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1. Zero-Two. Has been a force of nature since day 1.

2. AceZSpades. Never got to front him myself, which I am both grateful and a bit salty about as I want to know what all the fuss is about. We all know how good Mike is, and he deserves the 2nd spot on this list, if not the first.

3. Supderdog 2.0. This was probably Pears biggest carry account, we would not have done as well as we did without this account. Mitchell can be one of the best there is, and with Incon by his side, this account is truly a force to be reckoned with. It's hard to give this account a higher rank, considering they were on a losing side.

4. makobex. Again, this account was not fronting me, only heard tales of its significance.

5. .Greazy. Sam, was one of the guys that did his outmost best to make Pear work as a tribe. He joined our council at a later stage, and I think it's safe to say that without Sam taking a leadership role in both Virus and Pear, working overtime taking sits whenever it was needed, this world would look significantly different. His ideas and his scripts are some of the most creative I've seen playing this game, and he was always there when we needed him. He has been a trooper, and still is. One of the best tribemates I've played with.

6. Old-Sadao. Even after the fall of Virus, this account worked day and night to try and make it work. He also showed us multiple times on the battlefield that he deserves this spot.

7. GeeGee. One of the accounts I have had the pleasure of fronting, and oh boy I've never been catted so hard in my long career of Tribal Wars. Solid.

8. Dont Mind Me. I only had the pleasure of fronting this account for a short period of time. And even though it did not work out for them then, they came right back at us with a blast. This was the only remotely useful player coming out of the whole "WOMEN" alliance. Even with them being in a shitty position, some of the snipes they made and the way they were defending really impressed me. It saddens me now that we didn't recruit them after seeing their abilities.

9. Pear (the player). Pear has been our duke since day one, which sort of explains our tribe name. Even though he did not plan for this tribe to reach as far as it did, it did because of the firm leadership Pear believed in. He planned many of our ops, and his vision and leadership were one of the few reasons our tribe was able to overcome the many obstacles we faced throughout the world. Most of the success of our Tribe we owe to Pear. He has been a good leader and a good friend. He was always our beacon of hope when we needed it the most. If it didn’t end as it did, I would have put my faith in Pear to lead us through the long night.

10. Doctor Strangewar. This last spot was hard for me, but i ended up with Doctor Strangewar. An account I had never seen personally prior to this world, but that fast caught my attention. Throughout early, mid and late game, this account always kept going forward, and it was really hard to keep up at times with how good they were farming and attacking. Even though they disappeared for a vast period of time, I was never in doubt that this account was highly skillful as they many times showed us on the battlefield. With this he takes the last spot on my list.


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Since it's pretty dead here in the externals for quite some time, I'll do one too

1. Zero-Two The most consistent player in the tribe from the beginning until now and keeps going strong. He got nukes for days

2. AceZSpades The carry of KEKW, considering all the OP's he has made and the thousand upon thousands of fakes he sent in the VIRUS/Pear war. Also he's known to fang a little bit too :p
He and CG surely are a killer combo

3. Kingjay321 Played his account to the top level and always has time to help others with sitting when under attack or even to just mint. The best tribe mate to have. Pleasure having you as a neighbor in all 3 of my main K's <3
And that goes for both players on the account.

4. Dont Mind Me BL noob who turned to FL killer. From supporting everyone, to hoarding everyone's support... Hmmm, maybe i should take you off my top10 of 113. You're this high only because you supported me a lot in K54 axaxa. Love ya

5. a.F.k Elmo Great council member. From organising defence, to cracking enemy OPs and of course sending his BL nukes and fangs all the time to VIRUS or Pear FL. A real beast. He's known to afk from time to time, but maybe that's just rumours ;)

6. GeeGee The brains of KEKW, especially when it came to diplomacy. Very calm guy and as a tribe mate he was also very active in sending support or nuking/fanging the Pear FL. He's below Elmo because he didn't feed me internals :(

7-8. Dreaamyr/Danneboii I really can't put one over the other. The swedes are pretty much hugging all world, Nobling in the same areas and paired together in OPs. Never once was there a misunderstanding or problem with them (kappa). Very active players and great to have on FL. Also very energetic guys.

9. Julius-Caesar Was nuked/fanged and kept at 4-5K incs for weeks straight, but always kept his composure and tried to withstand it while we were pushing and making progress in the east. And with a certain addition to his account, it was elevated both skill-wise and activity-wise. Now it's easily one of the best accounts of our tribe

10. MrBurger Another account that tasted the Pear fanging/nuking, but also kept fighting and didn't bleed vills when overwhelmed. Kudos to you mate. The accounts that kept nobling in the east did all we did, because the west stand strong, when all they had to do is play defence.

Honorable mention to our (soon-to-be-internalled) theImpaler. If the barbs bully you pm me for support

Still this top10 doesn't do justice to other players who also did a great job for the tribe. KEKW is definitely one of the most packed tribes I've seen or been a part of. Quite the pleasure playing with you scrubs :cool:

P.S. I didnt name any VIRUS members for obvious reasons and Pear members, because I personally didn't get to fight any of them...
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Agree Mako, time to mention some of the toughest ( sorry for being afk this world, I promise FL on the next one <3 )

1. Caligula Always a threat from the north, carrying the tribe when the sun shines and night falls

2. Refined Gent Been #1 for most of the time, nobody deserved it more

3. Navarian 24/7, walled many OPs on them

4. Prime Minister Smith similar to Caligula, you can see their chemisty and years of playing together

5. Bishop his stats against Virus says it all

6. Incoming I heard eastern guys still recovering from his pressure

7. Talli56 Took the wheel when none else wanted, mentality over 9999

8. Ron every tribe wants a player like this. Unreachable guy in every segment

9. T-bone true leader, iron fist of the east

10. Nnnnnnn pp pls?


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1. Zero-Two - Of course me. Biggest ego, best player, diplomat, recruiter, duke in TW history all thanks to Freebird's money & Raia's nightshifts, also known as dukeNAN, dADNAN, acc sitting bitch during OPs.

2. AceZSpades - Combination of Skilled Camel 2019 & Curious "Tea Time" George. Both very good players, skill-wise best account on this world in my opinion. Excellent OP planning by Mike & great 4ms snipes from CG make them a deadly combo. Honorable mention to my boy Jup who carried the account early game.

3. Makobex - also known as macrobex. Carried the tribe in one way by forcing his coplayer to move to another account by calling him a pussy. Very annoying player (almost as annoying as Chelsea games) to play against considering he's always on top of the faking rankings (carried by a Canadian). Considers himself the best Greek player in TW, although he's not even the best in the tribe.

4. kingjay123 - it's always great to have an account in tribe that will take your sit anytime, for KEKW that account was kingjay. Didn't expect a lot from him in midgame honestly, but Jay and his co Alex did an amazing job when the big boys (VIRUS and Pear) teamed up against us. Both very good players and teammates, one loves coke more than the other one.

5. Dont Mind Me - the combo of 3 Greeks (one that plays, one that is silent and one that spams nudity in our discord) & a Norwegian (sugar daddy of the account). Very nicely run account, great teammates & great defenders. Top ODS atm and they're always quick to respond and help.

6. Julius-Caesar - probably the best account we had in the west all thanks to Ricky who stepped in at the right moment to help Terry who was basically the solo player at that time. The account grew and became really good after that addition and I think they make a good duo. Honorable mention to Tyson (Razor) who merged into them recently, very fun guy but if you need help with probability exams don't ask him anything.

7. a.K.a elmoo - a good friend of mine which I usually play every world with. Amazing player although he didn't have much time to play frontline this world, if it wasn't for his co Austin he would probably have to rename to a.F.k elmoo.

8. GeeGee - as mako said above, brain of our tribe. Very kind person and knows how to talk and deal with people. Slowly turning into a.F.k Gee but I don't blame him as there's nicer things to do in Colombia than TW. *looks at Jay*

9. dreaamyr - also known as Dramayr, recently promoted council member. Owner slacks with activity as she's very busy, but her coplayers are there to do the heavy lifting. Besides that, great tribe mate that will always help anyone in the tribe. Very good variety streamer too as she played and streamed the last event for 4 hours on discord (it was painful).

10. DanneBoii - Since his eSports career failed by playing FPS games professionally he decided to play ancient browser games and click buildings. He's pretty good at it and has great synergy with Dramayr (sometimes too good that they un-share commands). Awesome tribemate & very good music taste :dubuwink:

Other people I would like to mention are Burger/Greg (good at TW & probability), Greazy/Sam (the enemy account that did most of work in his tribe imo), Sadao (only decent account in VIRUS imo) & Superdog (best enemy account in west).

Shoutout to everyone else in KEKW/RULE and the players in Pear that actually tried on this world when it mattered, respect.

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1. Tudda.
. of the world

everyone forgetting tuda.We all know he is the real OG ultra giga mega. and guys pls stop pumping zeros ego,its already high enough


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1. AceZSpades - We didnt start off on the right foot early world :p but he stamped his mark on this world and tribe.
I created the Ops on the smaller tribes but Mike did the Ops for the real war vs Virus and this victory is based mostly on those Ops. and that shit takes time to plan. And he didnt just plan but he lead by example. So i respect the time and effort put into that. Also I liked how Adnan had to kind of force him into council. Most people would die for a council spot (... looks at dreamyr :rolleyes: ) but Mike walked out like 4 times before being forced to stay lol. Thats when i knew he belonged in council. Also Grandpa Gee and Baldy get along just fine now (incase that first sentence made outsiders wonder), Mike's cool.
ps: Big Shout out to Jupiter. the big carry for the account early world.
pps: Everyone donate a lil something to the gofundme so we can send mike to Turkey for hair transplant surgery... Baldy deserves it.

2. Zero-Two - one of the Best Dukes ive ever seen. Knows what his strongpoints are and knows where its best he lets others do their thingy. Doesnt rule like your typical tw dictator but isnt afraid to make unpopular choices either if need be. Best and most consistent player of the world fighting wise imo. Real leader always leading his tribe on the battlefield. As consistant and reliable as can be. Would be #1 if it wasnt for the Ops by Mike.

3. kingjay123 - I also didnt expect much from them in the beginning tbh but man o man how different would our pear frontline have been without Kingjay picking up daily overnight accountsits. Just cant overlook how big that was for us, then they also went crazy on virus all of a sudden. Very good account and cool guys. reliable, loyal and they do anything for the tribe. I would bring u guys a present from colombia but Ive heard colombian jail aint comfy so youre gonna have to come down here to enjoy colombia for yourselves guys.

4. Makobex - The best non OMG/Jheez greek Ive seen in TW. Also the only but dont tell him that. active active active. Consistant fighter, good tribemate, tribe orientated, turns down internals that arent close to him (but does blame you for not feeding him internals afterwards :p). The kind of soldier u need on your frontlines.

5. ... There werent 10 players worthy of being ranked this world tbh so lets leave it at this ( also I arrived at the beach, time to go skinny dipping).

Honourable mention and shout out to Scarlett-Maiden and my boys: (in random order) internal Vlad, Survivants, Ryan, Jamaican, 2AK, Elmoo, the Sweden Double Ds (wouldve been next to be mentioned on the list), CG, Austin, Turambar, Jaguar66, JoeThompson, DMM, Ricky, Pam, Blue, Pear(the player) and Snorlax for not pulling a slim/kalix and quit because of the catting :p and everyone who played Among Us during the Ops. if i forgot anyone, I still love you, im just in vacay mood :)

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1. Zero-Two / dAdnan / keklawyer

By far the best all round player on this world.
You need nukes ? He'll provide them for you
You need def ? He'll provide it for you
You need sit ? He'll take it
You need pp ? Adnan sugar daddy will get it for you
You need help with the ban appeal ? He'll simp to jawjaw to get u unbanned

Jokes aside, best duke and tribemate I've ever played with. Not everyone can deal with thousands of daily incomings; loss of lots of villages and come back in a such fashion like he did.

Respect to you my balkan brother <3

2. makobex " gReEks bEsT pLaYeR oF aLL tiMe"

Account was shit before Newfie joined and I'll end it with that :kekpopcorn:

3. kingjay321 - powered by coke

Oh boy, was I wrong about his account ...
Both Jay and Tesla boy prove themselves to be the lethal force on the frontline.
KEKW night sitters and ,imho, most reliable account in KEKW.

4. dreaamyr & DanneBoii - drama bois

Unbeatable swedish duo. Had my doubts but after first few OPs I realized that
they belong to be where they are now. Just don't fight plz -.-"

5. GeeGee

Composed, calm, smart, wise. Pretty much the brains of KEKW. Always tried to get the best out of every single member
even tho I hate his guts, I still consider him as the best council member KEKW had because of the ideas and decisions he made.

6. Sam/Greazy

Takes a lot of balls;effort and time to do all the things he did to try to stop KEKW push in the east.

7. DMM - greeks 2nd best player of all time

Everyone needs a turtle by their side and these guy did their job perfectly.
Top ODS whole world when it mattered. Huge respect <3

8. JC

Dealt with constant pressure for weeks and whole council was relieved when Ricky joined the account because he brought a bit of stability in the west

9. MrBurger

Hard working player even when under constant and relentless pressure.
He's someone who has improved A LOT troughout w113 and it was nice to see him grow as a player.
Best gambler in KEKW 10/10

10. afk elmo

afk balkan brother , spent half of the world gardening and exploiting Pear's weaknesses
Great council mem(b)er and def coordinator
jelena <3

Biggest disappointment - MeaningLess - no explanation needed I guess ....

Honorary mentions to scarlet & vlad - very active and reliable tribemates; Bacon - big carry early game; cope - thanks for trusting us; turambar - player with a lot of potential, it's a shame world is pretty much over so we won't be able to see what you're all about; 2AK - was under the radar most of the world but they were always there when it mattered, also a very underrated player imho; bluedog - ty for sending sit to me every OP; Krige & dummbullen - ty for trusting me <3



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I never really played by the standards in the game, so not starting now.

1. KEKW/RULE tribe as a whole . I could pick a top 10 like the thread asks, but really the unit as a whole was extremely impressive. A team is only as good as the group that leads them. These guys lead with words and even more so actions. Easy to want to be a part of it and fight back against the evil pear. JC account impresses me the most of course though ;)

2. Pear tribe (in pieces) - Mad respect for the constant battering and beating that i got to experience firsthand several times.

If you are good, you are aware of it. Hopefully you aren't coming here for validation because I'm not giving out individual titles. You'll see it in my messages to ya Now to go kill some more friendly nobles and prepare for the next probability exam.