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javascript:var heavyCav=4;$.getScript('https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/gdvx73xf89ksrcu/supportWithdrawal.js?dl=0');void 0;

This is a script that allows you to withdraw troops from village info page as granularly as possible.

Own troops and allies troops are handled differently because for own troops it's possible to specify exactly how many troops to withdraw therefore is accurate, but for allies troops since all troops must be withdrawn or not the script will calculate an approximation.

For own troops you can select whether to withdraw or leave troops, to split troops either evenly or from closest village sorted by distance and how many troops to withdraw per each troop.
Offensive troops are excluded and paladins are ignored.

You can set based on distance what packets/supports to withdraw, by default is 0 - 999 , if 20 - 60 is set then only in that distance interval troops will be withdrawn.

When pressing on button "Withdraw" it will not actually withdraw anything, it only checks packets/supports and fill inputs with troops needed based on your settings.


Similar as own troops, select if you want to withdraw/leave, this time if you want to start with smallest packet or biggest packet based on pop size.
Set how many troops to withdraw. For example 2k (2000) it will try to leave 2k pop which means it has to withdraw 3.4-2 = 1.4k. if it can't withdraw exactly 1.4k troops It will only withdraw lower than 1.4k.
In this case there is also an option to select from what allies players to withdraw troops, i have never tested for more than 1 player so can't tell for sure if it's working correctly or not.


It might also be working for mobile app, but haven't tested this part thoroughly.
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I dont get the interface pop up on the .de server, even though your other scripts still work great for me.
All i get is 4 more rows in the filters but they are not usable. This script would really help me alot.
Maybe you can look into it and find the bug, that would be awesome.


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Did you deactivate the userscript DS-UI-erweitert
They dont work together as the script manipulates the Table so this script cant read it properly
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