Some spicy gossip for w100. The tale of a serial backstabber.


Hello world 100! Sicory here, I have a story for you. The main character? A boy known as Incoming Impact. A tale of a trifling backstabber. This story begins just a few days before the start of world 100..

So we get an offer from a guy named Incoming Impact. He offers a merge. Now SLY is just a small group of 15 members(some coplayed) from w19. We dedicated this tribe to a fallen comrade named Slytown(which will someday be all of your village names sam) So we thought, okay. We can meet some new players and make new friends in tribalwars and still carry on the name of slytown. We pre-registered, and we instantly started getting skypes about, "don't trust sam" "sam will backstab you" and tales of sams many backstabs in past worlds. So we kicked them out early on, before the world even started!


In the end, I decided to give this guy a chance. Like I said, we wanted to meet some new players, and he did promise in his premade post that he was going to change his ways. Little did we know, that the picture above would end up being a total lie.

It wasn't long after the world started with Sam in SLY, that we started to notice a pattern.


It was like a baby needing a pacifier. Sam needed duke to stop crying. He needed the power or his image might look bad. We kind of felt sorry for him. Duke to us is just a word. The only thing a duke can do that a baron can't is disband a tribe. All of us work together and we all play our part. We get stuff done like that. We don't need someone barking orders. He cared so much about his image that he needed duke. The first thing he did was put his name in the profile. He was a complete control freak. This was a non stop conversation topic. Sam wanted to weasel his way into power. But little did we know what would happen next..

It wasn't long into the world before Sam started a war with a tribe he wasn't ready for a war with. Before I could finish my "we should scout together" sentence, he had already sent an attack, and received an attack back.. And then, the black hole of support opened up.



I think you get the point. But Sam if you have anything to say about support I have about 10-20 more images of you begging for support no joke. Anyway, so sam suddenly turns SLY into his support tribe. Being the good tribe members we are, we send. And our troops die time after time.. And then Sam, already with a constant stack in a dangerous area, decides to noble a village near DT.

BRILLIANT MOVE SAM!!! And guess what happens next???


More to come
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So sam gets his support yet again. And has the gut to complain about our growth. We are nuking for him and supporting him, trying to have this guys back.

No nobles coming but lets let the nuke hit and kill the local defense. Great idea from "leadership"

We were getting sick of his poor judgement at this point. And lack of leadership skills, as he only seemed to tell others what to do and ask for support. He put himself before the tribe.


Sam is the duke here now, he wears the pants! Showing strong leadership here
(But moments before behind the scene)

I had to kick bogdan, he didn't have the guts, because as he said "Bogdan is a strong player and he will come back for me later in the world.."
But the last straw for me was when he sacrificed the tribes nukes to backtime for him when he was perfectly capable of doing so himself..


After his loyalty was at one, he got a large stack of local defense cleared, and 1200/200 of his nuke survived. He didn't backtime, he had people with similar nuke sizes sacrifice their nuke for him. He claimed his nuke was hitting a barb. NO SAM you got called out, no barb around had your nuke heading to it. So AriaDimezzo lost their nuke and Expiration Date lost some of his troops to save your butt. LauraDestroya lost 1800/1800 stacking you, along with everyone around you who lost their 300/300.. Needless to say, SLY and Sam had some problems after this.. Sams solution? Suddenly leave the tribe and take his guys with him. Exactly what he promised not to do, not only to me personally, but in his premade thread for w100. Where he promised not to do the things he's done in the past.

So in the end, SLY learned a lesson. Never trust Incoming Impact. Not only was he a black hole of troops because he was unable to defend himself, he was a black hole of fun. He sucked the fun out of the game for everyone. Constantly crying for support. The sad thing? Some of the people went with him, but still say they know his tribe will fail. He is point whoring, simple and plain. They know how he is, and he is all about himself. W100 revolves around sam in his mind.

The morale of the story? Don't trust Sam. Now lets watch ..VD.. Fail. Ironic because Sam was VD to SLY, and we are glad to get rid of it ;)

Plenty of more to come if anyone is interested, I have pictures for days! :)
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Incoming impact

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Looks like this gonna be interesting.

For once I can actually back myself up. Gonna be a funny little thread I wonder how many of my many fans going to jump on the band Wagon. Micheal be first buddy ;)


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I only hope that the actual gossip isn't as underwhelming as the preparation done for this PnP post.

From what I saw before he removed the faulty pics, it looks like some proper drama :)
Half the pics didn't load tho, so he seems to have removed it all to fix it first.


Why bother only posting only a fraction of the story....


I was in council in Sly and i can back up everything that sicory has said. Also im sure we have reports of the def troops dying in his village

Incoming impact

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This is gonna be hilarious will post a reply to this tonight with all my evidence to back me up. I changed my ways on W96 and I have continued this world. Gonna be a fun little thread Sic hopefully you can get the attention you truly crave !



Why was this wall only at lvl 5... Ouch man =/

Simply answer is sam puts himself before his tribe. He wouldn't send troops home because he would have died without us. I wait his reply so I can show screenshots of small 400/400 dying in his village just to kill bits of nukes. I have all the screenshots I need to combat his reply so I can't wait.

No sam, in your own little world the main focus seems to be around you. You put your name in the tribe profile because you wanted that image as the duke of a tribe. You attacked them. You got attacked back. What did you expect? You let LOCAL defense get destroyed just to kill a nuke, yea good kill. At what cost though? A massive amount of local defense. But level 5 wall and no noble incoming? They were catting your new village you took next to them. Not sure what you expected. I think I know though, you expected your tribe to all support you and not worry about themselves. You wanted to save your own skin. Just my opinion.

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Will post a little reply now because everything you have read now was complete rubbish and what has happened in the past 48 Hours can prove it.

I will agree with Sic on one thing before the world started I had a premade of 40 Plus people and in the end the Dutch side of the tribe decided to make there own premade and I was fine with it. I contacted sic about merging and he accepted because he did not have enough accounts having only 8 accounts, We agreed to co duking. Not because I was being power hungry but because my Loyal players wanted to be lead by me. Then I found out the Chrissy was going to be a duke also and I agreed because they kicked me did this 2 hours before the world started because I changed something. I changed a few things and I should have asked council and for that I said sorry.

When the world started everything was brilliant excellent teamwork and I loved the tribe. DT scouted me and i scouted him back and that was what caused the little war between our tribes. Sic and Chrissy mailed the whole tribe asking everybody to make 400/400 Mobile def and completely agreed with the idea of hitting DT. I agreed and we ended up being in a stalemate. I am based in the middle of the Best DT players and dam these players are good. I had a 1200/1200 Stack in my villa and these guys had half nukes. I explained everything to council and everybody said we could quickly just move mobile def around if they hit me. So on Tuesday I had someone leak me some info that DT was going to hit me and I asked for a 4k 4k Stack to just block them , I was told I am lying but guess what they ended up hitting me and I only survived after my co playing cancel sniping while I was asleep at 4am. They cleared me and sent 3 more nobles and my loyalty dropped to 1. SLY/High did amazing rushing def in afterwards and i survived only because of the great teamwork of the tribe.

After all of this a problem occurred with Sainters9 and Chrissy where sainters hit a villa she had a claim on for (4 Days) and made no movement towards taking it. She made such a huge thing about it and completely split the tribe causing huge arguments , Even putting this on the forums. People where fed up with her because of the way she spoke down to people and everyone can back me up with this. I pmed sic saying she needed to drop down else issues like this was going to continue and he agreed. Even agreeing with what everyone said about her want me to post proof sic ?.

Sic refused to change his ways and people where about to leave I was in council chat for hours offering solutions and no one would listen so in the end me and sic came to the agreement of making 2 separate tribes and remaining allied.


I could not go to High in the end because the duke was unwilling for anyone else to takeover so I made a new tribe and allied sly and kept my word. We had one small problem where sic merged into invincible and he asked for the villa back and we agreed to this and gave the villa back here is proof.


Harry Pitz was the account Sic was going to co play. I thought everything was fine and dandy then I woke up to this

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I was completely shocked and upset with what happened. I really do like Sic and he is an amazing guy but I dont understand why he did this. Chrissy on the other hand needs to get off her high horse and stay out of this.

It shows who was in the right when 80% of the tribe decided to stay with me because of the way you guys acted , It was disgusting and now you are trying to cause trouble because you know of my bad Reputation. I dont care what anyone thinks because I am in the right on this one and VD will do well this world. I really hope people can see the truth to this because I feel quite upset about this whole thing.


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