TDE/A-21 Stats:

Discussion in 'World 39' started by dominica10, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. dominica10

    dominica10 Guest

    Thought I'd make a thread to discuss the war.

    Side 1:
    Tribes: T.D.E
    Side 2:
    Tribes: A-21
    Timeframe: Forever

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 21,421
    Side 2: 533
    Difference: 20,888

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 142
    Side 2: 187
    Difference: 45

    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 155,184,190
    Side 2: 4,654,598
    Difference: 150,529,592

    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 1,280,589
    Side 2: 1,676,249
    Difference: 395,660
  2. anabolic11

    anabolic11 Guest

    the 'forever' stats are pretty pointless - I wouldn't bother including them on future posts. If A-21 had been around as long as TDE then they would have some relevance.
  3. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Guest

    As an outside observer looking in, I'd love to see a start date on those stats, just so I can judge the village exchange over a period of time to see how active the war is.
  4. Nilla646

    Nilla646 Guest

    The war is 6 days old. I'd say it's been very active.... at least more active then the previous 2 wars.
  5. DaWolf85

    DaWolf85 Guest

    The "conquers against opposite side" do have a point, since those show how we've been doing since the merge. However, the "total conquers" stat is rather misleading.
  6. Deep Winter.

    Deep Winter. Guest

    Good job on the DEVILS side.
  7. anabolic11

    anabolic11 Guest

    I take it that comment was intended to be ironic.

    If not re-read thread.
  8. King Dragon

    King Dragon Guest

    ironic? why? becuse we fight both nob and raid and lead in the stat? and now we recruit some of there top player? in this case, stat is not all ;) we are nobling alot of free villages from player that are left behind or that you not invite becuse of they losing villages :) hole world can see it, maybe it is time you also see it anabolic? ;)

    //King Dragon
  9. anabolic11

    anabolic11 Guest


    Knowing how you love to spend endless hours salivating over caps stats, here's a little treat for you:

    At the time you posted your last 'comment' the actual stats from the start of this war were as follows:

    [spoil]Side 1:
    Tribes: T.D.E
    Side 2:
    Tribes: A-21

    Timeframe: 19/04/2011 21:35:22 to 27/04/2011 09:41:00

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 767
    Side 2: 698
    Difference: 69


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 157
    Side 2: 248
    Difference: 91


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 6,424,180
    Side 2: 6,148,544
    Difference: 275,636


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 1,424,762
    Side 2: 2,258,001
    Difference: 833,239


    So, at that point in time, on overall caps T.D.E's average work rate was 0.92 caps per player per day, whereas A-21's was 1.45 caps per player per day.
    Against the other side, with the benefit of all those 'quality' defectors, T.D.E have taken an average of 19 villas a day (ie 0.275 villas per player per day) whereas A-21 have taken an average of 40 villas a day (ie 0.66 villas per player per day)

    Since that time the situation has changed marginally: Current stats are as follows:

    [spoil]Side 1:
    Tribes: T.D.E
    Side 2:
    Tribes: A-21

    Timeframe: 19/04/2011 21:35:22 to 27/04/2011 23:30:00

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 822
    Side 2: 771
    Difference: 51


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 161
    Side 2: 278
    Difference: 117


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 6,853,845
    Side 2: 6,829,753
    Difference: 24,092


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 1,463,228
    Side 2: 2,550,625
    Difference: 1,087,397


    So, over the course of the day, TDE's overall rate of nobling per player has continued to decrease relative to A-21, and TDE's rate of war caps has continued to decrease relative to A-21. If that's what you consider a 'good job' please feel free to continue.

    Your comment about 'recruitment' amused me. Have a word with Mrs Dragon and she'll tell you that size is important, but it's not the only measure of performance that counts.
  10. King Dragon

    King Dragon Guest

    HAHA both NOB and RAID was losing hundres of villages to The Dragon Empire, and now you merge and some member choice to join us, and there villages are beeing lost in your area?

    And the player that are in our area, yes like Arrakis, BEL, Hitman and so on did you not even invite becuse you dont want to sabotage the stat,

    You are funny, hole world know this, i think you are the only that not see it....

    Want a tip? if the stat changes again, you can allways make a new tribe... and a new...


    //King Dragon
  11. anabolic11

    anabolic11 Guest

    Hmm, true - doesn't that tell you something about the quality of the players you recruited and tell the rest of us something about your wisdom in taking them...
  12. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    Well it *might* also have something to do with the fact that those players had no time to stack/be stacked.
    Once the frontlines are more defined, the quick village and easy village losses on both sides of the new Southern border will slow down. You know this, so don't come here acting like you don't. :p
  13. King Dragon

    King Dragon Guest

    Dont be mad ;) it is only a game ;)

    //King Dragon
  14. The Yellow Dragon

    The Yellow Dragon New Member

    Nov 4, 2009
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    Anabolic, I do not understand, I thought the war was to take more villages than the opponent? How will you be able to win the war on TDE when they takes more villages than the A-21 does?
  15. Hybrid Soul

    Hybrid Soul Non-stop Poster

    Jul 13, 2009
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    Let me start this by saying I won't gloss over the fact T.D.E were most certainly ahead in the stats against both NOB!! and ~RAID~ at the time A-21 was created. A well documented fact and debating it is pointless.

    Well done. As a tribe you were handling your wars well.

    Just because they used to be in the same tribe does not negate the fact since they joined you guys - they are losing what are now T.D.E villages. The only way your comment makes sense is if you see these new recruits as mere meat shields?

    You are completely incorrect. I said since talks began I would not be taking Arrakis, BEL or Hitman due to their attempts to join T.D.E....And I do mean to include Hitman in that as he, how should I say it, was "sat" by BEL.

    Their location had nothing to do with it. It was just one front-line we decided not to take on.

    You believe in your tribe and you referenced above the fact T.D.E were ahead against ~RAID~ and NOB!!. Since then you even recruited a few old NOB!!. So, this should make things easier for you - all of us under the one roof.

    Believe me Per - A-21 is a total different beast and we relish the challenges ahead.

    Neither ~RAID~ nor NOB!! were my tribe - but I am happy to be part of A-21. And until you rim me or I rim you - That's where I'll be.

    Point taken Jeremy. But that said - T.D.E recruited these guys. The failures on their part or T.D.E's to defend these accounts adequately from the point of recruitment can be debated forever.

    But the stats of A-21 vs T.D.E show these recruits losing territory which now belong to T.D.E. This isn't NOB!! fighting NOB!!....unless again these recruits are viewed as nothing more than meat shields?

    Thats not to say the stats won't change....But you can't stand behind the fact T.D.E recruited areas and are now losing parts of these.....Just like I won't stand behind the fact both ~RAID~ and NOB!! were losing to T.D.E in stats when we concluded their business.

    Now gentlemen, shall we proceed to the battlefield?
  16. velibor

    velibor Contributing Poster

    May 5, 2010
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    Hmm, true - doesn't that tell you something about the quality of the players you recruited and tell the rest of us something about your wisdom in taking them...

    They were recruited as a bumper or a shield and while your actual members are losing their villas TDE's actual players are left untouched. Isn't that what Raid did to TBE...Recruit useless players and watch em get pounded...once TBE wore out Raid counterattacked.
  17. King Dragon

    King Dragon Guest

    Sure T.D.E recuit area from nob and some of them will be lost, but time will tell how mutch :) under the time we nobling other area that belong to NOB that are in T.D.E area now, look only on arrakis,

    You can change tribe, you can change tribe but the fact is, you nobling villages that did belong to you for 1 weak ago, good work :) the thing is you maybe will noble but 10% of the villages you got for 1 weak ago :) not more :)

    You can contiune to say T.D.E or "king Dragon use alot of propoganda" but the things it, Truth is the best propoganda you can have ;)

    2 tribes get one, on the way they lose about 5-10 account in T.D.E area that are been eating up, about 5 account join T.D.E and lose back some villages,

    If i was you, i should not feel so proud about it ;) Watch on fact.

    //King Dragon
  18. This post makes me smile. Because after so many people said my PnP was a failure, this post by a senior A-21 member just declared (inadvertently) that my PnP was a:

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  19. Undead Billy Mays

    Undead Billy Mays Contributing Poster

    Jan 5, 2010
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    For someone who's only real tool has been deceit and dishonesty for as far back as I can remember, you sure throw around the word truth dangerously. Hang on I'll help you out a bit. Not to draw any negative attention to your improper grammar and word usage but in order to help your posting to be more accurate, please see below

    noun, plural truths
    [troothz, trooths]

    the true or actual state of a matter:
    He tried to find out the truth.

    conformity with fact or reality; verity:
    the truth of a statement.

    Hang on I'll fix your statement for you

    No need to thank me for fixing your statement for you.

    Stats are fine to argue about but realistically we all know stats can be padded and manipulated in numerous ways. Most if not all tribes are guilty of it at some point. Trains talk, bullshit walks

    And just for fun


    Be careful with using the word "my" .... I dont know that you have a unique word in any sentence that was not emulated, regurgitated, or replicated

  20. Very nice pic :icon_wink:

    Beyond my name and the countdown aspect, my actual PnP was nothing like Rx4u's declaration on B.F.... so get over it. It was all in the name of deciet and confusion. And, we can call it "our PnP" if you want credit, but my original statement holds true, BEL and Arrakis are dead and dying because of me.