T-W-C: "Cleaning Out The K-loset"

Discussion in 'World 30' started by cshipley, Jun 30, 2009.

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    BONHEUR Guest

    i think this thread can be locked now..
  2. Gicusan

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    now it is true that everything is possible but you force now the deepest limits of this possible. on the other hand you are welcomed to try anytime. take 1 village for more than 5 min and I will give you ten to have a nice start.
  3. crasula

    crasula Guest

    haha....I'll take you up on that offer but first i need to get rid of one of your tribe mates from K66 ;)
  4. Liquid C

    Liquid C Guest

    Get off of Gicusan, he's ours!

    I mean, I really love bananas [​IMG].
  5. bobbynaked

    bobbynaked Guest

    I got two points for my previous post. Whoo!! YEAH!! GOIN FOR THE HIGH SCORE!!
  6. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    Dont worry, i saw them.

    They were completely worth it imho.

  7. LAZARUS67

    LAZARUS67 Guest

    I am quitting this world.

    I have decided to quit this world. I was spending 6-10 hours a day just to keep up my defense against constant attack from T-W-C. I was on the back lines of my tribe until -O- fell apart and two of my neighbors joined T-W-C and began attacking me.
    All my troops supporting the front lines left me vulnerable. The players from -O- knew this and attacked before I could recall them. I lost almost 20 villages in the first three days.
    My tribemates from KBC as well as some non-tribe friends came to my aid and I slowed the losses and began to gain villages. Then while I was on a three day vacation (backpacking) I left Aubree as sitter and came home to find my tribe disbanded.
    I have continued to defend and even asked T-W-C to allow me to join them. They said, I was not active enough. Well, I think surviving under these cicumstances for as long as I have proves that theory wrong, and any tribemate i have ever had including some now in T-W-C will tall you I was always active and willing to help a friend in need. Thjs was my first world, I am taking some time off and will be back eventually. I enjoy the challenge, T-W-C are very good attackers, except Coogar who took 52 attacks to take one village. I have had over 1000 attacks against me in the last month, most of them well coordinated.
    I have about 44 villages left, they will go barb in about three days.
    I have never surrendered or had a tribe outright defeated and would have like to play this out but KBC leadership had other plans. RL comes first and i can no longer spend hours online in a lopsided battle. Good Luck to you all.

    LAZARUS67....I will rise again.:axemen:
  8. Fightclubx

    Fightclubx Guest

    good luck Lazarus, it is to bad what happaned to you and your tribe =(. Best of luck bro on your restart in whatever world you choose.
  9. Templarz

    Templarz Guest

    Lol i just looked at this forums front page again .. and props goes to the person who gave that Cat pic .. hella funny!
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