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this was done before but it seems to be a dead thread so what is the opinion of this illustrious group of each tribe in the top 20.

1 Devils
2 Rx4U
3 NOB!!
4 ~RAID~
6 B.F.
8 *TA
9 Prowl
10 L-STD
11 TBE
13 Pop!
14 ~NOVA~
15 IK2
16 Divine
17 IK
18 T.D.E
20 Insane


1 Devils - Doing very well
2 Rx4U - Slowed down a bit however im sure they got something up their sleve
3 NOB!! - Hit a slump...climbing out of it
4 ~RAID~ - Kills nubs ded
5 GLEE - Dont know a lot on these guys...must be rly good buddies to be able to survive in nob controlled territory...overall look good but the spread is horrible
6 B.F. - Im not quiet sure what to make of them...if they're still together with TA then good...if they just split and decide to stay out of it they're digging their own grave...
7 THEM - hanging in there
8 *TA - hanging in there
9 Prowl - on the rise
10 L-STD - N/A
11 TBE - Everyone fancies their own
12 AGGRO - On the rise
13 Pop!- show off
14 ~NOVA~ show off
15 IK2 - Like em, but sadly a fail...should just restart with the entire family on the rim and work their way inward from there
16 Divine - not a lot of info on these guys
17 IK- look above
18 T.D.E - Imps
19 XXXXXX - Epic Fail
20 Insane- show off

King Dragon

1 Devils - Ex T.D.E member Noobs, Family tribe, fail and fail again, i dont remember all thing people have writing about us, funny that someone are big in words but small in the world,

2 Rx4U - My thing about Rx4U is it that is the tribe we not have fight against, i think they are good, they dont brag, and they think before they act, therfor i think they are one of the best in this world.

3 NOB!! - i hade alot of respect for them, when the recruit MASK player i told them we will not acept it, they told me that they will kill us if we do anything, i think they have fall down alot, i have never got so many member in a enemy tribe that want to "buy" them free for information. so i think they got a big problem.

4 ~RAID~ - Hmm quiet tribe, rumors say they got skillz, i belive that to, i belive they real think before they act, they got Rx4U real close,

5 GLEE - Basher tribe for NOB!! or not, they attack and do operation with NOB!! some of them got skillz, but i think they are taking wrong way to leave in this world.

6 B.F. - Border Force, member with alot of support in there villages and spirit to live ;)

7 THEM - Give Rx4U a fight.

8 *TA - Sorry to say, but a big fail, they should noble up there inactives and train the actives in battle and supporting tec.

9 Prowl

10 L-STD - Good member, but what will there goal be?

11 TBE


13 Pop!

14 ~NOVA~ - New tribe, with one member but i think it will be more ;)

15 IK2

16 Divine

17 IK

18 T.D.E - Closing down


20 Insane


KD we are actually planning on doing just that the weried part is the most innactives i have seen in forever just before rx4u hit us alot of members disappeared and BF is in the Brotherhood its full of members from diffrent tribes of the brotherhood


Then do it yourself instead of complaining that other people haven't.


Updated Top 20

1 Devils
2 ~RAID~
3 NOB!!
4 B.F.
6 Prowl
9 T-T
10 L-STD
11 IK2
12 Divine
13 *TA
14 IK
15 TS
18 Prowlr
19 RA


1 Devils - NAPing and forever barbarian noblers I will never know why they do it.
2 ~RAID~ - Good tribe and good merge, but what is gonna happen in the future, Rx4U Return?
3 NOB!! - Amazing tribe, good leader. I'm not biased.
4 B.F. - Noobs.
5 THEM - Don't know yet they have not crossed my path
6 Prowl - Seem a good group maybe merge into a bigger tribe or they will be eaten
7 TBE - OMG Noooooobs
8 AGGRO - No Comment
9 T-T - No Comment
10 L-STD - No Comment
11 IK2 - Who?
12 Divine - Been around for ages.
13 *TA - Failed.
14 IK - Who?
15 TS - Who?
16 XXXXXX - No Comment
17 TTMD - No Comment
18 Prowlr - FAMILY TRIBE :|
19 RA - Getting annoying on the K58 Rim
20 GLEE - Merged.


sihdir abad

may i know how well do you know TBE that you say OOOMMMGGG noobs?...people used to say this about TDE and RAID i might suggest dint use these titles unless you really sure of it
but yes we are noobs lol
raid is much more
and wait i didnt know RA is in 58?...are you sure of it?


to shed some light on BF we are the elite of the TA family and the most active we are somewhat like Devils is to T.D.E


Actually, if you bothered to check anything before saying it, you would realize that BF/*TA F. is nothing at all like Devils/TDE.

BF is a group of players from TAK/*TA/911... the ones who haven't yet quit due to the war with Rx4U.
The *TA Family now consists of THEM&BF. And I would argue that THEM would be the more 'elite' group of players, if such a word can even be attributed to a group of players like them.

TDE does not exist any more - at least, not in a practical sense of the word. Inactive players do not a tribe make.
Therefore, Devils is TDE... just with a different name.

If those are the same thing, then I'm quite confused and we should all attempt to learn your sense of logic. :icon_rolleyes:


im mentioning the past about when devils formed and im sure them would join BF if we had enough room but alas we dont THEM are a hardcore group of people they know what they r doing


Mmkay, I'm glad you came here and gave a reply that made more sense than your original post.


ur funny sihdir no i dont have a coplayer im just really active