Start of World 90


Greetings Warriors!

We are delighted to announce the Start of World 90!

World 90 will start on Thursday the 6th October at around 10:00.
Pre-registration is available now so you can secure your place and invite your friends. You can login to the world straight away to form your tribe and prepare for the world's start. When the world starts you will be placed near your tribe mates if you are in a tribe.

World 90 will feature the NEW Watchtower building! For more details, please see below.

The world has a dominance based winning condition. Once a tribe reaches 70% dominance, the world will automatically close to registrations and the endgame phase will begin. At this point, restarts will be disabled. This will last for 7 days, after which automatic peace will come into effect and the world will end shortly after. Only one tribe can win the world. An allied win is not possible.

The settings

Speed: 2.0
Unit speed: 0.5
Flags: Yes
Hauls: Yes
Paladin: New system
Archers: Yes
Church enabled:No
Noble system: Gold coins
Morale: Points & unlimited time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow to 1500 points
Tech system: Simple
Beginner protection: 3 days
Tribe limit: 45
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms.

If you have any feedback or questions please click here for the discussion thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team


The Watchtower.

With the first ideas surrounding this dating back years we are finally doing something we haven't done in quite some time: adding a new building!

Watchful tribal warriors surely haven't missed our teases and hints on Facebook and InnoGames TV, so it might come as no surprise to you that the new building is: the watchtower!

The watchtower is a completely new addition to the village and not replacing any existing building. The watchtower is a tool to help new and experienced players to filter information, especially in mid to late game. In short it detects incoming attacks and automatically tags them with the most important information. Experienced players will still be able to gather more information by watching incoming attacks closely. Of course the watchtower also comes with its own costs, which makes strategic placement important and can also be an interesting target for offensive players.

This is how the tower works in detail:

  • Every attack that comes into range is tagged with the army size and if it is led by a nobleman.
  • This does not only affect attacks on villages within the range but also attacks traveling through the range.
  • Tags on the attack are kept, even if the attack moves out of range.
  • Tags are being displayed on the village incoming overview and for PA players on the incoming screen.
  • The detection range can be increased by upgrading the tower.
  • The maximum level of the tower is 20.
  • The requirements are the same as for the church (headquarter 5, farm 5).
  • On browser the watchtower range is displayed on the map. Mobile users have to use the watchtower screen.
More detailed information (all the numbers!) can be found here in our wiki! We also prepared a short video for you, explaining all the new functionality this new feature brings to the game:

We hope you enjoy this new building and the functionality it brings. We are looking forward to see how it influences strategies and counter-strategies on the battlefield!

Make sure to leave your feedback in this thread to let us know what you think!