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Because Ash is too lazy to update his.

Player Milestones

2 villages: 1st: vietnam84 (Bunny) 2nd: sialover (SPANK) 3rd: chillguy (Zero)
10 villages: 1st: Madlax. (DSL) 2nd: next003 (DarkTM) 3rd: TosuN PashA (DarkTM)
50 villages: 1st: NorthStorm (FUSION) 2nd: Josheb (PANIC) 3rd: Madlax. (NME)
100 villages: 1st: NorthStorm (FUSION) 2nd: Facius (DINO) 3rd: KingRoch (DOLE!)

10k: 1st: vietnam84 (Bunny) 2nd: vinland (Ares) 3rd: Mellowmood (Athene)
100k: 1st: Madlax. (NME) 2nd: sr.senator 3rd: NorthStorm (FUSION)
500k:1st: NorthStorm (FUSION) 1st: Josheb (PANIC) 3rd: Madlax. (NME)
1 mil: 1st: NorthStorm (FUSION) 2nd: KingRoch (DOLE!) 3rd: facius (DINO)
3 mil: 1st: Madlax. (DSL) 2nd: facius (GRIND!) 3rd: warrior29 (GRIND!)

Opponents Defeated Attacker
10k: 1st: Megamorphy (Skittl) 2nd: Maripili (DSL) 3rd: omgitsafire (Athene)
50k: 1st: omgitsafire (Athene) 2nd: cumahoy (Bunny) 3rd: ??
100k: 1st: omgitsafire (Athene) 2nd: fatshoe15 (skittl) 3rd: cumahoy (DarkTM)
500k: 1st: next003 (DarkTM) 2nd: workslave (Rapax) 3rd:??
1 mil: 1st: vinland (V.O) 2nd: workslave (Rapax) 3rd: Regimantas (DSL)
5 mil: 1st: KingRoch (DOLE!) 2nd: Madlax. (NME) 3rd: NorthStorm (FUSION)
10 mil:1st: KingRoch (NAF) 2nd: Sobaks (NME) 3rd: stuartisgod (NME)

Tribe Milestones

Villages nobled
200 Villages: 1st: FUSION 2nd: SPANK 3rd: DarkTM
500 Villages: 1st: DarkTM 2nd: DSL 3rd: FUSION
1000 Villages 1st: FUSION 2nd: DSL 3rd: ²2FAST
2000 Villages: 1st: FUSION 2nd: DSL 3rd: TLA/SPANK
5000 Villages: 1st: DSL 2nd: 3rd:

Points (Top 40)
1 mil: 1st: DarkTM 2nd: Zero 3rd: FUSION
5 mil: 1st: DarkTM 2nd: FUSION 3rd: DSL
10 mil: 1st: FUSION 2nd: DSL 3rd: NME
50 mil: 1st: DSL 2nd: TLA 3rd: GRIND!
100 mil: 1st: Grind! 2nd: 3rd:

Opponents Defeated Attacker
100k: 1st: Bunny 2nd: Skittl 3rd: DSL
500k: 1st: Bunny 2nd: Skittl 3rd: DSL
1 mil: 1st: Bunny 2nd:Skittl 3rd: DSL
10 mil: 1st DSL 2nd: DarkTM 3rd: FUSION
50 mil: 1st DSL 2nd: FUSION 3rd: NME
100 mil: 1st DSL 2nd: FUSION 3rd: NME
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great job shards,so this is w29 history...i just love it:)(i also love you..:icon_wink:)


As a mod wouldn't you have the ability to edit his post and update it? Or would that be a no-no for mods to do?

Either way the few milestones left I'll never be able to reach.


and its still unclear who got the 1000 nobled villages first.. S.I.R or ²2fast


It's not to 1000 villages, it's nobled 1000 villages.

In this case, 2FAST is still short..

Conquers: 919 (+887-32)

SIR is still behind as well, though close:

922 (+884-38)

But nobody else has passed it either from my looking around.


Depends if you go by:
a)the tribes ennoblements
b)the players in the tribes ennoblements.
If its a) then twstats is the place to find out.
If its b) then just check the rankings list.
Both forms are correct.


Congrats to ²2FAST for hitting 1k villages nobled 3rd ^^

/end update.


Congratulations FUSION to be first to reach 10M P with 40 players.


NME was third to 10 mil in the top 40 :3

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[18/04/2009 6:09:25 PM] Jax(PoW) says: trickie
[18/04/2009 6:09:28 PM] Jax(PoW) says: you got my msg didnt you.
[18/04/2009 6:10:13 PM] Trickie says: oo yh
[18/04/2009 6:10:31 PM] Jax(PoW) says: It will only be a one day thing
[18/04/2009 6:10:37 PM] Jax(PoW) says: or however long you need it
[18/04/2009 6:10:38 PM] Trickie says: so u want me to invite u, so we get the milestone then u leave again?
[18/04/2009 6:10:44 PM] Jax(PoW) says: basically
[18/04/2009 6:10:54 PM] Trickie says: meh
[18/04/2009 6:11:11 PM] Jax(PoW) says: either that or let NME claim it :p
[18/04/2009 6:11:38 PM] Trickie says: they can have it
[18/04/2009 6:12:39 PM] Jax(PoW) says: there ego is going to inflate some more
[18/04/2009 6:13:38 PM] Trickie says: ahh well, im sure ill live :)
[18/04/2009 6:13:54 PM] Jax(PoW) says: i know you will
[18/04/2009 6:13:59 PM] Jax(PoW) says: but you'll live in their shadow!
[18/04/2009 6:15:07 PM] Trickie says: thats cool, i hate the sunlight anyway

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Facius - Second to 100 Villages.

07th May 2009 - 12:14:42