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Dear community,

Thursday, September, 9th , world 122 will open its gates around 11 AM. Pre-registrations for this world have started. Gather your teams!
>> Register now!

This world will also have the brand-new Quest System!

While you await the start of this new world, we have opened the Discord for this world. Feel free to drop by to talk to the players that will also be playing this world. Below you can find out how to join.

I am already in the Tribal Wars Discord
I am not yet in the Tribal Wars Discord
You can join the world channel by typing the following command in the chat:
&join en122

The world channel will become visible under the channel list.
You can simply click this invite link. You'll then automatically receive the right role to see the en122 channel.

You can find the settings for world 122 below.

General Settings:

- Building speed: 2 (200%)
- Unit Speed: 0.5 (100%)

- Archers: Activated
- Paladin / Statue: Activated, with Skills
- Strongholds : Deactivated
- Bonus Villages: Activated
- Barbarian Villages: Grow to 2000 points
- Church and Belief: Deactivated
- Watchtower: Deactivated
- Militia: Activated
- Morale: Activated, points and time based
- Achievements: Activated
- Noble production: Coins
- Technologies: Simple
- Beginners protection: 4 days
- Beginners protection ratio: 1:20 for 30 days


- Nightmode: Deactivated
- Choose starting direction: Activated
- Attack timing: Milliseconds (50)
- Fake limit: Deactivated
- Limit Noble man walking distance: 100 fields
- Scavenging: Activated

Extra :

- Victory conditions: Dominance(a tribe needs to hold 70% of villages in the world for 10 days.) Runes (a tribe needs to hold 70% of runes villages in each continent for 10 days.)
- Tribe limit: 20
- Flags: Activated
- Limited haul: Deactivated
- Support outside Tribe: Über - Arrival (*)
- No Harm: Deactivated

Premium Features:

- Premium Account: Activated
- Account Manager: Activated
- Farm-Assistant: Activated
- Building time reduction: Activated
- Finish immediately: Activated
- Building cost reduction: Activated
- +20% Production: Activated
- Trading with the merchant: Activated
- Premium Exchange: Activated

(*) You will be not able to have support arrive in villages belonging to non-tribe members, additionally all support present will be withdrawn automatically upon leaving the tribe. Restriction applies to the arrival of a support command, target village needs to be in your tribe's possession by the time the support arrives.

New members to a tribe will only be able to send support on the third day. They are able to receive support.

Make sure to let us know if you like the settings in the Feedbacktopic!

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars Team
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Dear players,

Based on the feedback you have provided we have decided to change the following setting(s):
- Victory conditions: Runes (a tribe needs to hold 70% of runes villages in each continent for 10 days.)

The other settings will remain unchanged.

Happy gaming!

Your Tribal Wars Team