The world to end worlds


you do have opposition though, namely the 2nd biggest tribe in the world. And still all he does is noble their inactives instead of taking out the players that can actually do some damage & leaving the inactives to smaller members.


Shush Cricman.
Go in game and noble something, farm, build some troops...something.
Prove that you can actually play this game and deserve to be in a top-5 tribe (good luck with that :icon_rolleyes:).
I started almost 7 months after you and I am already larger than you. :icon_eek:

Get off the forums, because you not only fail in-game, you fail here also.

*Ahem*...on topic (even though almost the whole topic is off-topic)...
This world would be an interesting idea theoretically, but would be fairly difficult to set up, and I'm not sure if it would actually work the way it was meant to.
On top of that, people's egos would get bruised, they would be sad. :icon_sad: