Fixed Time Left Decommissioning Nobles Doesn't Update When Count Changes Externally

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Time Left Decommissioning Nobles Doesn't Update When Noble Count Changes Externally

What I was expecting to happen:

When one of the two nobles that were decommissioning left the village, I expected the time to decommission the noble(s) would drop by 50 minutes.

What actually happened:

The time needed to decommission the nobles did not change, and was displaying more than the time it takes for a single noble to decommission, for the one noble.




Reproduction Steps:

1. Have a village with Academy and at least 2 nobles at home.
2. Decommission these nobles in bulk (2 or more at a time).
3. Send one of the nobles out on an attack.
4. Observe the time left for decommissioning has not changed as a result of sending one of the nobles away from the village.


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This should be resolved in the next update. (8.231)

I'll keep this open for a few days after the update took place for feedback. If it is still broken, please let us know, otherwise we will consider it resolved;
@Frying Pan Warrior