Top 20 Tribe Predictions


Here's a thought, how about the next time somebody decides to start predicting the future wars and alliances and their outcomes, they go start a new thread: Top 20 Tribe Predictions

Personally, I'm glad to see some action in the recent days in the top 4, two tribes have declared war, should spice things up in here once the wars heat up a bit. Looking forward to a good analysis once war stats have come in.

TSL doesnt find 3DX too much trouble and decide to expand their North Eastern border

Skill? can't crack BOA just like their predecessors and decide there are easier pickings in another direction - North or South are their only options

1337 fail to dent Chaos' frontline and start to get desperate with the looming gangbang once other tribes see they aren't all that tough at all

XTC withers away between SnM and 3DX until they get a slight reprieve in the West due to 3DX having bigger concerns

The Question is do skill? go south into 3DX or North into 1337?
TSL will continue to clean their K's , and to gather the benefits of past wars , they will wach close what neighbours do, and will respond against any action against them..
Oh yes, i forgot a tribe called SQ, maybe we will make time for them too :).

Skill against ex k67 ? Hmm. IT will not be easy. The same for 1337 against Chaos, i think their future will depends on how will manage their relationships with Skill.

3dx has a very good place now, but they upset Skill and TSl, and this is not good for them. It is not a such a good thing to become greedy.

Blööd .. Pff not a bright future for them, i see kenkatesumi already know that :).

SnM , a tribe in silance...... They will merge somewhere....
I screwed the other thread up, so now I'm going to fix it.

Enjoy :)


TSL wil rule the world until 2012 ..
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The least you could do is post your OWN PREDICTIONS!!

here, I me nice and do the work for you, but just this one time...

It's pretty easy to see what's happening here.

TSL and Skill?'s path to world domination:

1. TSL and Skill? make agreement to leave each other alone.

2. TSL nobles barbs left from the [R] war to try to get in closer to hit 3DX.
3. 1337 takes the opportunity to hit Chaos, as they either have an agreement with Skill? or are deathly afraid of them; either way, 1337 are complete fools to do either if they want to win this world.
4. Skill? declares on ABCD and win that war in order to put a devastating right flank on 3DX.
5. TSL declares on 3DX once Skill? has pretty much finished and is cleaning up ABCD; forces 3DX to stack most of the D to the west.
6. After a good bit of fighting has been done, and the west is majorily stacked, Skill? declares, taking tons of villages that are not defended and absolutely crippling 3DX, ensuring its downfall.
7. Skill? and TSL divide the south, eat both of their own hemispheres, and Skill? either puts an alliance or merger in place with 1337.
8. TSL and Skill?/1337 fight to decide who wins the world, and whoever isn't plagued the most by inactivity wins.

Sound about right, TSL and Skill?



I :lol:.

The least you could do is post your OWN PREDICTIONS!!

here, I me nice and do the work for you, but just this one time...
Well, thanks great chachi. I bow to you, sire.

I'm afraid, however, that I don't have anything more to say on the subject. The public doesn't like my opinion nor will they listen to it, so I shall watch :).

Just wanted to fix the other thread once I noticed people were somewhat keeping up the conversation.


lol @ opteron and his english :D
I <3 you opteron ;)

Anyway... we need a new conspiracy theorist to flame...


Yeah :( Now its back to the boring old flaming- (Z grade @ opteron and fireyflame @ 1337)


I'm still here, you didn't scare me off from watching, I just am not going to post anymore, well, at least on this subject :icon_wink:.


you need a new subject! hmmm... we will find something for ya :)

ok, i;m going off the forum, too much of me here. soon someone will use "do not feed trolls" at me
ttyl guys and gals
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Tribe name:The Sith Lords
The Trade alliance grows nicely under the Sith lords. Admiral Opteron Was almost killed by Open Darth's mysterious power. They have just gotten a few spy's within the senate and the jedi. Right now the Small green man comes in and begins cutting there arms off. Woosh and swash He clips Opteron's Ear off. then suddenly dies while Darth open watches. :icon_surprised:

Tribe name:Death, Destruction, Domination
Death, Destruction, Domination, Dominated, Wips ? Paddles ? Man Clamps and Moobs!. They Open up into the SnM Market attracting huge amount of Fetish lovers. some Bunny lovers too :icon_eek: But since The recession started they have had to lay off people due to making no money. now due to more romping due to the down turn some staff are having Illness time off as they cannot sit. So now they must shut up shop and move out before the Removal men do it for them :lol:

Tribe name:Anti-Skill
Anti-Skill Begin producing an anti Flea spray. And with that and with autumn on its way Flea's need to be killed so now the Company Anti Skill are the leading money maker in anti Flea stuff Then now begin making Anti Stick. a strong glue. we decided to use that instead of "no more nails" and that kinda had a bad day the 60 ton Angel of the north we built fell apart. bust done and dusted we cash in with the Scrap at £700 a ton we become ritch buy a pub and become a very frendly fun place. we don't win but your Homes, pets, wifes, husband, and kids are neglected because you love us!

I'm tired ill do one with the rest later.


I like it :D But... this is not the top 10 tribe analysis... so if that was what that was supposed to be, it shouldnt be here