Stats... the end all be all?!?!?


One last thing, we(Owner of kuyokot) still want to see Sirens Tits :icon_eek:
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Make a selfie when you do them and send them to me via FB hehe


With all due respect, please don't judge us for our internals :) There are still a lot of things we are doing aside from doing internals.
Just want to ask you, what do you want us to do with those permanently sat accounts? Give them to other tribe or Sit them forever? (If you can give us much better option, I'll thank you from the bottom of my heart :) )
The option we chose is to internal those account and become more useful for us (Additional troop counts). We all have our own opinions anyways, and we just chose the option which based on your reaction is the noobest of all (yes, we are noobs kuyokot, please forgive us).

One last thing, we(Owner of kuyokot) still want to see Sirens Tits :icon_eek:
Let's spread Love Love Love

I made the thread partly to show that CGI players are not the only players who do it. Everyone has to internal other players at some point, its part of the game.

For me, I would spread the internals around a little more, rather than them going to the same faces over and over again. This is just my opinion, however every leader has a different style.


I made this thread as a bit of fun obviously but on a serious note, i do have a couple things to add.

~1~ [SPOIL]Church world limits who gets villages to an extent and i try to spread the love. If you ever see an entire account or 90% of an account eaten by one player, it was a merge, not internal. If you dont participate much on ops or play half-assed, you get less than than those players who actively participate and hit every op and hit it on time. I reward activity and the willingness to actually fight/coordinate with the tribe, i want the players who will make the best use of the villages to have them. It's the logical choice.

PS - there are more ways to participate than with war caps. Plenty of ops happen outside war and defense is purtiful![/SPOIL]
~2~ [SPOIL]
You choose to try and win this world with recruiting and spoon feeding players and I prefer to hit targets.

This is a bit misleading, we do both. Have you seen us run from a war yet? no... In fact we only have one player on a frontline who's ever quit and that was due to leaving the game for military service shortly before war broke out. We have defended it reasonably without complaining or booting when losses were taken. There is only a 16% difference in player taken villages (non internals or barbs) between my tribe and colour and 10% difference from ~FFF~, both tribes who haven't been spoon feeding anyone. [/SPOIL]

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but i will tell you they are pierced.[/SPOIL]