SCI declares war on VVV

Blub de Vis

Due to V V V family's lack of negotiating in good faith regarding major differences with respect to their retaining and supporting refugees from the SCI/R2 war, their support of our enemy tribes such as ReV and =V=, and their refusal to co-operate with us as their ally;

SCIOVA declares WAR on the V V V family.
SCIR0S declares WAR on the V V V family.

We wish luck to all involved.


SCIOVA Leadership (Lucky Charms, Pinballpup, Zukas, Fylkia, Darkraven9)
SCIR0S Leadership (Wigsplitter, Daftwager, Domus, Blub De Vis, and the SCIR0S Council)
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hahaha poor don't know yet that you are dead:icon_twisted:
you will soon find out though:lol:

EDIT: I was expecting that for SO long:D
thank you SCIOVA :) (every tribe i have been in, in the end fought SCIOVA)

i promise you thats the last time i fight you as it will be the last war you will have as a tribe :lol:

GO V V V!!!
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Still Going Strong
I must say I am incredibly disappointed.
The 2 largest families in W5 declare war on each other and rather than being an interesting post to read it looks like a bunch of bean counters put it together.

Hopefully VVV will post in here with some interesting stuff like mails, reports, pictures etc to liven this thread up a bit otherwise it is tediously boring.


Sciova declared war long ago. Both sides took in refugees and none wanted to kick them out.

Or rather just dropped the alliance, I see that as declaration of war.
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hope both of you have a good battle. i reckon by the end of this we might have lost two family tribes and formed just two individual ones once the inactive accounts die off


Well, I think we've finally seen a war that Scir0s is far enough from to declare. I bet they'd make an awesome declaration on Hoplon too. Go VVV!

Rim bicky!!!
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This may have been the most boring war declaration I have ever seen :\

The Town

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This may have been the most boring war declaration I have ever seen :\
There might have been some big letters, some colors and a bunch of 'motivation' type of pictures, but hey, isn't that what everyone's doing? :icon_smile:

At least this one is original...