Top 10 Tribes:




1.Storm ~ wooo go us =D epic group of people and a great couple of leaders, made a few really good friends here =) glad to be a part of it

2.UNDER ~ worthy adversaries, their merge with ~O~, despite people worrying it would just be a return of the problems RAM had, seems to be doing really well... hell i just got my first 2 defenders of the day so something must be going right for them. anticipating a name change soon though =P

3.RAWKOR ~ not heard much since ~O~ merged with UNDER

4.boys ~ the guys in the east, very quiet

5.Clear! ~ we get their actives and they get our inactives =P pretty sweet deal

6.~NIX~ ~ were doing well until Diego left them... not sure what the stats are atm

7.ANARKY ~ wonder what theyll be called next week...

8.TEA ~ only thing i know about these is that a pure inactive joined them... so im guessing theyre the clear! of UNDER

9.-4M- ~ part of RAW's old family... not sure what happened to them now

10.Geeky ~ same as above


Vewy vewy qwiet in boys territowy. (Worst Elmer Fudd line ever.)


1.Storm ~ Merged with X-men. Nice bunch of mates warring them has been fun. Thanks for defender of the day:p

2.UNDER ~ Da best around. Nuff said!

3.RAWKOR ~ Tribe with that nub kev774

4.boys ~ T3h boys

5.Clear! ~ Takes in Storms inactives so it doesnt mess up their stats we should be winning except for this nub tribe.

6.~NIX~ ~ Merged a while back fell apart.

7.ANARKY ~ Just a bunch of noobs trying to survive in a big nub world.
(Please Note in lamberts words:

[1/31/2011 9:30:29 PM]noob = doesnt want to learn stubborn f***
[1/31/2011 9:30:30 PM] Lambert: newb = new player
[1/31/2011 9:30:34 PM] Lambert: nub = slang for noob)

8.TEA ~ Ex RAM

9.-4M- ~ Status:Getting killed by RAWKOR/UNDER

10.Geeky ~ Wait! Who is Geeky?


well... Clear! hasnt exactly taken your stats away... no more than TEA has for us anyway.


most of Clear hasnt either. the only one i know of is Parsonsc2011, who quit and gifted his account to me, so he went to clear and i nobled him


There is one major difference tho TEA has never been in UNDER.

darn thats funny better go make a list

1 Rtwrt
2 haidar killer
3 snaperay
4 Halo1749
5 trxster
6 criz101
all have been in under at some point...

evilfear (was in ram)
rock.n.roll (was in ram)
chrss2128 (was in ram)
his some rammers too

so 9 out of 16...


TEA is a dead tribe, Clear is isnt. Although both are the house of inactives of Storm and Under


I dont see Tea attacking Storm, but i know Clear! has attacked Under/Ram before


Your tribe 7 65048 1199714 146198
Enemy 0 0 54690 1209319

Difference 7 65048 1145024 -1063121

54k ODA against us... it definitely isnt a lot but TEA certainly did attack at least once


Well yea, he isnt a dead account tho. so one player :p Ohh god call the defence jenkin. lol


1.Storm... if they'd leave -4M- alone we could focus on just UNDER
2.UNDER...except for the fact that they're eating some of our food accounts, their actions on our active accounts has been minimal (as has ours) but Mama and Sliprob wasted a LOT of troops on my main vil
3.RAWKOR...good allies still (tho not family tribe now) and finally moved all our shared food accounts to WOLF so we and they have more room for active players and stats will be more accurate now
4.boys...Mb has done a wonderful job with boys, and recruited thiben (great move, but we sad cos he was our ally)
5.Clear!...sorry to hear you're becoming a food tribe, guys
6.~NIX~...cant say much cos dont know much
7.ANARKY...despite all former flaming, dom and his crew seem to be a good team
8.TEA--personally I like coffee better than tea, but they're basically all food so soon it will be time to have dinner with snaperay
9.-4M-...recently moved our inactives to WOLF and making plans to put UNDER under and make the Undead go away
10.Geeky...not sure who's left in this former ally of WOLFPK


1.Storm - Great attacking and defending tribe. Lots of help with sitting, supporting, faking, and co-ops
2.UNDER - great at mass attacks, not so great at sending noble trains. Decent co-operation, but lacking cohesion
3.RAWKOR - these guys are still a tribe? Seemed like Under took the better players from them already
4.boys - quiet tribe that stays out of trouble
5.Clear! - container tribe for Storm
6.~NIX~ - this tribe should have been nobled out months ago. Can we please stop the Under/Storm war to wipe them out?
7.ANARKY - What the hell is this? Oh, the tribe that couldn't decide on a name
8.TEA - Container tribe for Under
9.-4M- - a "to-be-nobled" tribe
10.Geeky - another "to-be-nobled" tribe


1. Storm - I actually have nothing against them despite what other people want me to think about Storm.
2. UNDER - The tribe surrounding me at the moment. Great people to talk to and have good conversation with. The merge with ~O~ went fairly well and seem to do well right now.
3. RAWKOR - I have no idea what boys wants to do with these guys so I'm staying put so the confusion can clear from my head.
4. boys - Yea, we're fairly quiet.
5. Clear! - Basically the TEA of Storm
6. ~NIX~ - From what I see, they're making a hell of a stand against Storm. I'm interested to see how this goes.
7. ANARKY - They're here, they're probably not going to last long, but they're here and doing something about it. I have no idea what.
8. TEA - The Clear! of UNDER
9. -4M- - I could attack them, but they're too far away for me to attack so I'm not going to.
10. Geeky - Why can't they just admit that they've lost and disband?