Time to slurp...


Yarr NEVER helped Slurp! As a member on the front line with Slurp! I was very unhappy to not be able to continue to eat and grow. I am not taking anything a way from Slurp!, just saying, we in Yarr NEVER EVER helped them. You are a FOOL to believe so.


Look again Smart-ass, SVG is still there.

Besides, we wouldn't have needed to go to Yarr if Yarr hadn't helped you from the start. And vice versa. We fought our part of the war on our own. With just 16 members. And you couldn't do anything till Yarr started to help you. Great job

Like the previous 2 posters stated, Yarr pretty much stayed out of that war. Apart from us nobling some SVG villages near us (you declared on us, so fair game), which you cant count as 'helping' Slurp as there were only a few villages, there was no other coordinated/ordered/expected help. IF (and that is a very big IF) any support at all was given to Slurp (which I highly doubt there was any), it would have been an individual players choice to do so ~ Not the tribe.

chende9 pretty much highlighted who 'won' the war.