7/10
Tribe: 10/10
OD: o_O/10
Overal: 0.000001/10 (MTAR and you should have some differences anyway...)

my account: Guitar Boogie


Points: 7/10
Location: 5/10
Tribe: 0/10 :(
OD: 0/10
Overall: 5/10


Points: good - at this point too many points means not enough troops

Location: not bad, i would be happy

Tribe: 10/10 at this point i am very happy with your choice

OD: 0/10 horrible, need to get that up

Overall: 7/10 on the right track

but what do i know i am just a noob


Points: 6/10 considering you started on the first day could probably be better since you have 4 barbs very close
Location: 9/10 lucky b******* with those 4 bonuses villages
Tribe: 2/10 Eh not really sure what to say you are first but *cough* mass recruiters *cough*
OD: 5/10 Now that Bp is over a higher OD looks more decent than before but still a 5 cause who needs OD atm xD
Overall: 7/10

My first ever review so sorry if it seems leniant or harsh or whatevs.



points: 6/10
location: 6/10 - you have few barbs but also some inactives :)
Tribe: 10/10
OD: 9/10 - the less the better at this stage of game
Overall : 7.5/10


Guitar Boogie

Points: 8/10 - Good
Location: 8/10 - Barbs, players, no immediate threats.
Tribe: 10/10 - Seemingly the best tribe around, by far.
OD: 7/10 - You got 40 ^^ Prolly cleared a pally, but not wasting troops.
Rep: 8/10 - Nothing to put a finger at, at all.


Dark T-Rex

Points: 8/10 - Good amount, probably starting to utilize stables.
Location: 6/10 - Nice barb presence, but you also have threats nearby who could be trouble (they are probably already trouble, depleting your farms)
Tribe: N/A
OD: 10/10 - Useless at this stage. Only way I wouldnt give a 10 is if its too high. Excessive ODA during startup usually means wasted troops.
Rep: 7/10 - You seem good, never played with you though

- kevin.thomas (IGN: The Uber Luberz)

Dr terror

Points: 9/10 - VG.
Location: Nice barbs, few JSF members, should be fun.
Tribe: CLEAN, well they just fail. ;)
OD: Ranked in top 10. Awesome.
Rep: 7/10

IGN: Dr terror.


Points: 4/10
Location: Some real threats, not many barbs around you :(
Tribe: CLEAN. ;)
OD: Top 15 ;)
REP 6/10

IGN: El Cihad


Points - 7-8
Location - Likeable 8/10
Tribe - 5/10 - could trim the fat
OD - Meh.. could mean anything at this point (Edit: I like your OD for your area actually 8/10)
Rep: Not sure.. I like anyone that types coherently

(IGN: Justanewbie)
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Points: 7/10 - Ranked 125 atm so thats oke..
Location: 6/10 - not many barbs around but if you clear the village's you will have some nice farms..
Tribe: 5/10 - 100+ members so thats a pretty big fail..
OD: 7/10 - Nice ODA rank..
REP 7/10 - You seem oke but i don't know you so..


Points: 9/10. i like. hope not a pointwhore though
Location: 7.5 - u have some near u
Tribe: 10/10 - small amount of members :)
OD: 8/10: nice :)
REP 6/10 - havent seen u around much


Points: 6/10. Hopefully your points are low because you're building troops.
Location: 4/10 - Way too many fellow Tribesmen in your 7x7
Tribe: 7/10 - Need to up avg.
REP: Don't know anything about you guys.