Rip in peace RoyalE


Depends on how many civils give up their villages to keep alive.

Lol none right now. A tribe is a tribe... and we are not taking defense from anyone who needs it. Any defense we get from the tribe is from players who can spare it. In fact we haven't requested any sort of tribal support in quite a while as we know that most of the tribe is under attack themselves.

I'd certainly take you up on that though... I'd love to go out with you Krieger :)
Of course this is only if you would be okay with me writing you some more love poems.


Armpitriot I would love more poems <4 (love you so hard it's 1 greater than <3)

I would expect poems every week if we went out.

Now I just need your co to acknowledge my suave and we can get this 3 way shizz goin


Royale you guys have some good eggs but some of you are one of the reasons i keep playing. After this he blocked me again :(

DarkHordeNuke Apr 18, 09:33

explain this

meepworrior Apr 18, 09:42
Nothing to explain. You broke our truce by attacking a tribemate.

DarkHordeNuke Apr 18, 09:43
twas never part of the truce because that was ridiculous. you broke the truce by directly attacking me. offer amends to keep it or its over.

meepworrior Apr 18, 09:44

meepworrior Apr 18, 09:44

DarkHordeNuke Apr 18, 09:45
nearly all villas are maxed troop count

Noblemen limit: 557
- Existing noblemen: 281
- Noblemen in education: 0
- Number of conquered villages: 269
You can still educate: 7

any offer of amends?

meepworrior Apr 18, 09:59
if you're worried about 1 nukes a sitter sent, we will send troops back mate if you start sending

DarkHordeNuke Apr 18, 10:00
so no amends, shying away now by shifting blame after already exposing arrogance. sickening.

meepworrior Apr 18, 10:01
did a statement make you sick mate? No wonder you're so quick to block, wouldn't want you to get ill mate.

DarkHordeNuke Apr 18, 10:02
always being such a rude prick. preparing targets on you soon.

meepworrior Apr 18, 10:03
Lol these scare tactics are cute.


So a member of RoyalE had a truce with a member of Civil wow :icon_rolleyes: But that does sound like the darkhordenuke i knew from w67.


Apparently, then he started attacking tribemates, he's a good fellow.
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Apparently, then he started attacking tribemates, he's a good fellow.

The quote from him on our profile is an accurate one. If he thinks that we're scared of him though... he'd be wrong. We can weather a few hundred more Royale nukes on top of whats been sent already. Why the hell not


My thread made it to the general discussion <3 i swear this is a dream come through.

Chris > god


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RIP in peace CIVIL
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