The Fantastic Four


Yup =] And I was in the academy prepareing for you ^_^ Yay for the ickle blue people!


No doubt he has the best Red Sig... cause it mentions GREEN:icon_twisted:


Ladies and gentleman, children and teens. World 49 has been announced to start on Thursday the 8th, however we will not be joining on that day. Instead, we'll be joining on monday 12th. Why the late start? To fit the original idea of the premades. You all have signed up to different teams, you all will be starting in different areas, however to make it a fair game we will all be joining on the same day, possibly later for some who cannot start on monday. I ask you all to be patient, if you're interested in having a roll in the tribe you must contact your team leader as soon as possible, I as the red team leader will stop recruiting on friday the 9th, So if you're still interested in joining the red team, contact me as quick as possible.

Also, as you're aware, both of the tribes yellow and blue dont have a half decent member count, therefor I will be merging both the tribes together. As a result I have assigned marcotje as the leader of the newly merged tribe.

Leaders/Starting points

[SPOIL]Red Team Leaders;
Dwarven King

Green Team Leader;

Blue/Yellow Team Leader

Starting Locations

Red Team;
Situated in the South-East 11:00 AM

Green Team;
Situated in North-East - Contact Leader

Yellow/Blue Team;
Situated in South-West - Contact Leader[/SPOIL]

Speed: 1.5
Unit speed: 1
Attack gap: 33ms
No paladin
No archers
No churches
Coin based noble system
Army camps enabled
Morale will be points+time based
No bonus villages
Barbarian villages will grow to 3,000 points
15 tech system
Beginner protection will be 3 days
No fake limit
No farm limit
Tribe limit: 50
No supporting players outside of your tribe
Players can choose their starting direction[/SPOIL]

I wish everyone the bets of luck, please remember if you're still interested you have little time to sign up. Thanks, Zev II


i'd prefer north-west ...

i think the 12th may be early also