So what happened with this world? CLOROX?


This was my first world. I remember trying to get my first villa built and getting scouted by a Clorox member. I couldn't work out how he'd got scouts so fast lol. Don't think I found out about farming until after I was rimmed on this world and started my next world. I was such a nub.


I miss world 8. It was my first world so everything just had a different "feel" to it. Still to this day, some of the people I met and played with in CLOROX were some of the most entertaining/inspirational people I've played with. I learned a lot form my experiences here. While we didn't win world 8 our presence/impact was felt.

A lot of CLOROX members have gone on to do great things; still, to this day you'll find tribes changing their tribal tags to mock their opponents; you'll see very similar PNP postings.

One quote that still sticks with me - to this very day - and it actually wasn't by a CLOROX member, but one of our allies: "90% of tribal wars is diplomacy and the manipulation of others to fit your needs". J.Pohlman
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I was on W8, different username back then.

Was in UNR and KNTC


I feel bloody old coming back and reading all this stuff again.

Lots of nostalgia :)