The BEST Player of W30


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Once we started to talk about it, lets choose our Best player. You just have to Say Your favourite player`s name and The facts why you think hes(shes) The Best! ... :)

I`ll start.

Eeven if he does not recognize My skills i think Hes The Best Player.


The Best Leader i have ever seen in TW. Very skilled player. Very good OP planer, Good attacker and One of the best defenders. Smart enough to WIN this world. (we will see).


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Does it have to be someone who still plays this world??
I do not think so Tango.

Here are my 3 choices. One for every period I see in this world so far. (1st year, 2nd, 3d)

Kotsiras was by far the best player of the 1st year of this world. Allways ahead in planning and playing. Too bad he never continued playing. Had he stayed ingame... :axemen: If you ever come across him in new worlds, try to be on his side. Till he decides to quit...

Parmenion is my 2nd choice. No need to say why. I think we all admired his push in this world for many months. I wish he eventually returns to the game.

ChamichA is my 3d choice. Despite his stuborness with the - keep Decide alive - issue, for whatever reasons ... he has prevailed, is nr.1 ODA for many months and has kept growing. All this till today when he DECIDED to attack me :icon_razz: I will return the favour as soon as I am finished with some barbarians :lol: ... they seem to be fighting :lol:

special mention for many leaders of this world who devote/ed alot of their time in chatting, gossiping, planning etc etc, to keep this game going.

Some of these are:

Belvalcor (Slacker Duke)
Rethae (Rose Duke)
Wildcats (Fighting Duke)
Mellow (knows all Duke)
Karma-X (Still-a-Duke)
Pajuno (Duke of all - aka "President" :lol: )
Shipley (Ex Duke - now Wall Writer)
Jpohlman (Phantom Duke)
AK_Iceman (Vanished Duke)
SFC (disband Duke on call)

I can mention many many more, but I will probably tire you more :)


Arasd and Lapatuska. honestly are the best i think. reason being they are a deadly team and keep the pressure on the hostile target.


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I do not think so Tango.
Well, in that case, I have to say Baddie :icon_wink: (original Badlapje owner) Not only was he a great player, but I also learned alot from him. And besides... how could anyone not like Baddie?? :icon_razz:

Though, some honorable mentions would be: Jubal, Pajuno, Raven (and others, but I'm going to limit myself)


Best player faught with: Crasula (the original)
Best leaders faught against: KarmaX and Badlapje
Best player faught against: nobody has really hurt me enough to impress me, but when sitting others probably Raven and possibly even Gicusan.

Inevitably this thread is doomed because nobody really dares to stray beyong tribal loyalties when nominating. It's a shame.


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shipley, you are definetly a player of period 1 (1st year) of W30... Or so you seem to want us to believe :icon_neutral:


Inevitably this thread is doomed because nobody really dares to stray beyong tribal loyalties when nominating. It's a shame.
I kinda agree with this but I think it comes from not being on the front lines against someone noteworthy or not having played in another tribe with others on another world for example.

I had the pleasure of playing in Lethal Touch's pre-made that included players from many tribes here.

I can't really single out one or two players as I think they were all a lot better then average...
( and I forget how to spell their names lol )



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I nominate Raven for the best players of W30..! There might be many who has proved in their account, but there is none like raven who has proven he's the best defender in many different ones again and again.


honestly i take mine back.... shaur is the best.... lol i had so much trouble with him on smurks lol;) he became part of my core team when i figured he was a better allie then hostile


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Seems like there is more to the question than just simply 'best player'. What does 'being a good player' mean? Though I suppose the question on the table is the best all-around player. But it is a layered question, just because someone rocked in year 1 doesn't mean that they would excel now at later world play.

I find cship's interesting for discussion, breaking it up to best player you fought with and fought against. Fought with would include the traits of being a good tribemate (I assume), supporting ops, acct sitting hot accounts under fire and assisting with defense, as well as strategic considerations. Or would being a kickass lone wolf player be enough to take the overall award?

Fought against does bring into the fore the question of worthy opponents. Ok, but we do have to mention someone except Raven, though he is likely the most legendary player in W30. So say Raven if you mean it, but also others. Interesting to me some names that have not come up and seem forgotten (**cough** **cough** Grummit).

So, can we expand this to:

Best All Around Player
Best Fought With
Best Fought Against

Best leader, that was a different thread as I recall.