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Interview with Becool will be out at 19:00 (game time).

Currently interviewing otto aswell - this interview will be out tomorrow (to keep interests high for a longer period of time)


Interview with the duke of Becool!
Thank you for joining me sir. Great to have another duke on the forums. My first question for you is How do you think the world has been so far in general for Becool?

Not being a pre made , we had to shuffle through lots of recruitment to get the right roaster for the tribe , which is evident with the tribe changes. It has been a fun world so far with tribes declaring on us and giving us free war stats so far. I am happy to be leading yet another team of wonderful players

Nice answer - Answered another question within a question
In my most recent interview with jasper - he has not spoke highly of sam. What do you think of both leaders & if they were to go head to head in the future who would you guys have your money on?

Both are different. Jasper is an old player who have travelled with this game fir a long time , like some of us. The experience of that many years makes you a cool leader as you have faced all the dirty tricks this game can offer.
Sam on the otherhand is a new age player and pretty new to leadership. He got the enthusiasm and is compelled to prove his metal here. However with players like Kate and zain in his side , it evens the battle field.
Trust me , a large scale head on between these two tribes wont be happening for some time

Will be very interesting in the future.
It's looking very crowded in the core now. With K44 already in becool's hands. you guys have a few options of where you guys can head. With the correct diplomacy you guys can make late game.
If i were guessing - i will be putting my money on Saga & apathy teaming up against corp. If this were to happen it would be very interesting to see which way becool goes with.
Have you been speaking to any of the major tribes about any diplomacy?

Yup as a leader its always advisable to keep the communication line open. Each tribe is setting their bases and securing a K. Only K54 remains anyones land between Invict and Blood.

It seems that you avoided my question about speaking to other major tribes - so i will not ask any further on this topic. But the readers can try and guess who you guys have been speaking too.
Speaking of K54 - Who do you guys think will be the winner of K54 if you had to choose?

I didnt dodge your question mate. I said communication is open with all major tribes one way or the other.
About K54 , I expect a merge between Invict and Blood family to avoid outsiders taking over. However I expect Yahoo to step up in there.

I expect yahoo to be a really good rim tribe in the future also.
I don't want to waste too much of your time so i just have 2 more questions for you.
If Saga and corp were to go head to head right now - who do you think would go out on top?

I think Saga will do better as Apathy will back them up against Corp

So with all your experience in this game - I'm sure your predictions will be good aswell.
Who do you think will be the last two tribes remaining by the end of the game (i know it's a long time away but it'll be good to see your prediction in a couple of months)

A tribe resulting from the merge between Saga/Apathy/some from Corp and another from merge between BeCool/Yahoo/Rest of Corp

Perfect - Great having you on here sir.

Otto's interview will be up tomorrow.


Otto interview!
It seems so far in this world you have made a few eneimies so far in the world. Getting rimmed once already in the world - you're now with yahoo!
What do you think about yahoo? and how have they been doing so far?

Yes, I was rimmed, sadly the rimming was as great as I thought it would've been. I had the decision to either quit or restart at the rim, so I pack'd my luggage and restarted at the rim of K53. I'm an experienced player, play'd for almost 8 years. On 2 different servers.

As I grew, I see I was in the Yahoo territory. So I message Infectedsoul so see if I could get the good ol' invite. And than bam, was accepted into the ranks of Yahoo. As many know, Yahoo is a small preamde tribe, thats slowly creeping up the Top 20 Tribal Ranks. We done some great nobling past 2 weeks, were working together, attacking, supporting, pre-nobling, resource pushing. The leadership of Yahoo is also great. Personally in my lil head, I'm the grand Duke of crazyniess/ballys. We definitely have K56 on lockdown.

Nice - Do you mean K53?
With you guys already already controlling K53 - you guys will be looking to expand. With K54 bring on your doorstep - What do you think of the tribes in that K?

Yes K53, thanks for pointing that out Commander.
Thinking of K54 with come down to the leadership ofcourse. It will involve some delegating, hard diplomacy and right course of path for our next dominating K. It has some impressive tribes including Invict, Blood, Savior, and CORP. I'm not familiar with the area, but I'm sure it's a battleground already or possibly sea of blue, haha. You'll never know :)

Personally I like Invict, know some good in players in there

invict look very strong.
With tensions rising In the core of the world. Soon enough it seems to be inevitable that a big war will be coming soon.
Saga Vs Corp.. What do you think? remember apathy will probably support saga. But with becool on the edge who knows what'll happen..
Thoughts otto?

War is inevitable. That'd plan as day.

Saga Vs. Corp War. Well, for 1. It'll will def. be a good war. Sure Saga can hold it's own for awhile before troops start depleting. And that's probably where Apathy will come in and join alongside it's ally or declare together, that'll be the best option. Now, Becool. They could just watch and watch the slugfest, but it will be their best interest to join on Saga's side. CORP is a powerhouse due to pp'ing. But this is all speculation of course. But whoever wins this massive war, will def. will be the Top Contender without any competition.

Nice response - Will be interesting to see in the future.
I think a lot of people will be wondering how much PP you have spent in this world so far?

Haha, I'm sure alot of minds ask'd that same question.
Well for 1. My Bank Statements ar'nt happy with me nor my Bank that has called me 4-5 times about fraud claims, and has put hold on my Debit Card ahaha!

Well. In the Core, I'm going to roughly say $800.
And the Rim, so far its around $400-500 ish.

Most people wouldn't fathom spending that much on game. But to me this isn't a game. It's my childhood like thousands of other players here. I'm going to be playing this inter my late years till I can't write no more :D

Fair enough - who am I to judge. Thank you.

In your opinion right now - who do you think has the best opportunity to win the world? If everything stayed how it is right now?

Well, This is what I'm going to comment.
In late game it will be a Core tribe vs a Rim tribe.
I would like it to come down to Apathy vs. Yahoo :D

As I love H0lly. No no one has that answer for you Commander, if they do, its going to be wrong as it's all hypothesis.

Interesting. Okay great having you on here.

Anything bad to say about any leaders on here in the world? Before we go

Hehe, anything bad to say about any tribal leaders? I think its better to wish them luck instead. Negatively isn't attractive nor its needed. And whats has happen, I had put it under the bridge. Bragging nor reissuing doesn't do anything. I'm going to be the bigger man and wish Impact best of luck. Thankyou Commander of the interview.


Looking to do more interviews with players - please message me.


Next interview will be with the baron of Corp -Kate! - shall be posted tomorrow.


A lot of awesome discussions and insights
Good work thus far commander in revitalizong the forums.
Having not played for years I'm way out of touch with all my past comrades and unfamiliar with the current players. Good to see all this drama from other recent worlds come up and past rivalries reignite

Looking forward to more entertaining reads




Really? Looks to me you were rimmed on both worlds by enemies. Or was your foot playing up at that point? You've had your chance to take out h0lly. The longer this world grows the less likely you are to put any effort into it.


Getting the good ol'rim job from the ladies Sam?


Interview with kate - Baron of corp!

Thank you for having an interview with me kate - It's great to have a main figure in corp discussing with me.
What do you guys think about the world so far and how well do you think corp has done so far?

Its shaping up to be an interesting server. There are some really good tribes forming so maybe it will be an epic game.
I think CORP has done okay. It was not a pre-made and is a regional start-up tribe, starting in the core. That's a tough place for anyone to start. We have a good mix of experienced players and some newer blood. The team coming together well.

Great - obviously corp have been rank 1 the whole world aswell which is always a bonus.
You're in constant contact with sam, How has he been as a duke so far?

It has been #1, helped by a couple major accounts that had a pp boost at start-up, but we've got all our players growing well, so I'm happy with that.
Sam is fine. He's a very active duke, ready to help tribe members.

Yeah of course - With it being clear now of 28's name change to Corp - I must also say sam has been really loyal to his word. More loyal than me in all honesty.
Looking around the World there are a few threats for CORP. Becool, Apathy, Saga.. Which of the tribes do you rate the most?

It is really early game still. The top 4 tribes have a collective dominance of less that 6%. I would say it is anyone's game.
I have played with the dukes of Apathy and of BeCool on previous servers. Both are good. I don't know SAGA leadership as well, but I am sure will get to know them.

Yeah over the next few weeks/months. Considering corp is one of the main tribes that have PP abused - What are you thoughts on it in general?

I have come from the non-p2w servers, and am just finishing up on w85 which was the last of them. w91 was the most pp charged start-up I have seen. It was amazing to see some tiny barbs nobled during bp. PP gave some accounts an incredible boost during start-up. It is a significant advantage for those accounts early game.
I don't really know what this does to the game in the long run. It does make it harder for players to play without.

Yeah i agree 100%
What about K54? Couple of good tribes there. Ranked 6,7 and 8th. With Yahoo! on the door also - what do you think will happen in that K?

That will be interesting to see. They are all similar in size and another top contender could rise out of there.

Tensions rising with Apathy once again from the interview with jasper.
Now with Corp's ally 28 turning into a corp academy - Do you reckon corp will be looking for other potential allies in the world?

Probably. Although the large pp accounts do accelerate the early game stage somewhat, it's a long game and there will be many of changes in the tribes. It is too early to predict how the game will play out.

Okay thank you for having corp on the interview. Great having someone so respected on here.

This will be the last interview i am doing - Since i'm quitting this world for W92. Cheers guys - been a pleasure.