Top 20 tribes opinion


1 Hazard - Look good. Decent OD, comprised of well known and respected players. Will have to compete with BOOB to claim their K though

5 Silent - Look decent I guess. Has Kebabe/sasuke ever led a tribe which lasted more than 2 months though?

11 NUTS - Look great. less than 40 members, that's what I like to see. Very high average points, should do well.

19 BOOB - Were not a bad little tribe on world 24. In normal circumstances I would predict these to go the distance, however I cannot see them overcoming the monsterous obstacle of Hazard, the other large tribe they share K65 with. Needless to say, sparks will fly in the south over the next month.

We lasted so long guys... why, why do this!

Because this forum is shit. I usually hate these threads, but will happily contribute to it in an effort to kick start world 43 pnp.


I don't get it... Why does everyone write NUTS in bright red and every other tribe's name normal.

Can someone enlighten me?


I don't get it... Why does everyone write NUTS in bright red and every other tribe's name normal.

Can someone enlighten me?
If you did a forum seach for NUTS then it will appear in bolded red so you can find it easier.


try going a way for a year and bit and coming back and see if you know anybody...

i vouch this, just came back after a year and a half and hardly remember anyone, just a couple that appear to have stuck around

but on topic NUTS does appear to be very good tribe and will probably stick around for a long time


Well once again i have found myself to be very bored and have not much to do. Looking through the world 43 forums i have found that they are disappointing to say the least. Although that is generally the case with new worlds as there is not much interesting to talk about before nobles come out. So for the simple fact that i am bored i have decided to write a big about each tribe currently in the top 20. I know many people are sick of theses threads and believe me so am i. I am merely writing this to pass some time. Anyway enough chiter chatter and ill get into this pointless reply.

1 Hazard: From this point in time this tribe does appear to have some depth in players. They have a fairly good hold over their K and i would not be surprised if they were to stay around the top for a bit longer. They do not have a huge amount of members and have a good average points per player. The only down side that i can see that is they are quite close to each other in parts witch will mean they do not have much room to expand. I cannot see this tribe lasting for very long however i can see a few of the players staying and becoming successful in this world.

2 KINGS: From a small amount of past experience i have had with the Leader of this tribe (sir cornish) i was not impressed. He seemed to have a bit of an ego and not much ability to back up his claims. However as it was not a long experience i will not judge him completely on this. Now getting back to the tribe. It looks to be mass recruiting and does not have a great average i cannot see any players of note and would expect that this tribe will slowly drift away off the top of the rankings sheet.

3 ZoO: Having a fairly large amount of members in the tribe and not the best average i do not see this to be a tribe that will stick around. Maybe they will prove me wrong.

4 Dogs: Large number of members low average once again i do not expect to see them at the top for much longer.

5 Silent: This tribe has a good number of members and a fairly good average. Looks to have a bit of depth in some of the players in the tribe. This tribe could stick around for a wile however that is not what i expect to happen.

6 ~RFG~: This tribe deserves nothing more really than to be told that they will not last and that the only reason they are high on the rankings now is that they have a lot of members.

7 TDL: Same as ~RFG~ got no chance

8 NUTS: Now here is a tribe that i feel could do well. Not knowing any of they players i do not know what they are capable of. However i have heard many good things. If this is not a tribe of just start up players then i would not be surprised to see then in the top 3 spots for a wile.

9 BlackW: This tribe makes me laugh it is quite clear that they are not going anywhere. I tend to get that feeling when they tribe calls themselves elite in their profile.

10 CFC: Nothing to say but this tribe will Fail.

11 KOD: Same as CFC

12 Fusion: Same as last two tribes but they look a bit worse than them.

13 ~OoS~: Cant see anything good in this tribe.

14 D~L: Another fail tribe.

15 H1N1: Yet another one.

16 BALKAN: And another one.

17 BOOB: Could be there for a wile but i doubt it.

18 {FIRE}: Fail.

19 K-45U: They seem to be like a load of noobs. If i recall correctly before there was an amusing post showing just that.

20 ~EGE~: Fail

Well there is my analyses. At the start of this post i was planning to write a lot more however it soon became clear that most of these tribes are not even worth commenting on as most will be gone in a few days.

For those that wonder i am playing this world under an alias and am not just dropping in from another world and taking a quick look at the rankings.

I do hope that in the future the world 43 forum will improve a bit and will be much more pleasant to read and comment on.