So who's playing?


I wish i could but with the amount i could actually play i'd be rimmed the second i'd get out of BP. Had hoped w100 would be during the summer so i could atleast join a few weeks :(

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I am not playing either. I empathize with you about the time.


Someone must have forgotten the farming bot open xD.

Seriously though why would someone have 31k plunders in a limited haul world. BOT ALERT


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The problem here is that people dont really appreciate the scale of this game and their own relative abilities.

In stealthy's case he's probably better than 90% of the player base so in that sense he is 'skilled' however given that still means that 10% of players are better than him thats still thousands of people per world. I mean you can be better than 99% of the playerbase and still not be very good in comparison with the ones who are better than 99.9% of TW players.

Theres also the consideration that there are so many different aspects of the game and you can be talented at some of them but poor at the others. I know multiple world winners, rank 1 players who are fantastic macro players who would easy crush me in account building but cant snipe. And that is completely okay, it takes a lot more 'skill' in my mind to build an account properly and cycle troops efficiently than it does to hit a button at a certain millisecond although both are important skills in terms of overall gameplay. Good snipers get a lot more recognition/acknowledgement than the guy who nobles barbs smartly and gets a solid account going which is kinda unfair. People just dont appreciate how important it is to be well-rounded player and some of the best players in this game just get on and put the work in day in day out and quietly do the job that needs doing.

If someone is purely good at the early game and consistently achieves top results then you can easily say that they are one of the best at start-ups but you cant say they are one of the best TW players because start-up takes a small fraction of the overall world timescale. Yes some things just scale up and are fundamentally the same from 100-10000 villages but the management of scaling up is in itself a skill. Personally i find lategame boring and you'll rarely find me logging in once a world is 'won' and its clean-up time to get the win % and for that reason i would never consider myself a great player because I dont play all aspects of the game at a high level

Also just an aside but the ones who bang on about how important it is to be a teamplayer are generally those who need to be carried by said team rather than do the carrying themselves.

I agree with everything you said here. However, i must disagree with that last statement. I preach team play always. I have a proven history of living by it. Yet, you will never find someone carrying me. ;) But the best tribes, (in my experience. I have missed this whole p2w time period) are the ones who communicate and win through solid team play. They may not be elite snipers, they may not be elite builders, but teamwork can make an average team succeed vs a team of hotshot elitists who are too cocky to execute said team play.

All of that being said, anyone who doesnt max his mines in this world, i dont care how many troops you may have now. One round of use, and you will take forever to replenish> You CANNOT farm. I havent been around in several years, and i took three seconds to figure that strat out. :D Then again, i always ran full rezzies cause you cant farm every second of every day, i dont care who you are. But this guy with the 21 mines.... wow. That is foolishness. Play p2w much?