Think i just joined Bio! after those wars when you were duke, loved every moment of Bio!/Dos x etc


This was definitely a fun world for me, best times were landing Jill's op on T I think it was probably going back a couple of years, nothing like drinking beers on the weekend and chatting to dos guys in the shared skype chat.Pretending John/yings account really were 3 Hot Korean girls :pAlso playing with Fallo on our account for the bulk of the world, I hope you are well my dear if you do read this.Good luck to you all and well fought to everyone :)

There could have very well been 3 hot Korean girls behind the scenes. How would you know!?

PS. Hi people I used to play with, it was a good time. Sorry I wasn't here for the end. Blame Shane.

Leading Bio! against Manic and 4Horse (was that the name?). Great tribe with great members, miss those guys.

^ I miss giving this guy a hard time, too.



Starting Bio! with the biggest spread and no real base. ha ha ha.


Being a part founder of ModWar, leading the tribe solely throughout the first summer with skyrocketting inactivity and persevering, and helping to craft the strategies of ModWar from early on until just about the end.

A specific time of remembrance that was fun was attempting diplomatic talks between us (ModWar) and Trinity stemming from the conclusion of the WOH war. Chats were... well... interestingly fun.

It has been a fun world... and as I told most... it is my last. I wish you all the very best, friend and foe alike.




Drawn back to this game out of curiousity and boredom and I was looking up old worlds and seeing how they played out, I remember I did enjoy alot of the politics in this world and really enjoyed the AOK/OKBI/Dosx chats before I left.


miss the world even now, it was great coplaying with rob and seeing modwar take it out was even better.

I started off in se7en and continued on


The thing that changed the game for ModWar was ME joining the darkcrusader99 account.

ModWar were then introduced to lewd, rude, and crude behaviour only rivalled by another fellow ModWarian (Ben) who sadly left the tribe!!

I've loved my time on Tribal Wars, and have some awesome memories, and even better friends.

This shall however, more than likely be the only world i play. No because i dont want to hook up with my friends online anymore, but simply cos at its best you need to spend hours on it, and at its worst you need to spend even longer!! I just cant do that. With 4 kids and a demanding (and expensive) mrs, plus my ailing health, this i think really will be FAREWELL Tribal Wars.

At least for now.

Still, those of you that keep asking me to co-play them or take an account in their tribe or world w/e, im flattered, really i am, but please, dont waste your breathe. If i want an account then believe me i'll ask.

So, unless my uber awesome co, the ORIGINAL darkcrusader99 asks me to again be part of something, well, AWESOME, or, someone simply makes me an offer i cant refuse then i will use this thread to be my bowing out thread.

Love to you all,

May all your kids have big dicks (including the girls)

Jay/darkcrusader formerly 3lite Mage

Well if anyone reads this: Im the Original Nuttah The one and only. Its me Ben. what am i doing here. hah re-living some old names.

Jay, i had to give up i got off my arse and got a job! to think 3 years might have passed... ah the good times on skype, sadly missed.

The DODO times + Modwar.. good stuff. Going from noob to not so noob. Chatting anything up with a pulse. being my usual crude and rude self. ah, as shane says, Fallo.. thats one hot red head. :) sadly missed.


So this world finally bloody ended. This was my first real world and really enjoyed being in Bio and the other tribes I was in (can't remember the names now) met some good people here and loved the skype chats. Shame the world dragged on and we lost most of the great players early.


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I really am struggling to remember the old, Fallo where you at? I need a co player -_-