The Fall Of Visage (ECC) & scummy council (115 all over again)


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First, you shared "Discord" personal messages of not only you but everyone who joined the conversation with "sensitive" intels. They even talked about RL stuffs there & you didnt even censor them or anything. And you only did this to proof in forum What Exactly? Are these very important "evidence? Nah, not even close. Caz that "Support Ticket" was good enough to BAN all alleged players after internal investigation by TW. Now can you tell me, why did you SHARE these chat screenshots without permissions from related peoples & Discord Team. Do you know there's something call "privacy" in apps where you chat? You cannot just share others messages from not TW owned platforms like this, just because you want, without prior permissions.

Secondly, why did you share the whole "Support Ticket" to public Forum? Do you know why did they make the support feature at first place? Because it is very private that shouldn't be shared with public forum, or TW Team would just make a Thread call "Supoort Request" on Forum, but they didn't! Now did you ask for "permission" from TW Team before sharing this Ticket? I dont think so. So you broke TW Terms, and you want to be a Mod! Well you know why you shouldn't share a Ticket caz the information you said doesnt proof those persons are guilty, it's just what you are assuming. Now that you shared, other peoples will think those are bad persons but what if they haven't use anything illegal? Don't you trust the TW TEAM??? So they didn't BAN them, you got pissed off, then you shared the private "Support Ticket" to show us you're a big shot! is this even LEGAL to do this! So basically you dont trust TW Team & you want to be a official TW Mod! if that ever happens, i'll "report" you explaining why you shouldn't be a Mod, with any of your other accounts too.

In TW, most worlds has +10k perticipated players, so backstabbing like stuffs is very common part. And about "strategies" you mentioned, any player can use any valid startegy in-game whether it's backstabbing or gangbang. But there are more strategies above these that you cannot imagine. So you're just a "whinner" crying after losing war. Did you thought, most players will have to lose villages, so over 10k players will lose at the end in one way or another. But they don't come and whine here caz they're not "whinners".

So basically you couldn't ban those players as Mods already seen that issue long ago and they wont get banned now either. You tribemates will prolly hate you now caz you are "disrespectful" & a "digital spy" who can do anything if loses including sharing all Tribe Strategies, Sensual Messages and everything with a screeshot! You are most likely not going to be a " TW Mod" now as i've the evidence to stop that process.

Now i know, i cannot share any strategy on discord, cannot share sensitive informations, cannot say how i did what or what's my timeline, cannot trust Co's either, cannot say how much troops i have to my Tribe Chat; and all that not for "Spies", but for players like "you" who will EXPOSE everything after losing/ getting kicked/ drunk/ just for telling other players someone suspicous.

You lost this world. You don't need to share anything caz it ain't changing anything for you.

Hahaha man your washed up.
First of all, i couldn't care less about private chats with people like this. Chats were about people who are cheating in a game and for that reason they deserve 0 respect, and about few guys who i thought were my friends and fucked me and other tribe over a game lol. And how do you know if i did or did not ask people that are mentioned and they said they don't care about this? I censored what was needed censoring? What are you talking i didn't censor when it went to private matters? I said i censored it because i was talking about someone from the tribe not about Jetfire who i was talking with at that point. If you don't know how to read that is kinda on you. You have 0 idea how moderating here works. With all the evidence we sent over 20 times - over 7 different accounts that posted them just from our account and well over that reports from other guys they still didn't get banned. And never will. I shared our side of the story about them cheating and all evidence we collected because i wanted to show that these guys really are cheating - and everyone knew about it. I dont need no permission from the "TW Team" to share things me and my friends collected hahaha bro you're delusional. Yes that is my point i would like to all people who read this know those guys are cheaters and how much I despise them. The same team was banned on 117 for same thing. And no me not being mod anymore it was about my time that i didn't have and that time and after that, i figured that is no job for me. Even tho i liked all the guys that are doing this work and mad respect for them. I trust the TW team - but as i was in mod training "normal" mods can't really ban them without certain things that i will not disclose here. But i also think if some player gets more than a certain amount of reports and there is so much evidence like we had some higher-up could ban them. Maybe this is the case as i don't know everything because i didn't finish my training because of me. I was mod in training and because i didn't have time i am no longer a mod. You know 0 about LEGAL things in TW so stop talking shit about it.

Hmm weird yet I'm not hated by anyone other than these 3 guys that I exposed for wanting to fuck over 50+ people who were playing together. I have enough respect from other players and those 3 showed their true selves. I don't need "friends" like that. You know nothing about 115 or 119 that is why you should leave and never come back. You know shit about my history with Flexes account and you know shit about anything else.

People like you don't have any friends and don't lead a tribe. If you think the world is over that is another reason why you shouldn't even return to the 119 forum. Noone cares about your opinion on anything. You are nobody. You just opened account a few hours ago to comment all on drama even tho you are not even playing on here lol. You're a sad man.

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i couldn't care less about private chats with people like this... they deserve 0 respect,... fucked me... You have 0 idea... over 7 different accounts that posted reports... you're delusional... mad... You know 0... you should leave... You know shit... you know shit about anything else... you don't have any friends... don't lead a tribe... you shouldn't even return... You are nobody... a sad man.