T-W-C: "Cleaning Out The K-loset"

Discussion in 'World 30' started by cshipley, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Guest

    He's allowed to speak for KCB, just like you speak for [CRY]

    Still can't believe something happened on w30 and you didn't know about it? Tsk,,, :icon_twisted:
  2. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    No, brown nose... Its not about me.

    Fact is, the emerald i know.. wouldnt have done that. At least he would have posted here, in this thread.. admitting defeat, real life requirements, etc.. He was that loyal to his guys, i dont believe he would ditch them without a tribe, to leave them more defenseless than they already were...

    The very character that everyone is implying here... would require Emmy to post here.

    Not inform me personally, but at least say something here, or to his tribe mates.. i have spoken to a few who have no ideas....

    is there ever a chance of ya growing up and getting past your inclination towards tool-ness?
  3. wanderer30

    wanderer30 Guest

    So Paj this coming from a member of KBC isn't enough for you?
  4. crasula

    crasula Guest

    Nothing underhand is going on here Paj it's just the way wars end. The under pressure tribe starts to suffer from inactivity, the leaders are sitting the under fire accounts and start getting irritated, then the council drop off one by one and the next thing you know is it's all over.

    Emmy has been talking to us about saving some of the best KBC players and has sacrificed himself for them. I imagine he's not too keen on telling his allies what happened as it's a sad time but there is no point racking you brains about some conspiracy, KBC were not the first tribe to disband and will not be the last. I'm certain Emmy will make a farewell post soon enough.
  5. xEmerald

    xEmerald Guest

    Right you are.

    The war is at it's end.

    KBC could not manage to scrap together the offensive of more than a handful of members, hardly enough to fight back the masses that is T-W-C.

    After 2 months of war KBC was betrayed by it's old allies in -O-

    It was the breaking point in KBC's spirit.

    The war effort had dwindled down to the sole efforts of KBC's council and the eastern squad, a far cry from the firepower required.

    The eastern T-W-C players are beyond the noob/pointwhore persona that they are made out to be.

    My special mentionings to the following:


    and my highest remarks to the powerhouse that is noobaxes.

    They have done well in this war, and beyond that, in the end they have shown the respect to their enemies that would be expected of a victor.


    I made an announcement nearly 4 days before disbanding the tribe.

    So all those who had no idea what was going on were not worth the time.

    Aside from that all of my members who showed that they gave a damn and participated in the war were found new homes by me.

    You will still see the KBC fighting spirit, however they will fight under a new banner...

    Out of our enemies, no, out of ALL the surrounding tribes, T-W-C and [DN] have shown the most potential and it is there that I have found my mates new homes.

    My account has been sacrificed to save the "lives" of my mates in k67 as crasula has pointed out.


    To all those still fighting TWC:

    Think not of us joining the enemy, think of it as gaining a new challenge.

    All of KBC respects its enemies and it is my greatest hope that my mates can persuade our old allies to restore the name of TWC.

    It's time we all realized this is not real war, it's a war game.

    The banter is always humerous :icon_cool: but I'd like to start seeing positive commemoration along side it.

    If I leave this world anything I hope it to be this lesson:

    Do not scorn difficulty... recognize adversity and thrive upon it!

    Farwell on behalf of the Black Knights... but look to the shadows, our dark helmets still gleam in the moonlight... even mine.
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  6. cshipley

    cshipley Guest

    Good work T-W-C.

    Amazing how much you can accomplish when designating your time in game and not posting on pnp.

    "The fool speaks, the wise man listens"
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  7. castro2man

    castro2man Contributing Poster

    Dec 1, 2007
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    yhea mate it's amazing how much you have done, eating your own tribe sure takes alot of dedication:icon_razz:
  8. crasula

    crasula Guest

    I see 9 internal ennoblements in the last 65 villages taken by Shipley. That's 5.85%, hardly the internal nobler you're suggesting. Add to the fact that the villages he did take are those belonging to a frontliner that quit (theone80) he's not exactly hiding from the action is he. Those villages were taken for strategic reason as you well know.

    Let's not hijack the thread with more of the same CRY vs T-W-C squabbling. KBC deserve some respect. Lets face it they were a 30 Millon point tribe at their peak.
  9. castro2man

    castro2man Contributing Poster

    Dec 1, 2007
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    well chsipley should have kept his mouth shut then:icon_rolleyes:

    well i will stop here as i too don't want to hijack this thread =P
  10. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    Well, KBC put up a nice fight, even if some in T-W-C ( ::coughOrclordcough:: ) won't even give us credit for that.

    The T-W-C members I tangled with - Noobaxes, Crasula, itherules, Norin27, Irock, and a few others - are deserving of respect, and I give it freely.

    Even as Baroness, I was unaware of the pending "surrender" and disbanding - but that is only my fault, as I have been somewhat ignoring the Tribal Forum the last week or so do to RL stuff that only allowed me to log in for a couple hours a day, and I spent that time defending and building. No excuses.

    However, I do wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone in KBC - this was my first world, and I really loved working with most of you. It was a heck of a ride. I hope everyone had fun. :icon_wink:

    I listen to my former members who are joining other tribes - good for you guys. Whatever works for you. It's a game.

    Me? I'm standing and fighting until the end. My tribe was and is KBC - I have no interest in joining another.

    As I type this, I look at the 20 or so nukes heading towards my villas.

    Em can post his surrender, and that of KBC - this, however, is my own declaration.

    Come and get me. :icon_evil: I have cookies. :icon_wink:

    "If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna do it with style. You won't hear me surrender, you won't hear me confess - cause you've left me with nothing, but I have worked with less."
    - Ani DiFranco

    "I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle."
    - Sitting Bull
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  11. Atraeus

    Atraeus Guest

    Bravo Cy! You truly have earned the tip of my hat, milady. :icon_smile:
  12. Fightclubx

    Fightclubx Guest

    me to, best of luck to you Cy-Press. No hard feelings its just a game and you played very well. Hopefully the next world you play you will be blessed with better mates more able to stay active.

    Good luck to you as well xEmerald, I am impressed you kept KBC going as long as you did. You kept your tribe going long after many other tribes spirits would have broken.

    To everyone else in KBC who stayed active till the end. Congratulations guys for standing up for yourselves when allies and friends abandoned you. You may have lost a war, but throughout W30 you have won many people's hearts I am sure.
  13. Adellion

    Adellion Guest

    I hope you are not suspecting that I have a intentional hand in KBC's downfall, Pajuno?
    Perhaps -O- dieing may have weakened their morale, but that's about it. Crucially, Bunz420 and Flyash joining T-W-C was a blow to KBC.
    I had an account sit in KBC, but that was more to keep in touch with them; I played no role in the war with that sat account.
    And despite rumours, I did not damage my own tribe in any way; it died of inactivity.
    KBC actually fared much better in this respect, so I do think the disbandment of KBC was premature, however, I don't doubt the strain that Em was under.

    Given altering circumstances would've preserved KBC. Perhaps KBC is fallout from -O- (incase anyone is ignorant, -O- and KBC were allies). Perhaps not. Either way, Emerald's leadership was completely unflawed, and he should be proud of have led a great tribe, and I'm sure that will be of great use on his repetoire.

    Emerald, if you are reading this: WELL DONE. You have done really well, and don't listen to any haters who say otherwise. Like always, haters *always* talk BS. :icon_wink:

    My two cents.

  14. xEmerald

    xEmerald Guest

    I am proud to have called -O- my allies, regardless of the events that followed.

    I am even more proud to have raised such fine members!

    To all of my old brothers in arms: you know what account to find me on. :icon_biggrin:

    Send me a PM and I will fill you in on the new world to come. Maybe we shall fare better on our new stomping grounds. :icon_twisted:

    Say, was that the "late" cshiply I spied?

    Congrats on your victory mate, certainly you have changed my view of TWC with your dedication.

    Keep truckin' everyone!
  15. Gicusan

    Gicusan Contributing Poster

    Mar 4, 2007
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    In the end it is Cy-Pres and a lot of bluberring and escuses from Emerald. There is nothing at this point of the game as a great leader if the one lost a war completely while having the enemy almost surrounded.

    Still, congratz to TWC for the win. This ending asures the control of TWC-DN over the east. There are just the other directions left :)

    At least there is also good news as Cshipley is alive and leading.
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  16. cshipley

    cshipley Guest

    Kudos to Xemerald, Cy-Pres, Ben, Stage and the other leaders of KBC.

    You were all a credit to KBC, who were a top ten tribe at the time they bowed out of W30. KBC put up a good fight throughout and a few phases I believed they had steadied the ship once and for all. Some KBC members showed they possess the skills to go far in W30 and I believe they have every chance.

    From official decleration to the final surrender both sides warred with integrity and I hope many more can follow. I wish the former members of KBC - (both the leaders and the grunts) - all the best in the future and in their new tribes.
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  17. crowley625

    crowley625 Guest

    sad to see you guys go. Been checking in every other week or so to see how KBC was faring and hoping they could pick up the tempo.

    Xem and Cy: feel free to hit me up through the forums or through my email if you guys ever feel like trying again on another world. If I have the time I'd be honored to work with you two again on a tribe.

    I'm just sorry my activity level was so sporadic and my eventual need to retire/turn over my account, I just had so much coming up on my plate that logging in even every 7 or 8 hours would have been hard, let alone the time I was able to spend in the game early on in my efforts to help people, and the tribe, out. Maybe now that I am getting on the back end of the certs I was getting paid to go for, I may have time again over the winter.

    I'm just glad to have met another group of people with a good sense of fun, and having had the chance to give people some (sometimes incomplete) insights into how the game works (never did finish that darn article showing how each battle breaks down into numerous actual mini-battles). Ah well

    Let's try for a really speedy world, eh? :icon_wink:
  18. xEmerald

    xEmerald Guest

    I've mailed you crow. ;)

    Zero blubbering and most certainly zero excuses.

    They beat us fair and square.
  19. Gicusan

    Gicusan Contributing Poster

    Mar 4, 2007
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    I was talking about the merger escuses there. If I am not wrong as a conclusion of the war, TWC suddenly got about 4 mil points ahead when the days before they were changing second rank with us like socks. I mean like I change socks not like Crasula does.

    It is nothing wrong to lose a war. I was just talking to BMA today that noone is unbeatable. Everybody will find at a certain moment someone better. If not better good enough + more active. If not that maybe decent+ more active + with enough friends. True is a good player/tribe knows to protect itself from as much as possible but... nothing is certain. Even Crasula might get a village from me someday. Everything is possible :)
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  20. crasula

    crasula Guest

    I was planning on a couple of cluster in K55 Gicusan but I'll need more than one village from you, I was kind of planning on taking about a million points off you :icon_wink:

    Anything is possible right ? :icon_biggrin:
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