SABRE Tribe Resists Wisdom


"Thing" is the hand

"Cousin Itt" is the short guy with long hair that falls to the floor, covering his entire body.

Uhmmm.... any particular reason why we are so far off topic here? ^_^

Anyone want to shine a light so we can find the topic again?


I think the thread is dying because resistance from Sabre is minimal at this point, several players appear to be relocating in the West, and the others are slowly being bled dry of troops.


"IT" was the hand right that was pretty cool they could do that even before green screen tech.

Sorry RPG all this time I have been thinking you were like 23 or 24.

Lol np dim. People say I tend to post either like a spamming troll noob or like an intelligent older man.... not sure which is better:lol:

@scuzzi, because the forums are basically dead


The forums are dead the world is almost dead things all throughout are beginning to get really slow. Like you said in the other thread there are probably only 300 accounts actively engaging the enemies and what not. I hope we don't stagnate out like W3 did I don't think there has been a noble there since back in Novemeber.


You accuse me of cowardice? Remind me how many troops did you send against Rhapzody? None? Thought so. How many villages did you take against ??? on the Eastern front when me and smuboy took their whole tribe on alone because you were too chicken to fight? None? Thought so.No David-J whilst those of us around you with a heart and a desire to fight for our friends put our troops on the line you happily nobled barbs around you. Don't you dare talk to me about cowardice! You nobled barbs and you couldn't even go through with it when you tried the only daring thing you did and broke away from fran. When that 15 year old child got mad at you, you came crawling back with your tail between your legs. I left TW then because I had college exams otherwise Id have joined Dark and given you what you deserved. Every world since then I have waited for you but it seems you have been too busy nobling grey villages and taking it easy letting those around you do all the work. Integritously,Callum
Wow it's been a while since this went down. I'm not goin to take sides on something like this as I considered you all friends I'm in w65 nowadays if anyone else is let me know.Smuboy


I was in U.N initially really enjoyed it as we'll learnt everything I needed pretty quickly as it was my first W. I have tried again but it's never been as good. I did join Wisdom for a time but I didn't really like it switched to wise s to see if that suited but sadly it didn't I think mainly it was due to Callum123 we Merked shit up

brendan murphy

Hey my former associates well this world is obviously been dead for ages but i thought i would do a throwback to my youth as i now play on world 16 of the .us servers but thought i would just throw it back for once to when i was 11 years old having like a 2.4 million point account