The last days as a Duke. [Misery is upon a Merge]

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I guess it is time to call it like it is and take the one last toast as something I won't be anymore:

First of all, a toast to everyone in the tribe for surviving this long and believe in what Misery is all about.. I will tell you a Speech, my one last speech of announcement as it is time to do so before we go to ODZ..

Some of you know some of you does not know but The Ascension was founded by me.. former leader / Coduke of B.D.C / Rising / Nexus also known as Awake before if vanished under the control of MC Coys as he was the second duke in that tribe.

The story is here, the creation of Misery:

In my honest belief and love I will spell Misery for you;

M-isplaced (Raised a tribe from all the left overs / misplaced players)

I-conic (We are the last one to survive the in the CORE from the start)

S-urvival (Our plan short term and longtime was all about Survival)

E-xciting (Winning against ~SE~, Awake/Panda to get peace with Code yet still standing sure has been very exciting considering we were always the lower tribe)

R-imless (Many players surely got rimmed but the tribe overall was RIMLESS)

Y-ielding (Sadly after the ban & the war with Code there has been way to many internals but that's apart of the gave when people gets inactive or breaks rules/laws)

I am fully aware having me as a duke has gone both good and bad, that's all apart of:
-My Choices
-My Will
-My Path /w the Tribe
-My Situations (IRL)
-My Belief
I can point out 3 of the possibly greatest things I did as a duke and the 3 worst decisions I did:

1. I created a tribe of Belief in Winning in terms of gathering players from many tribes into one cluster and grow from there

2. I never backed down from anyone even the big-dogs, however that also could have turned the tribe into a meatshield of death, not this time.

3. I proved that Misery was a tribe for the long run, by always having a plan and thanks to my members belief, it went great.

A. I made us all get banned because of the fact that I didn't do anything about the post even tho I wanted the players itself to sorten it by themself which made B. the second mistake.

B. Declaring war against Code and come up short. The ban and the frontline broke and then we all broke sadly.

C. I accepted Kirk the Winemans decision in not oping Chaty, which was a urgent spot we should have had long time ago in the core.

All in all I had learned so much and not even learned, the fact that I could Duke a underdog tribe this succesfully should be in the W100 History Books, however all do I give myself alot of credit there are people I wanna thank:
-Leadership trough the era that consisted of;

Before the Ban /Mozzzza, Looniesi & Sentio
After the Ban /Leprecon, GrumpyReaper & Dawdles
\\ These up above were my ERA of Barons

(They had to live up with me and my decisions all times and they were the primary council members upon my time, HOWEVER.. There are some other council members indeed that I haven't mentioned and the reason is I do not want it to be unfair, I mention my barons as they had the secondary privs that could have changed the tribe without me knowing but yet they stood tall and showed loyalty and respected having the privs.)

-The rolefilling members (such as: Mr. Purple, DoctorateDenied, Snyper Eyes)

-The rest of the members that were giving it all everyday till' death came upon them, and last but not least those who are still alive.

As told in the forum, me and Mary Jane was PA's long time ago and we had one plan that turned K55 to what it mainly is, Misery & ODZ together forever, now we are going to merge with them as the lower tribe.

Thank you so much for letting me duke the tribe and believing me, I shall now let you all travel to the bigger tribe and hopefully we win this world all together. #KeepUpTheGoodWork

Willow the Duke, over and OUT.
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When you are convinced you make a difference, and haven't just poisoned the skilled tribe that was ODZ.